Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Arrival at the CCM (MTC in Español)

This morning Abby and I took Alyssa to the airport. What an emotional roller coaster to say the least. The absolute hardest part was when she picked Abby up to give her a hug and they both just sobbed. So heart wrenching. I am so glad that part is over. Needless to say our day got better. Alyssa called me from Dallas to tell me she arrived there. There were about 10 missionaries on that flight. Then I got this quick email from her letting me know she arrived. So relieved!! I want to give a big huge THANKS to everyone who helped get us to this day. Love to you all :)

Hey we got here and we are safe and what not (: Mariah is my first companion woo! I`m really glad you liked the present (: Even though you werent supposed to open it until you left but oh well thats alright, i dont care! It is poring rain in Mexico and the keyboards are realllllllly hard to use cause they are in spanish. Oh and everyone keeps talking to me in spanish and i just stare at them like uhhhhhh wha?? Oh well I`ll get it eventually. And with the phone its all good, i thought that it was because i had run out of time. So i have to tell you two funny things that happened to me today. So i was on the plane and the lady sitting next to me looks and me and says what is your name? and so i told her and she goes okay Alyssa the Holy Spirit is telling me that i need to pray for you. then she grabbed my hand and proceded to do so. Kind of weird... But it was sweet of her, and then as i was looking through my bag i found that money you put in there and on one of the dollar bills it said ``Bless the hands of they who recieve this. Amen`` yeah weird. But kind of interesting, thought i would share. But anyways I arrived at the CCM (MTC in Español) and yeah. Now I am hoping they will feed me because i am so hungry i could eat a horse! Okay well give Abby a hug for me and tell her that I love her! Just wanted to let you know that I`m not dead or anything. Okay TTFN, love you!


Hermana Wandell (:

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