Wednesday, November 19, 2014

8 new investigators!!!

Alyssa and Hermana V.

PARKER IS OLD ENOUGH TO GO ON A MISSION??? Wait wait wait! Who are we talking about?? Parker as in Jamen's little brother?? WHAT??? 

I can't eat greasy foods, the nurses have forbidden me to do so. I was having really bad stomach pain this week cause my body is starting to fight back from all the grease I have eaten the last 15 months... 

Dear Alyssa,
I am really glad you are coming home soon. I love you more than most. You are the best sister ever.  You are going to be my best pal forever and when you get home I am going to give you a big sweet hug! I am tired so I can't write more to Alyssa love Abby

Dear Abby, I will be with you again in less than 3 months! I love you and I will see you soon! Give mom a great big hug for me please!! Love Alyssa

The Ecuadorian dress was just what I had on. The other one is from Panamá and it costs more than 100 dollars. 

Anyways... there isn't much left to say... sorry. This week went really well, we found 8 new people!! Which personally I believe is a miracle!! 

There are pictures don't worry!

  These are from the Independence Day activity last week.

My companions who are still alive 
(she means still in the mission)

 making arepas colombianas (:

Our district meeting (: 

Making tortillas all by myself! I made the dough and everything!! 

I LOVE YOU!! I WILL SEE YOU SOON! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO ONLY I DON'T KNOW HOW MANY DAYS!! Tell everyone hi and hug my Abby please and tell her how much I love her! Thanks for being the best mom in the whole world!! 


Thursday, November 13, 2014

All night music and Ecuadorian dresses

Hermana V. and Hermana Wandell

(traditional Ecuadorian dresses)

So our neighbors were getting wasted all night last night! They cranked up the music at 9 pm and didn't turn it down until 8 this morning! Ask me how long I slept!! ... 1 hour! So not fun but what can you do! No but really I started laughing at like 4 in the morning because it was a song I liked haha. So I started dancing in my bed and then this morning we took advantage and used the music from the neighbors to do exercises. haha 

Please take flowers to Zach!

So J. (he got baptized at the end of Sept.) has been getting names ready to take to the temple... By the time we put everything into the computer he will have more than 100 ordinances ready to be done. (I hope he inspires all of us to get busy with Family History!)

So this week a lady was complaining to us about how her son is being rebellious and I told her he will never change if you don't give him the example first. If you want him to have God in his life then swallow your pride and go to church with him because he doesn't want to go by himself so he just doesn't go at all.  

Q. C. Jones wants me to find out where in Honduras she is from? He served his mission there. Do you have any new investigators?
A. She is from San Pedro Sula. and we are in the process of finding new people. 

  Hermana's Wandell and V.

Q. So tell me about transfers. Are Hna's S. and M. still in your house? What about Elder A. is he still in Chorerra? Do you ever get to talk to him? Does he go home at the end of this transfer? 
A. Yes S. and M. are still here... A. is still in Chorrera.. :( this is his last change... I only get to talk to him on Mondays and conferences. End of conversation.
Dear Alyssa,
Did you know that I am glad you liked my Halloween costume. You are my favorite girl in the whole wide world. I am glad you like your new companion Hermana Vasquez she looks super nice. I am really happy it almost time for you to come home and I love you so so much. I really like you the best of anyone. I really hope you like your mission and I am glad you got to go to Panama and find people to help and tell them about Jesus. I hope you are doing lots of great things in Panama except I do miss you. I am going to tell you some words we have at school, - is, have, to, we, my, you, the, little, green, blue, yellow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, brown those are colors I knew before I went to school. I love you very very much and I can't wait to give you a big hug when you get home from Panama City, Panama. I hope you like my words and my colors and I love you very much. To Alyssa from Abby  Dear Alyssa do you still have stick Abby? Can you take stick Abby to do something fun even though she is not real? I love you to Alyssa from Abby.

Dear Abby, I love you a lot and you are my favorite person too! I will see what I can do with stick Abby, how is school? I will see you soon!! 

Q. So what did you guys do this week?
A. ummm we contacted another chiva. This week was kind of slow. sorry ... but there are pictures! The one I am sending is the traditional dress of Ecuador (the Indians traditional dress anyways, there is a sister who has this cause her husband is from Ecuador :) I love you! See you soon!

 look they look like me!! they have big green eyes 
and they are half gringo and half latino!! hahaha

 Goofy Hermana's

Friday, November 7, 2014

I'm training!!!!!

I'm training!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her name is Hna. V. and she is from Honduras. She is 19 and she is a sweetheart, and she is my hija!! so she is your "granddaughter" hehehe

 We went to causeway today, it's pretty cool!!!!!

The family

  He is V's dad because he is our district leader.
Q. Where did Hna. O. go?
A.O. is in Arraijan ... :( but oh well that's life. We got a long well and I will miss her craziness, we are very much a like in that aspect.

Q. I am only guessing that you stayed put because I think you are training. Maybe I have it all backwards. So if you are training what are your days like now?
A. Our days are the same only that there is an extra hour of studies in the morning. She is really awesome and really I am amazed by her everyday. I love her desire to work hard and to be obedient and she is an amazing missionary and I can only imagine what she will be like in a year from now.

Dear Alyssa, did you know that I was Elsa for Halloween? Mom sent you a picture. Guess what we sang I'm a mean old witch with a hat and I know you know that song!I only went to 2 houses because I wanted to go home and hand out candy.  Russ and Sue gave me some cheetos which I love and Carolyn and Kelly gave me a bag of candy. Then mom and I sat outside and gave out candy until it was too cold then we went in the house and people rang the doorbell then we gave them candy. Did you get a new companion? Mom thinks you did because she saw a picture. What's her name? Is she nice? Does she like Frozen because you could show her my costume. Guess what only 102 more days until you come home. Do you know I am sure excited about that. I am going to tell you about my cats. There is spice but she is going to die soon but I hope she lives until I am seven because she is old. Now I am going to tell you about Puff, she is a bully a lot of times to Spice but I get her away from Spice. Now about Flash, she is young but she is not going to die for a long long time. She sometimes pretends like she is going to bite me but she really doesn't. I am really glad you are coming home soon because you are my best little buddy every and I cannot wait to see you. Alyssa do you like Panama? I love you Alyssa so so so much. 

Dear Abby, I loved your Halloween costume!! I was a sister missionary for Halloween! haha. You make me laugh kiddo! Most little kids want to get candy but you are so nice that you want to give it to other people! Yes I have a new companion her name is Hna V. and she is my "daughter". She really likes your costume too! Yes I love Panama but I love you more!!

Okay I don't have much time so I have to cut this short but I love you! and I will see you really soon!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Hopping the fence and contacting a chiva!!

Current Zone

So this week was crazy! So on Friday we visited an inactive family.... well the wife has told us varios veces that she only believes in the Bible... and we have shared our testimonies and held our tongues from all the things we'd like to say to her... well this week we shared John 10:16 ("And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be onefold, and one shepherd") and 3 Nefi 15 (I don't remember which verse) which talks about "other sheep I have which are not of this fold" (3 Nephi 15:17 "That other sheep I have which are not of this fold; them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.") well she started into her argument once again which doesn't even make sense since she told us she reads the BOM more than the Bible... Anyways so we read her Ezekiel 37 to explain about the stick of Judah and Joseph, and we said as we know Jesus Christ is a descendant of Judah (it says that in the Bible) well she looks us and says "I don't believe you! I would have to read the bible and read that for myself to believe you" and we were like... uhhh wait are you denying the BOM or the Bible? So we shared Christ's geneology with her which is in Matthew. Well that is the record of Joseph's geneology (Jesus's "step" dad) so she starts off on how Joseph isn't his real father and how that this is false and the whole time I am just thinking lady! hello! We are reading your precious bible and you are saying it's false!! Like what? So I was just like Alyssa hold your tongue but I couldn't so what I did was I gave her my testimonio very strongly that she have to talk to God about that one, because obviously she wasn't going to believe us... Anyways I flat out told her "If I didn't know that this was true with ALL of my heart I would not be in this foreign country, speaking a foreign language with foreign people, miles away from my mom and my little sister, sacrificing my time that I could be using to work or study. If I didn't know that this is 5000% true!" and yeah ... so then we left and her gate was locked and she couldn't find the key.  So we hopped the fence, said goodbye. (: I KNOW THE CHURCH IS TRUE! CASE AND POINT!! But then we hopped on a chiva (like a minibus) and I was like hey comp... I want to contact the chiva.. and she was like are you crazy?? And I was like no really I want to ask the bus driver permission, and she says Okay but I am not going to talk. So she asked thinking that I wouldn't really do it.. Haha I stood right up and opened my mouth! Haha and so then I was passing out hand outs and she starts talking! Haha it was fun! and we both laughed hysterically afterwards. 

THE PLOT THICKENS! So then the next day we were studying and I was still bugged about that Hna. and the geneology de Jesucristo. So I decided to read in Jesus the Christ because I remembered reading something about the geneology through the side of Mary and not Joseph. MARY AND JOSEPH ARE COUSINS! Therefore that is completely true what it says in Matthew Chapter 1 and Luke Chapter 3. I started freaking out and then I say to my comp "compita!! Look what I found! I knew it! I knew it!" Well then i got carried away and went to the BOM.. Well I would like to dedicate 2 Nefi 29 to that Hermana! (:

Anyways... haha  
Knowing her she probably skipped down the street singing "Singing in the Rain"

Q. So transfers are this week. Are you expecting to get transferred? You expect to stay? What are you feelings?A. I have no idea what is going to happen with transfers honestly... I really have no idea... I am trying not to think about it, it just makes me anxious.. Week of changes is the worst, it gives me anxiety.. I always have nightmares this week.. I had one the other day that we were in a torture camp and that Chavez got hung... It was awful... I woke up at 5:30 scared out of my wits.. 

I want to sing Called to Serve everyone. no musical number. 

Q. Ok why do you not have much to say? Tell us what you did everyday. You might think you had a boring week but we don't. We are very much interested in the details of your days. And pictures ofcourse!!! We need those too.
A.There isn't much to tell.. my area is slow.. sorry... 

Q. How are the mom and daughters you found last week doing?
A.The mom and daughters didn't want anything.. they were just being nice, each time we have tried to go back they find any and every excuse to be busy.. 

Q. So do you speak much English? I realize your companion probably doesn't speak much English but what about other missionaries or Panamanians. Do they like you to speak English to them?
A. With the gringos I speak in English but I try not to when there are Latinos around because they almost always don't understand anything and it's not very nice. 

Q. What are you guys doing for pday today? So where did you get the Germany jersey? Did Robert send that to you? Why don't you get a Panama one while you are there. 
A. I bought the Germany jersey at the super market during the world cup and I bought a Panamá one last week (:
Alyssa and Hermana O.

Dear Alyssa,
I really miss you. I love you very much and I know I will get to see you soon. Could you tell me what you eat for breakfast everyday? And for lunch? And dinner? Guess what I have a song to sing to you when you come home to the airport. Did you know I know some words in sign language? Like no talking and the letters. Dear Alyssa, I am so excited to see you when you come home in 110 days. That is only 16 more Monday's, Mom said I counted wrong last time. I love you very much and I am excited for you to come home from Panama City, Panama. I bet you can't wait to see me. Don't worry if you are sad to come home then I  will make you happy. What are you going to do when you come home? Do you want to go to Kindergarten? Mom said you already went to Kindergarten but I bet Mrs. Eldridge would let you go again. Mom said  you are going to college but I really want you to go to Kindergarten with me. Did you know that on Thursday it was backwards day at school so I wore my shirt and pants backwards but I didn't wear my underwear backwards because nobody could see it. And on Friday I got to take Minnie to school in my backpack. I liked that part. Dear Alyssa what is that boy's name in the picture. Mom said it was Elder Andrews and I said so his name is Andrew. Mom said no that wasn't right. So what is his name like Alyssa or Jordan. What is that other guy's name? The one on the phone? (I told her he works at the Panama canal and you don't
know him but she doesn't believe me LOL) Did you know I have new favorite show and it is called word world. It records everyday from Monday until Friday. To alyssa Love Abby so so so so much!

Dear Abby, Do you know that you make me laugh?? And that I really miss you too and that I love you more than most?? (: For breakfast I eat oreos... hahahaha don't tell mom that... for lunch I eat rice and chicken almost all the time (or whatever else the members give us) and for dinner I eat rice and chicken almost all the time as well hahaha, but that's okay because I like it! What song are you going to sing at the airport? What are you going to be for Halloween? Wooo 110 days! Haha que tronky... Will you come to Panama City, Panama with me some day?? I can't wait to see you! When I get home I want to eat Cafe Rio and I want a pedicure and manicure. I want to go to the doctor, dentist and cut my hair and I just want to be with my favoritest little girl in the whole wide world. I already went to Kindergarten and I am in college, but I can visit Kindergarten with you one day if you want!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA Hay mujercita me haces reir!! (: That would have been really funny if you wore your underwear backwards! Elder Andrews' last name is Andrews, like your last name is Hedenstrom, and the one on the phone is Elder Mejia, he doesn't work for the canal! hahaha! I LOVE YOU BABY SISTER!! I will see you in 110 days!! 

I LOVE YOU!! Hug my Abby for me please!