Friday, November 7, 2014

I'm training!!!!!

I'm training!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her name is Hna. V. and she is from Honduras. She is 19 and she is a sweetheart, and she is my hija!! so she is your "granddaughter" hehehe

 We went to causeway today, it's pretty cool!!!!!

The family

  He is V's dad because he is our district leader.
Q. Where did Hna. O. go?
A.O. is in Arraijan ... :( but oh well that's life. We got a long well and I will miss her craziness, we are very much a like in that aspect.

Q. I am only guessing that you stayed put because I think you are training. Maybe I have it all backwards. So if you are training what are your days like now?
A. Our days are the same only that there is an extra hour of studies in the morning. She is really awesome and really I am amazed by her everyday. I love her desire to work hard and to be obedient and she is an amazing missionary and I can only imagine what she will be like in a year from now.

Dear Alyssa, did you know that I was Elsa for Halloween? Mom sent you a picture. Guess what we sang I'm a mean old witch with a hat and I know you know that song!I only went to 2 houses because I wanted to go home and hand out candy.  Russ and Sue gave me some cheetos which I love and Carolyn and Kelly gave me a bag of candy. Then mom and I sat outside and gave out candy until it was too cold then we went in the house and people rang the doorbell then we gave them candy. Did you get a new companion? Mom thinks you did because she saw a picture. What's her name? Is she nice? Does she like Frozen because you could show her my costume. Guess what only 102 more days until you come home. Do you know I am sure excited about that. I am going to tell you about my cats. There is spice but she is going to die soon but I hope she lives until I am seven because she is old. Now I am going to tell you about Puff, she is a bully a lot of times to Spice but I get her away from Spice. Now about Flash, she is young but she is not going to die for a long long time. She sometimes pretends like she is going to bite me but she really doesn't. I am really glad you are coming home soon because you are my best little buddy every and I cannot wait to see you. Alyssa do you like Panama? I love you Alyssa so so so much. 

Dear Abby, I loved your Halloween costume!! I was a sister missionary for Halloween! haha. You make me laugh kiddo! Most little kids want to get candy but you are so nice that you want to give it to other people! Yes I have a new companion her name is Hna V. and she is my "daughter". She really likes your costume too! Yes I love Panama but I love you more!!

Okay I don't have much time so I have to cut this short but I love you! and I will see you really soon!!

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