Saturday, September 27, 2014

My favorite thing about Panamá is .......


Today was the multi zone p-day and I got fried... my face hurts... but I got to hang out with my friends today! 
The multi-zone soccer tournament back in August

Hermana's C. and Wandell

I need the recipes for banana split pie and cheese potatoes.

His baptism is next week. the 27th,

Q. So do you have anything big planned for Hna. Chavez before she goes home? Are you sad? Her family is so excited for her to go home. Oh her brother got his mission call to El Salvador/Belize mission and he leaves in January

A. We are going to have a party with the other sisters. And yes I know he got his call, butIi think he is going to the MTC in Guatemala.

 Q. Is there anyone with less time than you that isn't in your current zone that you would want to be companion's with?

A. I would like to be with Hna. Flores but it's not very likely cause she just barely had changes. 

Q. So what is your most favorite thing about Panama?
Least favorite thing?

A. My most favorite thing would be the people by far. Least favorite would be the heat.

Q. How many times have you had to speak in Sacrament meeting?
Have you made friends with any of the members in your are you are in now?

A.I have spoken twice. Yes I have made lots of friends here in Brisas.

I don't remember that kid's name but I know he is in Chorrera and he is SUPER nice! He's from somewhere near Park City but I don't remember where.

4 Utahn's (2 Beetdiggers) in Panamá

AHHHHHH THAT WAS MAMON CHINO!!! Haha and yes you just suck on it until the flavor is gone then you spit it out. I LOVEEEEE MAMON CHINO!! 

Tell her that if she doesn't cry then I will bring her to Panama one day and I will buy her lots of cool Panama stuff so she can use it at school. 

Dear Alyssa,Did you know we went on a field trip to the park and mommy came with me and it was very fun. Alyssa did you know we saw one of your favorite favorite favorite foods. That fruit with hairy stuff on it. Mom sent you a picture but I didn't eat it mom did. Alyssa did you know I went to get my picture taken today. We will send you a picture when we get them but I didn't like it because I had to smile. I am going to wear my olaf shirt you gave me tomorrow because olaf is a snowman and that starts with S and tomorrow is S day. Oh and I am taking treats tomorrow for S day and they are suckers. Alyssa I am afraid I am going to cry at school tomorrow. To Alyssa Love Abby

Dear Abby, I am glad you had fun on your field trip! what did you guys do?? I am glad you like your Olaf shirt, and don't cry! School is so much fun!! When you want to cry just start singing songs from Frozen and it will make you feel better! And if you don't cry I will bring you to Panama one day!! 

Hna. C's knees are really bad and her shoulder as well. She is little and her body is fragile. 

Alyssa and Hermana C.

Okay I don't need the watch now. I improvised and J. told me he was going to buy me a new bad for it. I liked the pillow cases. Don't worry too much about packages because remember that I only have so much room in my suit case and  I am going to give most of my stuff away.

There are lots of people going home this change. Hna. Dawson, Hna. Paxman and Hna. Vroom I think are the only people you would know of and that I can remember. 

I love you and I miss you!! See you soon! Only 4 and a half more months!!

Pictures from the zone conference last week. Some are from Sister Carmack's blog last week. I hope she knows how much us parents truly appreciate her doing that!

Hermana C. and Alyssa

Alyssa and Hermana M.


Hermana C. and Wandell 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A promise from the pre-earth life!

Hermana Wandell

 Not just companions....Hermana's
(I think this picture belongs on some church literature somewhere)

okay okay okay! cool story time!!!  So J. is doing really well and last night we were talking about the temple and baptisms for the dead and he mentioned that his sister died when she was 11. Well when my comp was explaining that his sister could have her work done I felt the spirit so strong and I had this impression that before this life we promised both of them that we would help them learn the gospel and get baptized (J. and his sister) and I was telling Chavez this after and she told me she felt the same thing! So I just know that we were supposed to find him not just to help him but to help his sister too!

So the other day we were on the train and it was super full (my comp had physical therapy) and I noticed that there was a pregnant lady, a lady with a little girl, and an old lady all standing up (I was standing up too). And I noticed there were these two teenage boys sitting down and in my mind I was like uhhh helloooo move!! So when the pregnant lady got off and no one had offered her a seat I said to my comp "how embarrassing! she´s pregnant and no one gave up their seat". Well some guy heard me, he looks around and sees these two kids and so he taps one of them on the shoulder and says "Hey! Give your seat to the lady with the little girl!" and he didn't move. So he says "no really get up! Now!" and he gets all annoyed but stands up, but the lady is like no it's okay we are getting off now and the kid sits back down. So the guy taps him on the shoulder again and says "Get up! Give your seat to that old lady!"  At this point I am dying of laughter and people on the train are piping in saying things like "yeah get up!" and "He´s just a kid" and "they don't care" etc. So the old lady says "he´s not gonna move, he´s just a ignorant kid". So the kid gets mad and with the snottiest voice says "do you want my seat or not?" and she is like "uhhh OBVIOUSLY!!" and sits down. So the other kid is still sitting down and the guy says "and you? you gonna move? Oh what a gentleman you are!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA My comp just looked at me and was like .... thanks a lot! hhahahahahaha I just started laughing again. 

Thanks for taking flowers to the cemetary for me for Zach´s birthday.

So it is recommended that I go to the doctor when I get home to make sure I don't have cancer or hepatitis or a parasite. So if you could arrange that, it´d be stupendous!

Did you set up a hair appointment with Michelle? Because seriously I'm chopping it all off and donating it. 


Her first baptism back in September 2013

Yeah I need a new watch.... mine is falling apart. The clock part is fine, the band... not so much.... it is a ironman triathlon timex watch. It's blue. If you could find the same one that'd be great. I don't care what color. 

Alyssa did you know that my tooth came out and did you know that tooth fairy came and took it from my pillow and guess how much money she gave me. A 10 dollar bill and I am so glad and guess what I am going to get with it, a big huge gumball machine and I will take a picture of it and show you.  Alyssa did you get the picture we sent? Can you guess what tooth it was? Is it hot in panama? I think I already asked you that.  Is panama a neat place? Does it rain there every single day you are in panama? Is it foggy when it rains? Did you know that I am getting a very huge gumball machine tomorrow and I am very excited. I will tell you how it fell out I took a bite of a green apple and one minute it popped right out. Did you know this is my very first tooth to come out.  Will you come to my next birthday party? I hope you will say yes. If you say no then you will make me sad so if you don't want me to be sad then don't say no,. Did you know I am learning to read?. I know all my letter sounds. Alyssa will you please please come to my school with me when you get home? You can help my teacher. I will be really happy in February when you are coming home. I am so excited. I hope you are too. I bet you are going to be screaming when you see me. You cannot wait to see me can you. I'm so excited to see you. To Alyssa love Abby.

Dear Abby, HOLY CRAP!! I GOT JIPPED AS A KID!! THE TOOTH FAIRY NEVER GAVE ME 10!!! I am gonna write her secretary and complain.... Yes I got your picture! and yes Panama is really neat. I will bring you some day! It rains a lot. almost every day. yes I will come to your bday party! I will come to your school and help you learn to read! And I will even teach you Spanish!! I love you! did you know that?? You are absolutely right! I can't wait to see you!

All is well! (: dude i got ripped off if that kid is getting ten bucks a piece.... (just for the record she isn't getting $10 a piece, at 10:00 at night you have to decide do I give her the $10, the $20 or see if Abby takes checks LOL)  yes there are pictures. 

Today we were all together as a zone and I am exhausted. I live for naps on Monday but sometimes we don't get to because there´s no time...

No they never got us back, they don't care. (the other sisters in the house) and i have no idea if he got his call....

Are you going to be ok when Hna. C. goes home? This is what I find interesting. You only have 3 more transfers and you will be coming home. Has the time flown by? It has for me.

Yes the time has FLOWN!! It's really weird to think that I only have 3 changes left... everyone has started saying "how much time do you have?" 13 months "oh you are practically on your way home!" and its like... uhhhh please be quiet....I don't want to think about it

Here are the pictures you asked for but I didn't get a chance to take the BOM one.
Okay so I made those little bugs out of leaves. This explains the next pictures I am going to send.

I wanted to make more... haha so I picked this up to take home with me so I could make more bugs! 

Just think how big of a bug I can make with this!

1 large bug coming up!
Hahaha or you could just say I was being me.
(But you make the bugs with just one of those leaves)

I love you I love you I love you! Hug my Abby for me and tell her to share her spoils of tooth fairy money since I got jipped.... hahaha (: 

goodbye! I love you!  

Her nametag

Thursday, September 11, 2014

A package from Panamá and a loose tooth!

Abby's birthday package from Panamá

so I left my notes at home.... all I remember is that there is a smash burger in panama, my comp was super sick this week with strep and had a fever of 103, it rained super hard today and we cleaned our house today (which is HUGE!!!!) so I am exhausted. 

Dear Alyssa, 
I like Kindergarten but we have to play games with Coach Andrew and I do not Iike that. Yes  my Birthday  present  came. Thank you I love it so so so much. And guess what I am wearing my shirt right now. I think the towel is so cute. When I saw it is I said Oh that is so cute! Alyssa did you know that my tooth is loose and and I am expecting it to fall out in 6 days. Alyssa did you know I can do the monkey bars now? I will have mommy send you a picture. 

Alyssa sent Abby this cute shirt!

Dear Abby, who is coach Andrew?? I am glad you liked your birthday present! I hope it was the right size. You are gonna lose your first tooth without me? ah rats!! Well you gotta put it under your pillow when it falls out so that the tooth fairy can leave you money! But don't let her cheat you! It's a dollar a tooth! But it should be 5 for the first tooth! (: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That's cool you can do the monkey bars. Does that mean that you are a monkey?? 

Abby mastered the monkey bars

Abby lost her first tooth yesterday
Alyssa doesn't even know yet.

My week was boring. We were in the house most of the week or at the doctor.... my comp was super sick. and she had physical therapy on top of that. 

They didn't do anything to get us back. haha. They didn't care about payback. (the other sisters in the house they nearly scared to death last week)

Yeah sorry no pictures this week... don't kill me. (hence the reason why you get pictures of Abby this week)

I am glad Abby likes kindergarten. 

J. was an old investigator that we found in the area book. He sent us a text today that said he has finally completely made the switch from coffee to corn coffee and its kind of hard on his body but he is grateful for the trial. and he is super excited for his baptism.

Vamos a ver con las fotos. (I don't know what she is talking about)

I love you too. I will try to take your pictures you want this week. 

I love you and I will see you in 5 months!!

I love you and I miss you both! Hug my Abby please!! TTFN!!! 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

A big scare and a baptism date!

So we got home yesterday and we noticed that the other sisters were already in the house, so I was like heyyy lets scare them!! bahahahahahaha so tha'ts exactly what we did! First I will tell our side of the story.

So we snuck into the backyard because their window is back there and we hear them talking so my comp started making noises with her feet. They stop talking and it's silent except for the hymns they had been listening to. So then my comp dragged her feet to the other side again and knocked on the back door. Then I knocked on the window, the next thing we know we hear the front door slam shut and we were like did they lock the door or what? So I tried opening the back door but the key is kind of special so I couldn't. Well we walked back to the front door and the front gate was wideeeee open, and Chavez was like... uh I shut that... so then I look down the street and they are both running so I start laughing, they turn around and see us and literally throw them selves on the ground in the street dying of laughter!! bahahahaha so we run down there practically peeing our pants from laughing so hard and they are freaking out. Then my comp looks at Mendez and is like uhhh where are your shoes?? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA she didn't have time to find shoes because they were so freaked out that she just ran out the door with what she had. Then Hna. S. is like yeah and I put on Wandell's flip flops! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA so we walk back to the house, all dying of laughter, so we are sitting there talking and Hna. S. starts crying.... so then I felt really bad... no really really bad...well then with tears streaming down her face she starts laughing and says that was really good guys! That was a really good scare! Bahahahaha again with the laughing. okay now their side of the story.

So they were sitting in their room talking and they hear someone walking outside their window, so Hna. S. who is sitting on her bed and has her notebook in her hand tries to cover her face with the notebook! they are both freaking out and they hear footsteps again so they are like we gotta get out of here! So they run into the kitchen and they hear someone knock on the kitchen door so in a panick they find the phone, look for the keys but can't find them so they just run out the front door and down the street. Well they stop for a second and see a shadow cross the side of the house and they are like oh crap! And it's a big shadow so they keep going but then Hna. M. turns around again and sees and says its' the sisters!! and falls on the ground laughing! so Hna. S. does too. and the neighbor was giving them weird looks and went inside and locked the door. Bahhahahahahaha! 

Then the whole night Hna. S. kept saying that was really good guys!! hahaha and she says I seriously was scared and thought that we were gonna die. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 

Anyways, is Abby liking kindergarten?? 

The neighbors had their music on until 4 in the morning the other day, and it wasn't quiet. :( 

Did Abby's package get there yet?? 

For pday we are relaxing. 

Pictures of the new elders??

You went to the open house??? I'm so jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is so pretty now!!!! 

Yes I know them. add them please, just add everyone and if I don't know them I will delete them when I get home.

Hna. S. is from Guatemala and Hna. M. is from Honduras. 

I don't know what I am gonna do when Chavez leaves though, she is seriously like my sister.

Q. So what exactly was in the baliadas?  Besides Patacones what is your favorite food there?
A. In baliadas there are scrambled eggs, refried black beans, and sour cream, and we put guacamole. my favorite food is probably the salads that they make. But you wouldn't like some of them because it's strait vinegar, but it's good. 


Q. Did you guys do any service projects this week?
A. yes we did 9 hours of service this week cause we helped someone clean and repaint their house. The elders came and everything,. It was long and I am sore but it is so nice to be able to help people.

Q. Does anyone feed you guys in this area? 
A. yes people feed us. 

Dear Alyssa,
I really really miss you. I am so glad that Hermana Chavez and Alyssa is together. Alyssa did you know I went to Kindergarten this week? Did you know that we have this boy that plays with us at school at recess and mom likes to call him Playground Pete but his name is really Coach Andrew. He played this mouse and the cat game. Every mice and the cat tried to get the mice and we had to run to our home and the hula hoop was our home. Morgan is in my class. We went to Mrs. King's together. Alyssa did you know my teacher's name is Mrs. Eldridge and she is super nice. Did you know mom is taking me to the aquarium tomorrow? Oh guess what song we sang in church today? It's your favorite song, Called to serve. Emily and Grandpa came over today and Emily was trying to help me sort my m&m's and she kept getting the colors in the wrong cups. Emily is a terrible sorter. Alyssa I really love you and I am always going to be your best best best best best friend. 

Dear Abby, I miss you too! But don't worry I will be home soon! Did you like kindergarten?? I hope so! A ya la vida kid you make me laugh, did you know that?? I love you too and I will always be your best best best best best best friend because I love you more than most! Haha! Bye!

Yes I like my package (: 

I love you too! Bye!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Marañon, baliadas and a package

Q. So are you and Chavez still together? 
A.Yes we are still together!!!!!!!! (: 

Q. So who is new in your zone?  It looked like Elder V. went home too. At least I think that was him. If so who is your new district leader? 
A. Hna. H. left and Hna. M. came and she is awesome! 

The other sisters got there phone stolen last night : (

Who are the new people, Andrews, Mancia, Silvera, Mendez, Rosales, Fajardo, and I don't remember who else. Andrews is going to replace Kipp so you can send him no se que in my packages.
There is a new Elder named Elder Halls, our new district leader is Elder Guzman, he is from Chavez's stake.


Did Abby's package come?

I made gooey bars this week.
I will explain the tonsils when I get home. 

Q. How is your investigator that pays tithing?
A. I think that he is going to get baptized this change!

Dear Hermana Chavez, I really love you. And I really really hope that your knees and your shoulder really feel better. I am really happy happy that you are nice to my sister. I hope you guys help a lot of people in Panama and I hope you can stay together until you both go home. Love Abby

Dear Alyssa, I really hope you have a good time with Hermana Chavez. I love you very much, thank you for the letter you wrote me. I hope you love Panama. If you ever go back to Germany please get me some gummy bears. Mommy said Robert is back so we are going to call him and see if he can go to lunch. I went and saw my teacher Mrs. Eldridge and I really super duper like her. And I really super duper miss you too. I told my teacher all the colors like red, green, blue, purple, pink, orange, yellow, indigo, silver, gold, grey, black, brown and white. I am going to Kindergarten tomorrow and guess what we have our very own playground. I miss you so so so much. To Alyssa love Abby

Dear Abby, Hna. Chavez says gracias, I love you so much too! I know you are going to love Kindergarten! Enjoy it! I love you and miss you!! Love Alyssa

Q. So tell me about your ward/branch. How many people are in it? You haven't mentioned any specific members in your new area. Are you close to any of them?

A. I am not really close to anyone in the ward. Not like it my other areas anyways. There are about 150 every Sunday which is great. It's a huge chapel. 

What's the Facebook group called?? (LDS Panamá Mission Moms (and Dads))

Okay well, there are pictures to come. I love you!! 

 The day we got locked out of the house with all of our groceries. 

today, and yesterday when I was getting the marañon out of the tree

we made baliadas (Honduranian food)

I haven't opened my package yet haha I have to go love you bye!!