Thursday, September 4, 2014

A big scare and a baptism date!

So we got home yesterday and we noticed that the other sisters were already in the house, so I was like heyyy lets scare them!! bahahahahahaha so tha'ts exactly what we did! First I will tell our side of the story.

So we snuck into the backyard because their window is back there and we hear them talking so my comp started making noises with her feet. They stop talking and it's silent except for the hymns they had been listening to. So then my comp dragged her feet to the other side again and knocked on the back door. Then I knocked on the window, the next thing we know we hear the front door slam shut and we were like did they lock the door or what? So I tried opening the back door but the key is kind of special so I couldn't. Well we walked back to the front door and the front gate was wideeeee open, and Chavez was like... uh I shut that... so then I look down the street and they are both running so I start laughing, they turn around and see us and literally throw them selves on the ground in the street dying of laughter!! bahahahaha so we run down there practically peeing our pants from laughing so hard and they are freaking out. Then my comp looks at Mendez and is like uhhh where are your shoes?? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA she didn't have time to find shoes because they were so freaked out that she just ran out the door with what she had. Then Hna. S. is like yeah and I put on Wandell's flip flops! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA so we walk back to the house, all dying of laughter, so we are sitting there talking and Hna. S. starts crying.... so then I felt really bad... no really really bad...well then with tears streaming down her face she starts laughing and says that was really good guys! That was a really good scare! Bahahahaha again with the laughing. okay now their side of the story.

So they were sitting in their room talking and they hear someone walking outside their window, so Hna. S. who is sitting on her bed and has her notebook in her hand tries to cover her face with the notebook! they are both freaking out and they hear footsteps again so they are like we gotta get out of here! So they run into the kitchen and they hear someone knock on the kitchen door so in a panick they find the phone, look for the keys but can't find them so they just run out the front door and down the street. Well they stop for a second and see a shadow cross the side of the house and they are like oh crap! And it's a big shadow so they keep going but then Hna. M. turns around again and sees and says its' the sisters!! and falls on the ground laughing! so Hna. S. does too. and the neighbor was giving them weird looks and went inside and locked the door. Bahhahahahahaha! 

Then the whole night Hna. S. kept saying that was really good guys!! hahaha and she says I seriously was scared and thought that we were gonna die. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 

Anyways, is Abby liking kindergarten?? 

The neighbors had their music on until 4 in the morning the other day, and it wasn't quiet. :( 

Did Abby's package get there yet?? 

For pday we are relaxing. 

Pictures of the new elders??

You went to the open house??? I'm so jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is so pretty now!!!! 

Yes I know them. add them please, just add everyone and if I don't know them I will delete them when I get home.

Hna. S. is from Guatemala and Hna. M. is from Honduras. 

I don't know what I am gonna do when Chavez leaves though, she is seriously like my sister.

Q. So what exactly was in the baliadas?  Besides Patacones what is your favorite food there?
A. In baliadas there are scrambled eggs, refried black beans, and sour cream, and we put guacamole. my favorite food is probably the salads that they make. But you wouldn't like some of them because it's strait vinegar, but it's good. 


Q. Did you guys do any service projects this week?
A. yes we did 9 hours of service this week cause we helped someone clean and repaint their house. The elders came and everything,. It was long and I am sore but it is so nice to be able to help people.

Q. Does anyone feed you guys in this area? 
A. yes people feed us. 

Dear Alyssa,
I really really miss you. I am so glad that Hermana Chavez and Alyssa is together. Alyssa did you know I went to Kindergarten this week? Did you know that we have this boy that plays with us at school at recess and mom likes to call him Playground Pete but his name is really Coach Andrew. He played this mouse and the cat game. Every mice and the cat tried to get the mice and we had to run to our home and the hula hoop was our home. Morgan is in my class. We went to Mrs. King's together. Alyssa did you know my teacher's name is Mrs. Eldridge and she is super nice. Did you know mom is taking me to the aquarium tomorrow? Oh guess what song we sang in church today? It's your favorite song, Called to serve. Emily and Grandpa came over today and Emily was trying to help me sort my m&m's and she kept getting the colors in the wrong cups. Emily is a terrible sorter. Alyssa I really love you and I am always going to be your best best best best best friend. 

Dear Abby, I miss you too! But don't worry I will be home soon! Did you like kindergarten?? I hope so! A ya la vida kid you make me laugh, did you know that?? I love you too and I will always be your best best best best best best friend because I love you more than most! Haha! Bye!

Yes I like my package (: 

I love you too! Bye!!

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