Monday, September 1, 2014

2 weeks in 1

The 2nd and 3rd weeks of August her emails were rather short so I have combined them into one blog post.

yes i have pictures. 

Dear Alyssa, I am really excited for you to give me a present, when will it get here? Alyssa do you think it's hotter in St. George or Panama? We went to go see Joseph and Little Mermaid in St. George and I did not like the part where Ursula took Ariel's voice. She is so mean. Alyssa, we went to go see Joseph and I liked it. Mom is going to buy us the CD. And guess what is there next year? Alyssa can you guess what is next year? We are going to plan on going next year too and we want you to come with us. Alyssa,guess what now I can swim but it has to be on one of those noodle long things. Alyssa I love you and wish you can come to St. George with us next time because it was so so so fun. I love you so so much, to Alyssa love Abby

Dear Abby, it is most definitely hotter in Panama, and elder kipp sent your package this week, it should get there next month. What is next year? tangled?? I love you kiddo!

I am in a tough area right now.. I was pretty bummed yesterday but Chavez helped me. It is really hard to get people to open the door, let alone listen to what you have to say. We have like 4 investigators and none are progressing... 

I met an elder today that went to Jordan!! His name is Elder T. He graduated a year after me. He had a Beetdiggers t-shirt today so I was like wait whattttt
We had p-day with 7 different zones today and played soccer. Yeah it was fun to see everyone
(she didn't send pictures :( but thankfully Sister Carmack had a picture of them on her blog!!)

Hermana's Wandell and Chavez
(these 2 are sisters not just companions)

Hahahahaha I liked the bishop help me story!! 

Q. Do General Authorities come to Stake Conference in Panamá? 
A. No the general authorities don't come. Only for missionary zone conferences every two years. 

Abby starts Kindergarten next Monday and she doesn't want to. She is still determined she is staying at Mrs. King's. I have to tell you something funny she said when we were in St. George. We were driving past a cemetery and Delores said Oh look Abby there is a park with lots of flowers all over the grass, do you want to go play at that park? Abby said no that isn't a park and so Delores said well then what is it and she said "That's heaven". I thought you would like that story.  

Bahahaha Abby is so cute. That's so weird that she is starting kindergarten, are you okay? haha

Please tell Michelle that I am planning on donating my hair once I get home so I need an appointment for like right after I come home because I don't want to wait. And please plan a dentist appointment and ask him about having my tonsils removed.

Q. I know cambios are on Wed. so are you and Chavez still expecting to be together?
A. yes I am 90 percent positive that we will still be together but we still don't know.. 

So we have this really unique investigator that wants to get baptized, goes to church every Sunday, reads the Book of Mormon, PAYS TITHING, but he doesn't believe there is only one true church and he doesn't want to give up coffee.... super weird... 

Q. So what was up last week? or recent weeks? your emails seem to be getting shorter and shorter. Are you just busy? Don't have anything to say? 
A. It's because I keep forgetting to take notes through out the week so I don't have much to say... sorry

Q. So if Elder K. isn't your district leader anymore who is?
A. Elder V. is our DL

Q. You never told me what you guys did for to celebrate your year mark. 
A. the face masks that burned was the year mark.
Dear Alyssa,

Is Panama hotter than St.George? I love you very much Alyssa and I am very excited for you to come home. How is Hermana Chavez doing? Alyssa, when you come home could you go to Germany because I really really want some gummy bears and I would be really super happy if you get me some. Alyssa, I love you very much and I am really missing you but I know you are going to come home pretty soon. Alyssa do you have any friends that are kids in Panama? Where is your church? To Alyssa Love, Abby

Dear Abby, yes panama is much hotter. I love you so much! Hermana Chavez is good but her knees and her shoulder are really hurting her. Abby I would love to go to Germany again! But if you want some now you could ask Robert and I bet he would get you some. Are you so excited for kindergarten?? You are going to love it!! Yes i have lots of little kid friends here. But none are quite as cute as you are. 

Q. How many investigators do you have right now?
A. I can't tell you a specific number because I don't count how many. We have like 10 I think probably less quite frankly, this area is hard. 

Sorry there are no pictures. this week nothing happened. I will ask Elder K. if the package came yet. I love you both so much!! Hug my Abby please!! Love Alyssa!

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