Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A promise from the pre-earth life!

Hermana Wandell

 Not just companions....Hermana's
(I think this picture belongs on some church literature somewhere)

okay okay okay! cool story time!!!  So J. is doing really well and last night we were talking about the temple and baptisms for the dead and he mentioned that his sister died when she was 11. Well when my comp was explaining that his sister could have her work done I felt the spirit so strong and I had this impression that before this life we promised both of them that we would help them learn the gospel and get baptized (J. and his sister) and I was telling Chavez this after and she told me she felt the same thing! So I just know that we were supposed to find him not just to help him but to help his sister too!

So the other day we were on the train and it was super full (my comp had physical therapy) and I noticed that there was a pregnant lady, a lady with a little girl, and an old lady all standing up (I was standing up too). And I noticed there were these two teenage boys sitting down and in my mind I was like uhhh helloooo move!! So when the pregnant lady got off and no one had offered her a seat I said to my comp "how embarrassing! she´s pregnant and no one gave up their seat". Well some guy heard me, he looks around and sees these two kids and so he taps one of them on the shoulder and says "Hey! Give your seat to the lady with the little girl!" and he didn't move. So he says "no really get up! Now!" and he gets all annoyed but stands up, but the lady is like no it's okay we are getting off now and the kid sits back down. So the guy taps him on the shoulder again and says "Get up! Give your seat to that old lady!"  At this point I am dying of laughter and people on the train are piping in saying things like "yeah get up!" and "He´s just a kid" and "they don't care" etc. So the old lady says "he´s not gonna move, he´s just a ignorant kid". So the kid gets mad and with the snottiest voice says "do you want my seat or not?" and she is like "uhhh OBVIOUSLY!!" and sits down. So the other kid is still sitting down and the guy says "and you? you gonna move? Oh what a gentleman you are!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA My comp just looked at me and was like .... thanks a lot! hhahahahahaha I just started laughing again. 

Thanks for taking flowers to the cemetary for me for Zach´s birthday.

So it is recommended that I go to the doctor when I get home to make sure I don't have cancer or hepatitis or a parasite. So if you could arrange that, it´d be stupendous!

Did you set up a hair appointment with Michelle? Because seriously I'm chopping it all off and donating it. 


Her first baptism back in September 2013

Yeah I need a new watch.... mine is falling apart. The clock part is fine, the band... not so much.... it is a ironman triathlon timex watch. It's blue. If you could find the same one that'd be great. I don't care what color. 

Alyssa did you know that my tooth came out and did you know that tooth fairy came and took it from my pillow and guess how much money she gave me. A 10 dollar bill and I am so glad and guess what I am going to get with it, a big huge gumball machine and I will take a picture of it and show you.  Alyssa did you get the picture we sent? Can you guess what tooth it was? Is it hot in panama? I think I already asked you that.  Is panama a neat place? Does it rain there every single day you are in panama? Is it foggy when it rains? Did you know that I am getting a very huge gumball machine tomorrow and I am very excited. I will tell you how it fell out I took a bite of a green apple and one minute it popped right out. Did you know this is my very first tooth to come out.  Will you come to my next birthday party? I hope you will say yes. If you say no then you will make me sad so if you don't want me to be sad then don't say no,. Did you know I am learning to read?. I know all my letter sounds. Alyssa will you please please come to my school with me when you get home? You can help my teacher. I will be really happy in February when you are coming home. I am so excited. I hope you are too. I bet you are going to be screaming when you see me. You cannot wait to see me can you. I'm so excited to see you. To Alyssa love Abby.

Dear Abby, HOLY CRAP!! I GOT JIPPED AS A KID!! THE TOOTH FAIRY NEVER GAVE ME 10!!! I am gonna write her secretary and complain.... Yes I got your picture! and yes Panama is really neat. I will bring you some day! It rains a lot. almost every day. yes I will come to your bday party! I will come to your school and help you learn to read! And I will even teach you Spanish!! I love you! did you know that?? You are absolutely right! I can't wait to see you!

All is well! (: dude i got ripped off if that kid is getting ten bucks a piece.... (just for the record she isn't getting $10 a piece, at 10:00 at night you have to decide do I give her the $10, the $20 or see if Abby takes checks LOL)  yes there are pictures. 

Today we were all together as a zone and I am exhausted. I live for naps on Monday but sometimes we don't get to because there´s no time...

No they never got us back, they don't care. (the other sisters in the house) and i have no idea if he got his call....

Are you going to be ok when Hna. C. goes home? This is what I find interesting. You only have 3 more transfers and you will be coming home. Has the time flown by? It has for me.

Yes the time has FLOWN!! It's really weird to think that I only have 3 changes left... everyone has started saying "how much time do you have?" 13 months "oh you are practically on your way home!" and its like... uhhhh please be quiet....I don't want to think about it

Here are the pictures you asked for but I didn't get a chance to take the BOM one.
Okay so I made those little bugs out of leaves. This explains the next pictures I am going to send.

I wanted to make more... haha so I picked this up to take home with me so I could make more bugs! 

Just think how big of a bug I can make with this!

1 large bug coming up!
Hahaha or you could just say I was being me.
(But you make the bugs with just one of those leaves)

I love you I love you I love you! Hug my Abby for me and tell her to share her spoils of tooth fairy money since I got jipped.... hahaha (: 

goodbye! I love you!  

Her nametag

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