Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Marañon, baliadas and a package

Q. So are you and Chavez still together? 
A.Yes we are still together!!!!!!!! (: 

Q. So who is new in your zone?  It looked like Elder V. went home too. At least I think that was him. If so who is your new district leader? 
A. Hna. H. left and Hna. M. came and she is awesome! 

The other sisters got there phone stolen last night : (

Who are the new people, Andrews, Mancia, Silvera, Mendez, Rosales, Fajardo, and I don't remember who else. Andrews is going to replace Kipp so you can send him no se que in my packages.
There is a new Elder named Elder Halls, our new district leader is Elder Guzman, he is from Chavez's stake.


Did Abby's package come?

I made gooey bars this week.
I will explain the tonsils when I get home. 

Q. How is your investigator that pays tithing?
A. I think that he is going to get baptized this change!

Dear Hermana Chavez, I really love you. And I really really hope that your knees and your shoulder really feel better. I am really happy happy that you are nice to my sister. I hope you guys help a lot of people in Panama and I hope you can stay together until you both go home. Love Abby

Dear Alyssa, I really hope you have a good time with Hermana Chavez. I love you very much, thank you for the letter you wrote me. I hope you love Panama. If you ever go back to Germany please get me some gummy bears. Mommy said Robert is back so we are going to call him and see if he can go to lunch. I went and saw my teacher Mrs. Eldridge and I really super duper like her. And I really super duper miss you too. I told my teacher all the colors like red, green, blue, purple, pink, orange, yellow, indigo, silver, gold, grey, black, brown and white. I am going to Kindergarten tomorrow and guess what we have our very own playground. I miss you so so so much. To Alyssa love Abby

Dear Abby, Hna. Chavez says gracias, I love you so much too! I know you are going to love Kindergarten! Enjoy it! I love you and miss you!! Love Alyssa

Q. So tell me about your ward/branch. How many people are in it? You haven't mentioned any specific members in your new area. Are you close to any of them?

A. I am not really close to anyone in the ward. Not like it my other areas anyways. There are about 150 every Sunday which is great. It's a huge chapel. 

What's the Facebook group called?? (LDS Panamá Mission Moms (and Dads))

Okay well, there are pictures to come. I love you!! 

 The day we got locked out of the house with all of our groceries. 

today, and yesterday when I was getting the marañon out of the tree

we made baliadas (Honduranian food)

I haven't opened my package yet haha I have to go love you bye!!

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