Thursday, September 11, 2014

A package from Panamá and a loose tooth!

Abby's birthday package from Panamá

so I left my notes at home.... all I remember is that there is a smash burger in panama, my comp was super sick this week with strep and had a fever of 103, it rained super hard today and we cleaned our house today (which is HUGE!!!!) so I am exhausted. 

Dear Alyssa, 
I like Kindergarten but we have to play games with Coach Andrew and I do not Iike that. Yes  my Birthday  present  came. Thank you I love it so so so much. And guess what I am wearing my shirt right now. I think the towel is so cute. When I saw it is I said Oh that is so cute! Alyssa did you know that my tooth is loose and and I am expecting it to fall out in 6 days. Alyssa did you know I can do the monkey bars now? I will have mommy send you a picture. 

Alyssa sent Abby this cute shirt!

Dear Abby, who is coach Andrew?? I am glad you liked your birthday present! I hope it was the right size. You are gonna lose your first tooth without me? ah rats!! Well you gotta put it under your pillow when it falls out so that the tooth fairy can leave you money! But don't let her cheat you! It's a dollar a tooth! But it should be 5 for the first tooth! (: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That's cool you can do the monkey bars. Does that mean that you are a monkey?? 

Abby mastered the monkey bars

Abby lost her first tooth yesterday
Alyssa doesn't even know yet.

My week was boring. We were in the house most of the week or at the doctor.... my comp was super sick. and she had physical therapy on top of that. 

They didn't do anything to get us back. haha. They didn't care about payback. (the other sisters in the house they nearly scared to death last week)

Yeah sorry no pictures this week... don't kill me. (hence the reason why you get pictures of Abby this week)

I am glad Abby likes kindergarten. 

J. was an old investigator that we found in the area book. He sent us a text today that said he has finally completely made the switch from coffee to corn coffee and its kind of hard on his body but he is grateful for the trial. and he is super excited for his baptism.

Vamos a ver con las fotos. (I don't know what she is talking about)

I love you too. I will try to take your pictures you want this week. 

I love you and I will see you in 5 months!!

I love you and I miss you both! Hug my Abby please!! TTFN!!! 

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