Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Praying to God that he might help me throw up?....

Hermana's in poyera's

2 beauties!

Wait what?? Oh yeah I had food poisoning!! Woo hooo so fun! I threw up 12 times! And I literally was praying. So this is how it went down. So on Tuesday we had zone conference and I didn't feel good, so I asked President Carmack to give me a blessing, still didn't feel better, everyone played sports and I was the only one who couldn't. Well finally I was like ok ya let's go I am dying. So we are on the bus for an hour and I am just praying that I can just throw up so that all the bad won't be inside anymore, better to get it all out then to keep it all in. Well we finally get off the bus and my comp is hailing a taxi and I start puking my guts out!  Poor taxi driver didn't even want to take us cause he thought I was going to throw up in his car, and I almost did! Anyways I called the nurse and they put my on a Gatorade and saltines diet and now I am fine (we couldn't leave the house so I called the bishops daughter to see if she could go to the store for me because they live in front of us and his sweet wife brought me Gatorade, crackers and Tylenol *for the fever of 100.1*)
 Now I am fine. (Thanks to Sister Carmack for a pictures of the zone conference)

Hermana's Wandell and Bonilla

Congrats Stephen and Amy!!! 
I am so happy for you.

So in Panama they have this typical dress called a poyera. Well our investigator tells me the other day " I really want to put a poyera on you and do your hair, I've never seen a gringa in a poyera" so that's what we did! Pictures to come! Enjoy! That dress is heavy and hot! and the things are your head are heavy too but it is very pretty. (The minute I saw these pictures I had flashbacks to this photo. It was taken in March of 1999 so Alyssa was not quite 5 years old. It was Cypress Gardens in Florida and I literally had a dozen people I didn't know ask me if they could take her picture.)

We had a movie night and watched the best two years on Saturday. 

Yes, I finally got the package with the pictures, the markers, the glasses, etc. 

Dear Alyssa, Did you know that Elder Hansen is the guy I mean missionary and the other time and I was being shy but now I am not being shy because now I like him. (Abby told me today she is starting to like Elder Hansen LOL. He is really cute with her. He is like Jordan he just keeps trying to get her to like him.) I love you Alyssa very very much. Alyssa, did you know that Stephen got married with Amy and so now they are married together and my shoes were hurting my feet and I was so tired. Alyssa, did you know that I went to feed the ducks today and we saw these baby ducks coming and we liked them and I said "Oh they are so cute" and they were so little and so cute. I wish we had baby ducks. Alyssa, did you know that Puff was being mean to Spice? Goodnight Alyssa I love you very very much. I love you Alyssa. Love, Abby Oh yes I am Alyssa. (excited for her birthday)

Dear Abby, I am so glad that you like Elder Hansen now! I love you too, very very much. Yes I know that Stephen got married. I am glad you got to see the cute little ducks. One little duck came out to play, over the hill and far away, when the daddy duck said quack quack quack 10 little ducks came waddling back! I love you so so so so so much! And I will see you in 8 months!! 

Hna. Bonilla goes home after next change. She goes home in August because she wants to see her sister before she leaves on her mission so I will most likely get transferred because they aren't going to keep me in the same area for 5 changes. 

No news with orange house. But Juan is getting baptized this Saturday!!!!! He is 15 and he is super nice, he is awesome and super kind and is super excited to get baptized. I will tell you all about him when I get home. Today we went to his mom´s house to get permission for him to be baptized and it made me so grateful to be from where I am from. His family has pretty much nothing. He lives with members and his family live in a different area so we had to go out there today. I took pictures of the houses, some of them are smaller than my room, some are the size of my bathroom (this means they are very small). I am so grateful for all that I have been blessed with. No seriously, I mean it.

This week was slow because I was so sick and then my comp was sick too (her back) but all is well now. I love you and I miss you! Please tell the elders hello from Panama and that I said to keep up the good work and that I wish them a lot of success! I love you I love you I love you! Hug my Abby please.
Chao for now!!

Pictures: Yatzuri and me and a view of the beach

Hermana Wandell and Yatzuri

 a view out to the beach


She loves a hammock!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

I mustache you a question, but I will shave it for later!

I mustache you a question, but I will shave it for later.
Current District
Elder's Weston and Mejia
Hermana's Bonilla, Perez, Wandell and Morales

 Hermana's Bonilla, Wandell, Morales and Perez

How ironic that you asked for pictures of my district... hahaha enjoy!

This is the link to a video Alyssa sent in her email this week. It is called Because of Him. It is only 2:30 minutes and is well worth watching more than once.

Dear Alyssa, Did you know I have an owie and my mommy put a bandaid on it and it's on my right foot. We went to go feed the ducks today and it was really fun and I fed them Cheerios and they really like it and so I had to keep feeding them. Alyssa did you know I am shy to the elders and I'm really sorry because one of the elders is nice and tries to talk to me but I am too shy to talk to him. Alyssa did you know that me and Mommy love you so much and I really really really miss you. Did you know when June is over it's almost my birthday! And Mommy told me that after my birthday then July will be done and no more July before I see you. I'm really really super happy about that. Well when we came home from Grandpa's because we went to Grandpa's today because it's Father's Day, then I was going to go in the house and was walking into the garage and I saw this big cat and it scared the crap out of me. And it was sitting on the fence and puff was staring at it and I didn't know it was a cat because it was all black and you couldn't see its face. Mommy thought it was monkey. And the cat kept meowing at me. Good night I love you Alyssa, Love Abby

Dear Abby, I am sorry you have an owie, tell mommy to kiss it better for me. I want to go feed the ducks when I get home and give them Cheerios too. The elders are good guys, you should draw them a picture and tell them hi and talk to them, maybe ask what are their favorite colors. Did you know that I really really miss you too and I love you both more than most!! Are you excited for your birthday?? I hope so!! Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha it scared the crap out of you!!!! Oh you are definitely your mother´s daughter! Mommy thought it was a monkey!! Bahahahaha!! Did you get a picture of it?? Haha I love you too kiddo! Love Alyssa

Q. Did you get to talk to Astudillo or Chavez on your birthday?
A. I didnt really get to talk to either of them because there is a rule that we can talk to other missionaries on the phone. The phone is only to be used for working purposes, not to talk to your friends, so they emailed me.

Q. Did you get the rest of your birthday present yet or the present for Astudillo’s birthday?
A. I still haven’t got it mom, I won’t get it until tomorrow or the beginning of July. 
I have no idea, I was hoping your present would get here on time and I could jump in on it but I doubt it will be here. 

Q. How are things with your companion?
A. Things are good. Today my comp is going to teach me how to make something from Honduras!

Q. How is the lady in the orange house?
A. Things are good with the orange house, but she has to get married in order to progress so we are trying to talk to her husband. 

Q. Did you get new shoes?
A. yes I got new shoes

Q. So what is the biggest thing you have learned about yourself thus far?
A. The biggest thing is that I have the capacity to shut up and take it when someone is freaking out at me. 

Send me a picture of the float when it’s done. 

The week was good, I don't understand why I haven’t had baptisms in 8 months but oh well. You don’t know how many people we have prepared and then they back out on us... It’s annoying . 

If there is one thing I have learned it’s that people have their free agency. Sometimes you want to tell (but we don’t) them to stop being so hard headed and just get baptized, because we know that they know it’s true but they fear people more than God.  

Oh did I mention that the world cup is going on right now and so no one wants to talk to us when there is a game going on... yeah that’s a thing....

So a member gave us pipa (coconut with just the juice, the green one) and coco (the brown one that actually has the coconut.)

And some dumb little ship, I am talking about the boat not the person. bahahahahahahaha!!

Chao! I love you, tell Abby hello for me please! I love you and I will talk to you soon! 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Viva La Chorrera!!!

So do tell all about your birthday!  How did your cheesecake and cheese potatoes turn out? 
So I learned that there is nothing better than moms cooking. I tried to make funeral potatoes and they were good but nothing like yours. 
The Rios threw me a surprise party and they made cheddar crusted chicken, but you already knew that. (Sweet Sister Rios asked me for a recipe of Alyssa’s favorite food so they could make her something I would have made her for dinner on her birthday, I hope she knows how much I love and appreciate her for doing that!)

My birthday was kind of boring but it wasn’t the worst either. I still haven’t gotten the package. 
We just made cheesecake and cheese potatoes (the cheesecake fell on the floor... but luckily we made two) 

Did you like the pictures I emailed you?
Yeah they were awesome, I about died laughing at the one of Richard and the one of Garreth....

So we may be having a miracle baptism. There is a little girl who goes to church every Sunday and we found out she isn’t baptized and she isn’t on church records therefore if her parents give permission she is getting baptized! 

I am so excited for Amy and Stephen!! 

I expect the same of the Germans. (Elizabeth, I told Alyssa about our conversation, she expects you all to live here too!)

We are trying to work with the lady in the orange house but her mother in law is causing problems because she hates the church. 

I want to go next year!! Tell Kallie I will be there for sure!! 

So you said you are learning a lot of things. What is it that you are learning?
Patience, tolerance, compassion, humility, faith, you name it. 

Dear Alyssa, Did you know that I am really excited for you to come home. I really really miss you Love Abby to Alyssa. Did you know we took Sister Garretson and she got moved and got a new companion her name is Sister Lopez and we went to lunch? Alyssa did you know that Mommy fell on the sidewalk and this is how she did it. You know how there are bumps in the sidewalk, well she was looking to see what door to go in and she fell but don't worry I took good care of her. And I got a bug catcher but I can't find any bugs to catch. I love you Alyssa, did you have a good birthday? Did you get a cake or a party? Love, Abby

Dear Abby, Did you know that I love you and think that you are the cutest person on the planet?? I really really miss you too! Is Mommy okay (no really are you okay) Thanks for taking care of her for me. That’s cool that you got a bug catcher!! Yes I got 4 cakes actually! And two parties! Love Alyssa!!

Sorry there aren’t many pictures this week. I forgot my camera

I love you I love you I love you!! chao for now!! 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Feliz Cumpleaños Hermana Wandell!!!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who made signs, took pictures and humored me with this!

Feliz Cumpleaños Hermana Wandell!!


Familia Quintero

Familia Rodriguez

Familia Rios

Okay my notes first..
I sent the memory with the video and pictures today. (this is the video from awhile back her and Elder Kipp singing)
Steve, Robert, Shauna and Elizabeth

 This week was kind of slow but on Tuesday we were contacting and we were walking up a little hill (there aren’t many here) and I saw an orange house directly in front of us and it looked like it was glowing so I was like uhhh alright let’s see what happens. The lady is super positive! Wants to get baptized!!!!!

So how is your birthday going? Are you having a good day? What are you doing today? Did anyone do anything for you besides us?
Today my comp is making cheesecake and I am making cheese potatoes. (2 of her favorite foods)
 So the sisters in my house woke me up at 5:20 this morning with cake and a sign. Haha Hna. Torres will put pictures on Facebook so look for them.

So I didn’t get any packages cause they don’t have changes meetings now. So I will get them next week I think.

Where is Chavez? Who are the other sisters living in your house now? Who is and who is out of your zone?
 Chavez is in Panama in a place called Brisas del Golf. The new sister in the house is Hna. Morales from Peru. There is a guy from Tonga in our zone now, a greenie that is from my comps ward in Honduras and I don’t remember who else. 

I am glad Astudillo is your new zone leader!!!!!! That is so exciting :) Who is his companion? What things does he have to do besides the normal stuff?
His comp is Elder Smith, whose birthday was yesterday (Sunday), from Utah. He just has more responsibility like he does divisions with the elders and directs all the meetings we have and what not. 

Haha cool! I feel special that he reads my blog.

So how come you didn't just sing for the talent show? Who won?
I didn’t sing because I wanted to do something different and funny. 
no one won, but the four guys danced and it was hilarious

Dear Alyssa, I have a birthday song for you. Put another candle on the birthday cake, the birthday cake, the birthday cake. Put another candle on the birthday cake, you're another year old today! Happy Birthday Alyssa!!!!! 
(this link is the video of Abby singing that song for Alyssa, click on it, it's pretty cute!)

Guess what we had this great great great great great party for you even though you weren't here. I'm going to tell you all the people that came. Delores, Scott, Lindsay, Emily, Sharon, Kenzie, Mommy, Abby, Grandpa, Emily, Uncle Ross and his friend (hahahaha she means Aunt Eileen) and the sister missionaries :) We even had a cake with candles a 2 and a 0 were on there and the sister missionaries blew out the candles. 

Sister Hinckle and Sister Snyder serving in the Salt Lake City South Mission

And guess what else, we got you a present and it's wrapped in pink paper and we put it in your room so you can open it when you come home. It's not a very fun present but mom said you want it and I told her that I know you will like the stitch I sent you more. Did you like the stitch? Alyssa, I love you so so so so so much and I really really really miss you. I hope you get a really happy birthday and if you don't I will get you another party when you come home. I read the page in the book you wrote to tell my mom to take us to Disneyland and I keep telling her for us. I love you, Love Abby

Abby, I am glad that you enjoyed my birthday party, and that people came! Especially Uncle Ross and his friend haha, I love the stitch that you sent me Abby! It’s super cute!! I love you and I miss you too but guess what!! I will be home in about 8 months!! That’s less than half way!!! I want to go to Disneyland too so keep telling her!! Love Alyssa

So what did Kallie have to do exactly?? (Kallie is Alyssa’s gorgeous, sweet, amazing friend who just took 1st Attendant in the Miss Sandy pageant)

I miss you guys but I will be home before you know it. This week was better and I am learning lots of things. Thank you for everything. Also in the package for Hna. Chavez you should write Brisas Del Golf on it so that they know who it is for. I don’t know how you are sending it, if it is in one of my packages or what but still. I love you I love you I love you!! Chao for now!! 

Denise, Sandra, Grandpa, Emily and Abby

Lindsay, Delores, Penny, Mrs. King, Abby and Conner

The Merkley's

Lucy, Emma and Edward 
Alyssa's cousins

Brett and Reese
Alyssa's Nieces

Arne and Marion
Alyssa's German Parents

Elder's Hansen and Jones
Salt Lake City South Mission