Thursday, June 19, 2014

I mustache you a question, but I will shave it for later!

I mustache you a question, but I will shave it for later.
Current District
Elder's Weston and Mejia
Hermana's Bonilla, Perez, Wandell and Morales

 Hermana's Bonilla, Wandell, Morales and Perez

How ironic that you asked for pictures of my district... hahaha enjoy!

This is the link to a video Alyssa sent in her email this week. It is called Because of Him. It is only 2:30 minutes and is well worth watching more than once.

Dear Alyssa, Did you know I have an owie and my mommy put a bandaid on it and it's on my right foot. We went to go feed the ducks today and it was really fun and I fed them Cheerios and they really like it and so I had to keep feeding them. Alyssa did you know I am shy to the elders and I'm really sorry because one of the elders is nice and tries to talk to me but I am too shy to talk to him. Alyssa did you know that me and Mommy love you so much and I really really really miss you. Did you know when June is over it's almost my birthday! And Mommy told me that after my birthday then July will be done and no more July before I see you. I'm really really super happy about that. Well when we came home from Grandpa's because we went to Grandpa's today because it's Father's Day, then I was going to go in the house and was walking into the garage and I saw this big cat and it scared the crap out of me. And it was sitting on the fence and puff was staring at it and I didn't know it was a cat because it was all black and you couldn't see its face. Mommy thought it was monkey. And the cat kept meowing at me. Good night I love you Alyssa, Love Abby

Dear Abby, I am sorry you have an owie, tell mommy to kiss it better for me. I want to go feed the ducks when I get home and give them Cheerios too. The elders are good guys, you should draw them a picture and tell them hi and talk to them, maybe ask what are their favorite colors. Did you know that I really really miss you too and I love you both more than most!! Are you excited for your birthday?? I hope so!! Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha it scared the crap out of you!!!! Oh you are definitely your mother´s daughter! Mommy thought it was a monkey!! Bahahahaha!! Did you get a picture of it?? Haha I love you too kiddo! Love Alyssa

Q. Did you get to talk to Astudillo or Chavez on your birthday?
A. I didnt really get to talk to either of them because there is a rule that we can talk to other missionaries on the phone. The phone is only to be used for working purposes, not to talk to your friends, so they emailed me.

Q. Did you get the rest of your birthday present yet or the present for Astudillo’s birthday?
A. I still haven’t got it mom, I won’t get it until tomorrow or the beginning of July. 
I have no idea, I was hoping your present would get here on time and I could jump in on it but I doubt it will be here. 

Q. How are things with your companion?
A. Things are good. Today my comp is going to teach me how to make something from Honduras!

Q. How is the lady in the orange house?
A. Things are good with the orange house, but she has to get married in order to progress so we are trying to talk to her husband. 

Q. Did you get new shoes?
A. yes I got new shoes

Q. So what is the biggest thing you have learned about yourself thus far?
A. The biggest thing is that I have the capacity to shut up and take it when someone is freaking out at me. 

Send me a picture of the float when it’s done. 

The week was good, I don't understand why I haven’t had baptisms in 8 months but oh well. You don’t know how many people we have prepared and then they back out on us... It’s annoying . 

If there is one thing I have learned it’s that people have their free agency. Sometimes you want to tell (but we don’t) them to stop being so hard headed and just get baptized, because we know that they know it’s true but they fear people more than God.  

Oh did I mention that the world cup is going on right now and so no one wants to talk to us when there is a game going on... yeah that’s a thing....

So a member gave us pipa (coconut with just the juice, the green one) and coco (the brown one that actually has the coconut.)

And some dumb little ship, I am talking about the boat not the person. bahahahahahahaha!!

Chao! I love you, tell Abby hello for me please! I love you and I will talk to you soon! 

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