Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Praying to God that he might help me throw up?....

Hermana's in poyera's

2 beauties!

Wait what?? Oh yeah I had food poisoning!! Woo hooo so fun! I threw up 12 times! And I literally was praying. So this is how it went down. So on Tuesday we had zone conference and I didn't feel good, so I asked President Carmack to give me a blessing, still didn't feel better, everyone played sports and I was the only one who couldn't. Well finally I was like ok ya let's go I am dying. So we are on the bus for an hour and I am just praying that I can just throw up so that all the bad won't be inside anymore, better to get it all out then to keep it all in. Well we finally get off the bus and my comp is hailing a taxi and I start puking my guts out!  Poor taxi driver didn't even want to take us cause he thought I was going to throw up in his car, and I almost did! Anyways I called the nurse and they put my on a Gatorade and saltines diet and now I am fine (we couldn't leave the house so I called the bishops daughter to see if she could go to the store for me because they live in front of us and his sweet wife brought me Gatorade, crackers and Tylenol *for the fever of 100.1*)
 Now I am fine. (Thanks to Sister Carmack for a pictures of the zone conference)

Hermana's Wandell and Bonilla

Congrats Stephen and Amy!!! 
I am so happy for you.

So in Panama they have this typical dress called a poyera. Well our investigator tells me the other day " I really want to put a poyera on you and do your hair, I've never seen a gringa in a poyera" so that's what we did! Pictures to come! Enjoy! That dress is heavy and hot! and the things are your head are heavy too but it is very pretty. (The minute I saw these pictures I had flashbacks to this photo. It was taken in March of 1999 so Alyssa was not quite 5 years old. It was Cypress Gardens in Florida and I literally had a dozen people I didn't know ask me if they could take her picture.)

We had a movie night and watched the best two years on Saturday. 

Yes, I finally got the package with the pictures, the markers, the glasses, etc. 

Dear Alyssa, Did you know that Elder Hansen is the guy I mean missionary and the other time and I was being shy but now I am not being shy because now I like him. (Abby told me today she is starting to like Elder Hansen LOL. He is really cute with her. He is like Jordan he just keeps trying to get her to like him.) I love you Alyssa very very much. Alyssa, did you know that Stephen got married with Amy and so now they are married together and my shoes were hurting my feet and I was so tired. Alyssa, did you know that I went to feed the ducks today and we saw these baby ducks coming and we liked them and I said "Oh they are so cute" and they were so little and so cute. I wish we had baby ducks. Alyssa, did you know that Puff was being mean to Spice? Goodnight Alyssa I love you very very much. I love you Alyssa. Love, Abby Oh yes I am Alyssa. (excited for her birthday)

Dear Abby, I am so glad that you like Elder Hansen now! I love you too, very very much. Yes I know that Stephen got married. I am glad you got to see the cute little ducks. One little duck came out to play, over the hill and far away, when the daddy duck said quack quack quack 10 little ducks came waddling back! I love you so so so so so much! And I will see you in 8 months!! 

Hna. Bonilla goes home after next change. She goes home in August because she wants to see her sister before she leaves on her mission so I will most likely get transferred because they aren't going to keep me in the same area for 5 changes. 

No news with orange house. But Juan is getting baptized this Saturday!!!!! He is 15 and he is super nice, he is awesome and super kind and is super excited to get baptized. I will tell you all about him when I get home. Today we went to his mom´s house to get permission for him to be baptized and it made me so grateful to be from where I am from. His family has pretty much nothing. He lives with members and his family live in a different area so we had to go out there today. I took pictures of the houses, some of them are smaller than my room, some are the size of my bathroom (this means they are very small). I am so grateful for all that I have been blessed with. No seriously, I mean it.

This week was slow because I was so sick and then my comp was sick too (her back) but all is well now. I love you and I miss you! Please tell the elders hello from Panama and that I said to keep up the good work and that I wish them a lot of success! I love you I love you I love you! Hug my Abby please.
Chao for now!!

Pictures: Yatzuri and me and a view of the beach

Hermana Wandell and Yatzuri

 a view out to the beach


She loves a hammock!

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  1. Oh, I finally got to read the new one and yes, my Elder Hansen was mentioned. He loves kids so much and he really wants to be Abby's friend. I LOVE the dress. The pictures are just gorgeous. I could honestly see a blown up pic of one of these and framed. Beautiful girl inside and out. I'm so happy she has a baptism. Yay! Hard work pays off. So sorry for the food poisoning. I'm glad you are feeling better. Keep up the great work. May you always be blessed. Laura Thompson Salem, OR