Thursday, June 12, 2014

Viva La Chorrera!!!

So do tell all about your birthday!  How did your cheesecake and cheese potatoes turn out? 
So I learned that there is nothing better than moms cooking. I tried to make funeral potatoes and they were good but nothing like yours. 
The Rios threw me a surprise party and they made cheddar crusted chicken, but you already knew that. (Sweet Sister Rios asked me for a recipe of Alyssa’s favorite food so they could make her something I would have made her for dinner on her birthday, I hope she knows how much I love and appreciate her for doing that!)

My birthday was kind of boring but it wasn’t the worst either. I still haven’t gotten the package. 
We just made cheesecake and cheese potatoes (the cheesecake fell on the floor... but luckily we made two) 

Did you like the pictures I emailed you?
Yeah they were awesome, I about died laughing at the one of Richard and the one of Garreth....

So we may be having a miracle baptism. There is a little girl who goes to church every Sunday and we found out she isn’t baptized and she isn’t on church records therefore if her parents give permission she is getting baptized! 

I am so excited for Amy and Stephen!! 

I expect the same of the Germans. (Elizabeth, I told Alyssa about our conversation, she expects you all to live here too!)

We are trying to work with the lady in the orange house but her mother in law is causing problems because she hates the church. 

I want to go next year!! Tell Kallie I will be there for sure!! 

So you said you are learning a lot of things. What is it that you are learning?
Patience, tolerance, compassion, humility, faith, you name it. 

Dear Alyssa, Did you know that I am really excited for you to come home. I really really miss you Love Abby to Alyssa. Did you know we took Sister Garretson and she got moved and got a new companion her name is Sister Lopez and we went to lunch? Alyssa did you know that Mommy fell on the sidewalk and this is how she did it. You know how there are bumps in the sidewalk, well she was looking to see what door to go in and she fell but don't worry I took good care of her. And I got a bug catcher but I can't find any bugs to catch. I love you Alyssa, did you have a good birthday? Did you get a cake or a party? Love, Abby

Dear Abby, Did you know that I love you and think that you are the cutest person on the planet?? I really really miss you too! Is Mommy okay (no really are you okay) Thanks for taking care of her for me. That’s cool that you got a bug catcher!! Yes I got 4 cakes actually! And two parties! Love Alyssa!!

Sorry there aren’t many pictures this week. I forgot my camera

I love you I love you I love you!! chao for now!! 

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