Saturday, September 27, 2014

My favorite thing about Panamá is .......


Today was the multi zone p-day and I got fried... my face hurts... but I got to hang out with my friends today! 
The multi-zone soccer tournament back in August

Hermana's C. and Wandell

I need the recipes for banana split pie and cheese potatoes.

His baptism is next week. the 27th,

Q. So do you have anything big planned for Hna. Chavez before she goes home? Are you sad? Her family is so excited for her to go home. Oh her brother got his mission call to El Salvador/Belize mission and he leaves in January

A. We are going to have a party with the other sisters. And yes I know he got his call, butIi think he is going to the MTC in Guatemala.

 Q. Is there anyone with less time than you that isn't in your current zone that you would want to be companion's with?

A. I would like to be with Hna. Flores but it's not very likely cause she just barely had changes. 

Q. So what is your most favorite thing about Panama?
Least favorite thing?

A. My most favorite thing would be the people by far. Least favorite would be the heat.

Q. How many times have you had to speak in Sacrament meeting?
Have you made friends with any of the members in your are you are in now?

A.I have spoken twice. Yes I have made lots of friends here in Brisas.

I don't remember that kid's name but I know he is in Chorrera and he is SUPER nice! He's from somewhere near Park City but I don't remember where.

4 Utahn's (2 Beetdiggers) in Panamá

AHHHHHH THAT WAS MAMON CHINO!!! Haha and yes you just suck on it until the flavor is gone then you spit it out. I LOVEEEEE MAMON CHINO!! 

Tell her that if she doesn't cry then I will bring her to Panama one day and I will buy her lots of cool Panama stuff so she can use it at school. 

Dear Alyssa,Did you know we went on a field trip to the park and mommy came with me and it was very fun. Alyssa did you know we saw one of your favorite favorite favorite foods. That fruit with hairy stuff on it. Mom sent you a picture but I didn't eat it mom did. Alyssa did you know I went to get my picture taken today. We will send you a picture when we get them but I didn't like it because I had to smile. I am going to wear my olaf shirt you gave me tomorrow because olaf is a snowman and that starts with S and tomorrow is S day. Oh and I am taking treats tomorrow for S day and they are suckers. Alyssa I am afraid I am going to cry at school tomorrow. To Alyssa Love Abby

Dear Abby, I am glad you had fun on your field trip! what did you guys do?? I am glad you like your Olaf shirt, and don't cry! School is so much fun!! When you want to cry just start singing songs from Frozen and it will make you feel better! And if you don't cry I will bring you to Panama one day!! 

Hna. C's knees are really bad and her shoulder as well. She is little and her body is fragile. 

Alyssa and Hermana C.

Okay I don't need the watch now. I improvised and J. told me he was going to buy me a new bad for it. I liked the pillow cases. Don't worry too much about packages because remember that I only have so much room in my suit case and  I am going to give most of my stuff away.

There are lots of people going home this change. Hna. Dawson, Hna. Paxman and Hna. Vroom I think are the only people you would know of and that I can remember. 

I love you and I miss you!! See you soon! Only 4 and a half more months!!

Pictures from the zone conference last week. Some are from Sister Carmack's blog last week. I hope she knows how much us parents truly appreciate her doing that!

Hermana C. and Alyssa

Alyssa and Hermana M.


Hermana C. and Wandell 

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