Saturday, October 4, 2014

Baptism and no me olvides

Hermana's Chavez and Wandell
eating "no me olvides"
(forget me not's)

At the temple
Q. How was J's baptism?
A. J's baptism went really well. It was on Sunday and I realized that Hno. Luis and J. got baptized the same day, just a year apart. so I called Hno. Luis to tell him congrats as well. I sang, but no I didn't record it.. I forgot...:(
J. and Alyssa

Hermana's Chavez, Wandell and J. 

Q. You said last week you got really sunburned doing something with multi zones but you didn't say what.
A. we just hung out and played sports last week.
Q. I sent you the recipes for the banana split pie and the cheese potatoes. Did you get them? 
A. I got the recipes thanks!
Dear Alyssa,
I will be really happy when it's February and you come home and I am sure you are going to be really happy to see me too. Did you know I have a whole in my mouth and there is a tooth growing in there and did you know that right next to it is another wiggly tooth. Alyssa I am going on a field trip at school on Thursday and I am excited because Mommy gets to come. I really love you Alyssa and you are my best friend forever and I have present for you. Dear Alyssa I am sorry Hermana Chavez has to go home. I know she is your bestest friend but I really hope you get a really good companion that you will love love love. 

Hermana Chavez I am sorry that you guys are not going to be together any more. I really love you and Alyssa does too and I hope you have a good time flying home and I hope Alyssa gets a good companion. Please come to Utah. Thank you for being so nice to my sister, Love, Abby

Dear Abby, I will be so happy to see you its not even funny! I love you a lot! Do you know that? Thanks for being my best friend (:
... I wont know until tonight who my comp is but I know it wont be the same. Okay end of the conversation. (I knew Alyssa was upset to have to say goodbye to Hna. Chavez, they truly are best friends and sisters.)
Hermana's Wandell and Chavez

I want the new 1 direction cd to be waiting for me...
J. and the little boy´s name is S.
S. and Alyssa

I love you! 
Alyssa and M. 

The ice cream is called "no me olvides" or forget me not. and The S. family.
J. and his mom, bubbles, the super long road we have to walk all the time (and what you see isn't even a tenth of it).
Hermana's Chavez, Wandell and the S. Family

J., his mom and Alyssa

Their long walk

Alyssa at the Panamá Temple

Hermana's M. and Wandell

Hermana M. 

no me olvides

Hermana M. 

Hermana's Chavez and M.

Hermana's Chavez, Wandell and J. 

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