Thursday, October 9, 2014

My new companion and I saw Doug on conference!

So I saw Doug on conference! That was cool.

Dear Alyssa, 
I really love and I am sorry that you are sad that Hna. Chavez went home but I think she is going to come to Utah so it is going to be ok so don't cry. 
Did you know my tooth is growing back in? My big one. Did you know I went a field trip to the farm? Wheeler Farm. I love you so so so much. Did you know there is no more September before you come home? How long until Christmas because you know I get to Skype with you. To Alyssa Love Abby I love you.

Dear Abby, I love you too and I know I will see Chavez again. Its just a matter of when. Send me a picture of your tooth!! Did your other one fall out yet?? Hey guess what!! Today is 14 months!! That means I will be with you really soon!! In a little more than 4 months! I will see you soon little girl! I love you with all my heart! and my butt, cause that's a lot bigger than my heart... BAHAHAHAHA

Hi, I am okay. She left on Monday for a day and then came back on Tuesday. She was saying goodbye to people in her other area. My new companion is Hna. O., she was Chavez's comp in Volcan. She´s fun but right now I still miss Chavez. I am still in Brisas. S. and M. are still here as well. This change is only 4 weeks long so we will see what happens. 

Hermana's Chavez and Wandell

Q. Where is your new companion from? Is she nice?

A. She is from Guatemala as well (I think it is a sign that my future husband is from Guatemala.... because this is my 4th companion and my 6th change with chapinas *chapina = Guatemalan*) she was Chavez's comp when she was in Volcan. O. is my step sister and my niece in the mission. Oh and I am senior comp now... Yes she is very nice. 

Hermana's O. and Wandell
The ice cream is pretty much the same. 

Q. What about conference? How did you like that? What did you get to do go to the church and watch it? Do you have pictures? Do you realize that next conference you will be watching at home in your jammies?

A. I loved conference! It was amazing!! I loved all the talks! Yes I cant believe that that was my last conference here.
Don't worry, I can find almost everything here. oh and I bought clothes today... haha 

Q. What do you want me to send to Panama for Christmas

A. I don't want anything grand. I just want to be able to enjoy the spirit of Christmas, o sea the spirit of Christ. I think that we get lost in the world and what the meaning of Christmas really is. 

Can you ask Leydi when they are going? Hna. Leydi, quiero saber cuando van a sellarse porque quiero ir. si puede llamarme cuando saben, seria perfecto. Les quiero mucho!!

We went shopping and cleaned the house today. Don't worry about clothes, i am taking care of that... hahaha shopping is really cheap here. i bought 5 blouses, 6 dollars each. 

(she wants Cafe Rio on the way home from the airport) 

I love you! See you in 4 months!! 

lunch at Price Mart (Costco)

Patacones - her favorite Panamanian food 

Hermana's Chavez and  Wandell

 My little thing I made to put on the bulletin board at church

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