Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Yes, the email is really that short..

So this week was pretty boring. We painted a house and picked up garbage, that was the exciting part... (I am pretty sure that was part of the Panama day of service, but she didn't mention that part)

I am doing well. Things are fine. Today we had a talent show with the zone. No there are no pictures of the talent show part... sorry.

I said I was gonna start saving something?? 

Dear Alyssa, did you know I have a cold? And I got it on Friday. Did you know Friday has 2 syllables? Right now I am drinking some medicine so it will go away soon. How is your new companion? Do you like her?I hope she is being nice to you? Did you get this companion before? I am sorry that you are sad because you miss Hermana Chavez but that is nice she got to go home safe. Pretty soon you will get to go home too. I bet you will be super excited when you get to see Hermana Chavez again. I am sure that you are sorry that I have a cold. Dear Alyssa I've got a joke for you. What do call a chicken dancing on the top of the mountain? You call him on the phone and tell him hey get down off that mountain you are supposed to be on a farm. hahaha Dear Alyssa I miss you very much and I super excited to see you when you come home. I love you so much and I am so excited to see you. I love you so much because you are my best best friend. 

Dear Abby, I am sorry you have a cold. I hope you feel better soon. drink lots of water and take the medicine that mom gives you okay? My new companion is nice, she is from Guatemala too like Hna. Chavez. Hahahaha I like your joke Abs. I have one for you but it only makes sense in Spanish... Cual es la diferencia entre de una pera y la novia de un misionero? La pera es pera pero la novia no espera. okay I have another one also in Spanish... porque los nefitas siempre tenian su ropa arrugada? Porque Moroni escondio las planchas. HAHAHAHAHA... anyways. I miss you a lot but hey guess what! I will be home in 4 months from today!! It will go faster than you know it with Grandpa´s birthday, Halloween, Mom´s birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New years and all. I love you so much cause you are the best best friend I could ever ask for and I love you with all my heart! Be good little girl! And give mom a great big hug for me and hug a boy for me because seriously I am going through withdrawls.... 

It is so weird to think how fast time has flown by. I love you! See you soon! Chao for now!

Alyssa and her companion

Hermana's M. and Wandell

Elder's Quijada and Hernandez and Alyssa


Hermana Wandell and Elder F.

Hermana's Wandell and S.

Hermana Wandell and Elder V.

Alyssa and her companion

Hermana's O. and Wandell and Elder A. 

Hermana Wandell and Elder A.  

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