Thursday, October 23, 2014

Adventures of the Panamá Canal

 Alyssa at the Panama Canal. The perks of getting to spend p-day in one of the most beautiful countries in the world!

I am good. we went to the canal today with the zone.

Please tell Grandpa to tell the Bishop of my ward that I want to sing Called to Serve in Spanish for the closing hymn of my homecoming. What is Grandpa's calling? Is he still the secretary? and Hna. Leydi is getting sealed in January.

Q.  It seems like your emails are shrinking  Are you ok? Are you upset or mad? Just busy? Have nothing to say? Have more people to email? 

A. I just don't have much to say... sorry... (ok if someone has a question they would like to ask email me because apparently she has run out of things to tell us and I have run out of questions to ask :(  ) 

So this week Abby lost her 2nd tooth. The other one in front on the bottom. She is so funny she can't put it under her pillow yet because she has to write a note to the tooth fairy telling her not to leave her money but blue fruit roll ups instead LOL 

Blue fruit roll ups... she's too cute!! 

So does anyone go home at the end of this transfer even though it's only 4 weeks long?
I don't have any idea about people coming or going.

Was the painting for the Panama day of service?
No the panama day of service we picked up trash on the beach. 

Do you have any new investigators? How is J. doing? Have you heard from Heidy since she went home? How is she doing?
Its' so weird to hear her be called Heidy... to me she is Chavez. and yes we found a mom and two daughters this week, so we will see how it goes. J. is good, he is getting names ready to take to the temple. 

Shout out to Candace, I got your letter this week! Thanks for writing! Love you girly!

Dear Alyssa, I really really miss you but you will be home in 16 Mondays I think. Did you know I lost another tooth. I lost the one right next to the other one I lost. Let me tell you how I lost it. I went to school and my daddy came and got me after and we were going to Winco. I was eating a jelly bean on my way home and it fell out in the car. Alyssa I did not understand your jokes. Did you know my friend Sophie likes to come over everyday except for Sunday and we play. Did you know she can do the monkey bars backwards and so I learned too. Dear Alyssa have you tried any new foods lately? If you did will you tell me in your next email. Alyssa, I love you very very very much. To Alyssa love Abby

Dear Abby, 16 Mondays huh? I liked your picture of you without your teeth. what do you think the tooth fairy is going to give you this time? If you don't want the money you can give it to me! Haha you can do the monkey bars backwards? That's cool! I cant even do that! Um I haven't tried anything new lately.. I love you to the moon and back little girl. I will see you really soon! And I promise that we will hang out every single day!! Love Lyssa!

We went and saw Meet the Mormons. Did you guys get to see it? I know the stateside missionaries did.
No we don't get to see hardly anything. 

I love you!!

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