Thursday, November 13, 2014

All night music and Ecuadorian dresses

Hermana V. and Hermana Wandell

(traditional Ecuadorian dresses)

So our neighbors were getting wasted all night last night! They cranked up the music at 9 pm and didn't turn it down until 8 this morning! Ask me how long I slept!! ... 1 hour! So not fun but what can you do! No but really I started laughing at like 4 in the morning because it was a song I liked haha. So I started dancing in my bed and then this morning we took advantage and used the music from the neighbors to do exercises. haha 

Please take flowers to Zach!

So J. (he got baptized at the end of Sept.) has been getting names ready to take to the temple... By the time we put everything into the computer he will have more than 100 ordinances ready to be done. (I hope he inspires all of us to get busy with Family History!)

So this week a lady was complaining to us about how her son is being rebellious and I told her he will never change if you don't give him the example first. If you want him to have God in his life then swallow your pride and go to church with him because he doesn't want to go by himself so he just doesn't go at all.  

Q. C. Jones wants me to find out where in Honduras she is from? He served his mission there. Do you have any new investigators?
A. She is from San Pedro Sula. and we are in the process of finding new people. 

  Hermana's Wandell and V.

Q. So tell me about transfers. Are Hna's S. and M. still in your house? What about Elder A. is he still in Chorerra? Do you ever get to talk to him? Does he go home at the end of this transfer? 
A. Yes S. and M. are still here... A. is still in Chorrera.. :( this is his last change... I only get to talk to him on Mondays and conferences. End of conversation.
Dear Alyssa,
Did you know that I am glad you liked my Halloween costume. You are my favorite girl in the whole wide world. I am glad you like your new companion Hermana Vasquez she looks super nice. I am really happy it almost time for you to come home and I love you so so much. I really like you the best of anyone. I really hope you like your mission and I am glad you got to go to Panama and find people to help and tell them about Jesus. I hope you are doing lots of great things in Panama except I do miss you. I am going to tell you some words we have at school, - is, have, to, we, my, you, the, little, green, blue, yellow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, brown those are colors I knew before I went to school. I love you very very much and I can't wait to give you a big hug when you get home from Panama City, Panama. I hope you like my words and my colors and I love you very much. To Alyssa from Abby  Dear Alyssa do you still have stick Abby? Can you take stick Abby to do something fun even though she is not real? I love you to Alyssa from Abby.

Dear Abby, I love you a lot and you are my favorite person too! I will see what I can do with stick Abby, how is school? I will see you soon!! 

Q. So what did you guys do this week?
A. ummm we contacted another chiva. This week was kind of slow. sorry ... but there are pictures! The one I am sending is the traditional dress of Ecuador (the Indians traditional dress anyways, there is a sister who has this cause her husband is from Ecuador :) I love you! See you soon!

 look they look like me!! they have big green eyes 
and they are half gringo and half latino!! hahaha

 Goofy Hermana's

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