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 Hi Everyone,
Here is Alyssa's email from this week :) She has a clear message for us !

 Alcalde Diaz is her 1st Area
 Okay so first I want to address the title of this email... If it wasn't clear enough here is another reminder FEED THE MISSIONARIES!! Because I know what it is like to have to live off crackers because no one feeds us. We only get one meal a day, and sometimes even that one meal is like pulling teeth. So to any and all who may be reading this if there are missionaries in your ward FEED THEM!! Or if you run into them somewhere, give them money or invite them over so you can FEED THEM!! Okay I think I made myself clear... (: Please and thank you!!! Oh and don’t make them pay you if you feed them, not cool Robert Frost...(Alyssa loves kid president)

Elder's Kipp, Willis, Jensen and Ulloa
(I think they are hungry)
The lady who lives next to us has invited us to have lunch and dinner with her every Sunday which is nice!!!!!! So last night we had lunch and then she bought us food and let us use her kitchen to make patacones for dinner. (SOOO GOOD!!)

Anyways I will start with my notes.
I AM A TERRIBLE HUMAN BEING!! I killed a living breathing animal this week... I killed a mouse. I'm going to hell. But Hna. G. made me do it and at least it’s not in our house. I found it in our garbage bag and I made her try to kill it. Well the weirda (that’s our thing we made up cause I kept calling her a weirdo and she kept saying weirda cause I’m a girl and that’s what they do in Spanish.) popped the bag and so I made her step on the hole so it wouldn’t get out and then she made me kill it... kind of depressing...

Anyways I've seen lots of cool animals here. I saw a dead possom yesterday (I took out the gory details that followed). I don’t know why I mentioned this...
The other day the power went out for like 4 hours and so finally I was like okay it’s hot we are saying a prayer so these lights will come back on and we can use the fan. 3 minutes after our prayer... THE LIGHTS CAME BACK ON!! WABAM!! Power of prayer my friends, power of prayer!!

Hna. G thinks that Robert is guapo! J

I bought a photo album to put any pictures you send me. (missionaries love mail and her address is on the blog)
There is a picture of Fajardo. When he wears my sun glasses, he looks like Bruno Mars. Yes? 

Elder Fajardo
We had a teaching competition between districts the other day because the AP's (one of which is from Sandy) were teaching us. Well my district won by one point so we all got mission t-shirts!!!!   
Hermana's Gonzalez and Wandell

We went to the temple and the four of us were there so we took a picture. Also these are our shirts and I took a picture of a sun set. kinda cool

Alyssa, Hermana Johnson and Hermana Palmer 
(I am sorry I don't know the name of the first sister but I am guessing she was at the MTC the them as well)

I’m sick... again... Not happy!! But I’m recovering quickly! (: Woo blessings for being a missionary!!

We had another baptism this week, YAY!! Okay now I’m done.

I have turned into a picture taker, you are welcome. I'll take more (:
The Abby hug was in the mtc package, I kept it, and the pictures were in this one and I put them in the photo album that I bought. All the elders think that Kallie is a babe. J
We have a weirdly small zone. There are as many people in my zone here as there were in my district at the CCM.  I LOVE MY COMPANION!! She kills me! I love them all!!

She found the spider in her sheets but it didn’t touch her. We are having our house fumigated this week.
I will be with her for probably 6 weeks. L kinda sad cause we get along really well. I LOVE IT HERE!! OH MY GOSH IT IS GORGEOUS!! I am starting to understand why everyone says that it is the best time of your life. Not to make you guys feel like chopped liver but I haven’t even been home sick at all because I am having so much fun and we work so much you don’t have time to think about it. Pray for us to find people that will keep their commitments.  That is the hardest thing because when it comes to religion Panamanians are super lax. (After listening to Elder S. Gifford Nielsen’s conference talk I asked her who or what we could pray for to help her and her zone)


I don’t let her give up on the English. I make her speak in English when we are at home. The new thing with the Elders is they say you speak really good Spanish, you just never speak it. Yeah when I’m with you I don’t because I can speak English!! 
The Be-you-tiful picture was in the house here. (it’s on last weeks blog) There really isn’t much of a difference with the umbrellas. (I asked what is different about a Panamanian umbrella vs. one from the US as we have been told several times not to buy one until you get there) If she is gonna buy one tell her to buy a really big one that is sturdy. (Sarah this is for you)

Please tell the sisters hello from their fellow sister missionary. I hope the Chili cook-off was fun.

We have a lot of people that we talk to and teach so I won’t really go into that but this week was Saul's baptism. He is 17 and his brother and sister are members. We are really close to his sister. She has a cute little boy.
Saul's Baptism
Okay I took pictures of my zone this week, wow great minds think alike!!! haha. (I told her in my email back last week that I needed a picture for her blog with her whole district) Please send some of those rubber CTR rings like the one Shauna gave me because everyone wants one. Fajardo wanted it and so I made him trade me his ring for mine. Also maybe some more of those HLJ tie tacks?? The book Jason and Leesa gave me. It’s in my room somewhere but I’m not sure where. I want it so I can mark my Spanish scriptures. If you find one like that for the Bible and D&C then send that maybe because it’s super convenient. Oh and maybe an English BOM or two because everyone wants one. Let’s see what else... Ummmm candy. haha and those B12 pills you were talking about because I am being eaten alive.
Her Zone

Elder Fajardo and Hermana Wandell
Elder Jensen, Hermana Gonzalez, Elder's Kipp, Willis and Fajardo
Elder Astudillo

Elder Fajardo

 Okay I love you I love you I love you!! I miss my Abby!! Give her a hug and a kiss for me and tell her that I love her more than most!!

Elder's Tzep and Astudillo
Elder Ulloa
Abby I love you sooooo much!! You are the best!! Please be good and try some new food for me!! Maybe try rice, that’s what they eat in Panama!! I love you more than most!!  

Hermana Wandell (:

OH!! GUESS WHAT I FOUND OUT!! WE CAN TOTALLY WATCH DISNEY MOVIES!! I wish I would have known because I would have brought some. okay bye love you!! 

Oh I forgot to say that today for P-day we are going to Albrook and are going bowling and then going to... wait for it... CREPE Y WAFFLES!!! I’m excited!! Kipp says he takes pictures it’s just that the computers we use won’t recognize his camera. L
Pay attention to how hilarious the Elders are in these pictures. Also pay attention to the fact that I stick out like a sore thumb because I was the only one not wearing black or white... and I am right in the middle...

Her Zone
Elder's Tzep, Fajardo and Ulloa
Elder Kipp and Elder Fajardo

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