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Bonboncita!! - 100 days in the Mission!!

100 days in the mission!!
Alyssa in Panamá
Hermana's Wandell and Hoff

Some guys here can be really creepy... I have been called everything under the sun... 
Anyways.. my notes... I got the first package but not the 2nd, the beef jerky is fine. I like the decorations but the thing is that they will just get thrown away eventually so if you send stuff I’d rather get stuff like pictures or letters or chocolate. ( is a fantastic way to send her a letter, it's free to Panama and she gets an actual letter in hand, you should try it, she will LOVE to hear from you all!)
We can really use the window clings because our windows aren’t a flat piece of glass, it’s a bunch of pieces together, they move kind of like blinds.
I was sick again this week, that’s the one drawback about having a comp is that if one of you is sick the other one is bound to get sick as well.  
Alyssa and Hermana Chavez 

We had a talent night. I sang and other people did random stuff. Chavez and two members were the judges and the one lady was like I think Hna. Wandell should win and Chavez told her no she can’t because she doesn’t count haha. But it was sweet of her to think so. Later Elder Quimiz called to see if we got home and to see who won and he asks did Hermana Wandell win?? And Chavez said no and he goes WHAT?? HOW DID SHE NOT WIN?? So Chavez explained how I didn’t count and he goes, well in my mind she won.. haha thanks Elder Quimiz!! That’s my dad!! (Mission dad)

Talent show judges (Hermana Chavez - middle)
Elder Quimiz and Elder Weston 


We had a service project this week and we made food while the elders moved a bunch of dirt (but it was really clay) and they have to go back again this week to finish the job. It was funny because one of the elders broke the wheelbarrow and so they ended up having to make an assembly line and threw chunks of clay from one pile to the other by passing it to each other.
Hand hugs is the new thing in our zone, we can’t hug the elders so we hand hug the elders. haha
Quimiz, Astudillo, Walstrohm, Willis, Weston, Juarez, Chavez, Wandell, Bitter
Maybe it turns into Prince Charming or an Investigator
Okay now your email...
No thanksgiving here.. lameeeeeeeee (I asked if they have celebrate Thanksgiving in Panama)
I miss your cooking!!!!! It’s okay it just means I will appreciate it more when I get home.
You could probably make duros, really all it is, is fruit with milk and sugar mixed together and then frozen.
I knew she lived in Provo (Her companion Hna. Chavez has an aunt that lives in Provo and friend’s with my good Missionary Mom friend Viviana whose daughter is also serving in Panama, what a small world!) that is cool that she knows her. Her mom was with her aunt last week but she is home now.
Hermana Wandell and Hermana Chavez
 Hermana Chavez
The elders are awesome!! Elder Astudillo especially, I guess his mom isn’t a member. Just him and his brother and last week his brother told him that his mom had been listening to Jehovah´s witnesses and that she was being baptized, so he was pretty sad. L And he also found out that his girlfriend had started dating someone else. The kid is seriously like my brother, I would do anything for him. So I wrote him a card with my testimony and stuff like that to cheer him up. So everytime he looks sad I give him a hand hug.
Elder Astudillo

 Hermana's Wandell, Walstrohm, Hoff, Chavez and Elder Astudillo

The FHE thing is a work in progress, someone who was here before us killed our area so now we are working to fix it, it will take time and probably more time than I will be here.
The churches are different, they are two buildings, one with class rooms and one with the chapel. Google it I am sure there are pictures. (I tried I can only find pictures of the temple, if someone else find’s any let me know)
I have the cutest little sister in the entire world, may I just say. That’s so cute! There´s Wilbur!! Haha!! (I told her about the pictures last week when I showed them to Abby, the one with the little pig and Abby said “There’s Wilbur”, “Where’s Charlotte?” so of course the spider picture from a few weeks ago was brought back up J)
We made juice for the elders because the people wanted men to do the work. That’s why. It is always like that, it is just a way of life here. So... usually a member says I need help with something so then we tell the zone and then all go that week to help them do whatever it is that they need. (I asked why they couldn’t do the manual labor and how they found service projects to do)
Yes we will get to Skype if a member in our area lets us use their computer. (Christmas, it is what Abby is most excited for!)
I haven’t had to speak, but I direct the hymns all the time!! But thing that is awkward is that no one knows the tune so most of the time I have to sing the first line and then direct it. (I asked if she has had to speak in church yet)
Yes they have locks, normal toys, M&M´s , stuffed animals, normal candy, they have mac and cheese, my favorite fruit is pineapple, it is soooo much better here!! It’s really sweet!!. In reality it is pretty much America here, but then again I am in the city. I haven’t been to the interior.  (All answers to Abby’s questions)
Hermana Wandell and Hermana Chavez
Actually she is super nice, she is like my favorite person now.. haha (In one of her early emails in Panamá she mentioned a branch member who didn’t like her much because she didn’t think Alyssa spoke enough Spanish, she was an English teacher, I asked if that lady had warmed up to her yet)
Okay choa for now!! Love you!!
Hug my Abby and tell her I love her!!
Pictures!! - Alyssa sent a few pictures this week that I had no idea what they were. So my friend Google helped me figure it out and they are actually pretty interesting when you know what they are. Enjoy!
This is called the Palacio Municipal, it was built in 1910 as the seat for the country's legislature. Today the bottom floor is the Museo del la Historia de Panamá (Museum of Panamá's History)
The Metropolitan Cathedral is the largest Cathedral in Panamá. It was built in stages originally in wood around 1673. The 2 side bell towers were moved from the Old Cathedral of Old Panamá. After renovation in 2003 it is now a major tourist attraction in Casco Viejo.
The San Francisco de Asis church is very popular for weddings

 Casco Viejo

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