Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mark 16:15

"And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature"
Mark 16:15

Elder Weston and Elder Quimiz
Yeah forgot my notes so I am gonna wing it.
First and foremost!!! There is an elder here who leaves December 12. He is from Sandy, Utah. He is a super nice person and agreed to deliver a Christmas package for you guys! (: wooooooo Thank You Elder Hawks!! A.K.A. life saver. I gave him your address and your phone number so expect a call and a visitor.
My comp found a spider in her bed and we were up till midnight trying to kill it because we were both afraid, she finally used her sunscreen.
Idiot of the week story.... So yesterday we were at a member's house helping them clean and there were a ton of bugs.  So I was like "Hermana do you have any repellent??" and she said yes and went and got it... well I started spraying it on my legs when Hna. Chavez was like... uhhh what is that?? Yeah it wasn’t repellent it was bug killer.... haha (I guess that is one way to repel bugs)
We had divisions this week and I was with Hna. Vasquez. She was in my zone last change and I was kind of afraid of her. Boy oh boy did I learn a lesson. Do not judge a book by its cover!! She is so nice and such an AMAZING missionary!! She knew the bible like it was the back of her hand. She was awesome and I learned sooo much!! Hna. Chavez was with Hna. Bustamonte and when Bustamonte saw our house she was like... Hna Chavez... would it hurt your feelings if I bought stuff to clean your house...? hahahahahahaha and Chavez was like UH NO!! PLEASE DO!! Haha (:
Happy birthday on Friday.. Sorry I can’t be there. I hope the package I sent gets there in time.
Not gonna lie I am kind of sad about Thanksgiving. I miss your food... So Hna. Chavez and I are going to order Pizza that day (: haha.
I can’t remember anything else... so now to your email.
The kittens we found and service project, notice how dirty the Elders are. They were handling mud for like 3 hours!
Abril and Alyssa

Service Project

Elder's Bitter, Weston, Astudillo and Ulloa


Elder Weston

I will take a picture with Stick Abby and send it next week. Tell her I am sorry I have been lacking lately. It’s kinda hard when you are working all the time. Speaking of working all the time I have good news!! Hna. Chavez and I had a goal to teach 30 lessons this week. (in the past the most we have had was 21.) well we taught 32 (:
Daddy just ruined my whole life!! Bahaha what a ham!! Hug her for me please. (Abby’s response to me when her dad told her she couldn’t play hide and seek in the garage anymore while he was working in there)
More beef jerky please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And chocolate. Face wash please (but I want the kind I always use, it is a greenish color, I hope you know which one I am talking about, it’s like a cooling something) No pictures because I can print them out here. No makeup I can buy that too. No cash, I have tons. Carmels pretty please!! Anything that you can really. Obviously you can’t send cheese potatoes or banana split pie.
I am good on medicine, vitamins yes. Chocolate, always chocolate.
Heavenly Father works in funny ways... which reminds me of one of my notes that I forgot!! So the other day we were in a part of our area that is far from our house and so we wanted to take a bus home. Well we both said prayers that a bus would come... well 40 minutes later there still was no bus and it was almost 10 o'clock and we were supposed to be home at 9:30 so finally we were like okay let’s hail a taxi. Well it just so happens that the taxi that stopped for us had 3 people in it. A husband, wife, and a daughter... all members!! So he took us all the way home for free (:
Tell Sarah I say hello and that I am so excited to meet her and that I hope she loves the CCM.  But tell her that Panama is 470 billion times better than the CCM. (:
Guys are always creepy. I literally can’t go a day without getting called something or being whistled at. The other day we were buying bread for a snack and the guy called me a queen, his love, and a doll all in the same sentence. yeah.
Yes I got the chain and it is hanging from my ceiling (: I will take a picture. (countdown paper chain to Christmas)
Elder Astudillo is seriously like my brother, I would do anything for that kid. He wrote the nicest things in my trunky book.
Elder Astudillo
Oh about the tuna, so we had lunch with the same member again this week and she made this rice with tuna in it, but this time we were at her house. I took one bite and knew what it was.. so with the food still in my mouth I asked  Hna. what kind of rice is this?? She said tuna. and I said I can’t eat seafood... and then she felt really bad and I went and spit it out and was trying not to throw up. And my comp was like chill Hna. Leydi, she's fine, she won’t die. (Okay chill sounds kind of harsh but that is kind of the translation, it’s like relax. Tranquila)
I saw Bianka this week (: I freaking love that girl!! I hope and pray that we are companions one day. Oh my comp and my Z ellas (Zone leaders that are sisters) think I could train in January. So there is hope. (: Because I speak "bastante espanol!!" haha.
Hermana's Wandell, Palmer, Johnson, Morales (Bianka), Bonilla and Chavez
Thanks Bianka and Viviana for the picture!!!

Hermana Morales (Bianka) and her companion Hermana Bonilla
LOVE LOVE LOVE the shirt! Good thing I know someone in Panamá that I can tell to bring me home one :)

You don’t need to forward me anything but like for example if there are letters from other missionaries just delete them. Will you do the same with my yahoo account?? please and thank you!!
I sang A Child's Prayer and Quimiz told jokes (but half way through the second one he forgot his joke.. haha) (I asked what she sang at the talent show)
He already has an HLJ tie tack cause I gave him the one I had.. haha. Great minds think alike.
It is the Independence Day (November 28, which happens to be Thanksgiving here this year) but because it is at the end of the week the government changed the day they are going to celebrate to Monday the 2nd haha.
Duros (: Love them... yeah that’s pretty much all it is. (A frozen fruit smoothie)  haha. but you put it in a bag and then cut of the corner when it is frozen and eat it. the little kids love them, especially because it is so hot sometimes.
We had 60 people at church this week..
Elder Jaurez (El Salvador) is in the picture, Hoff's comp is Hna. Walstrohm (Peru)
 and there is one more... Elder Aguare... (Guatemala) (the people in her zone I didn't know their names)
Of course you sent something for them... that is such a you thing.. I am not even surprised.. What am I gonna do with you?? Haha. (the mission president and his wife)
Honestly you can never go wrong with chocolate.
Choa for now!!
Love you love you love you!! Hug my Abby and tell her how stinking cute she is!
"monkey thing" she doesn't know what it is

Geese that remind her of Quazie
(A goose we named at the duck park)
Panamanian Sunset

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