Monday, January 13, 2014

Good stuff happening in Alcalde Diaz (old zone)

Boquete, Panamá

Hermana Wandell and Hermana Valdez

Yaneth got baptized, (that is technically my baptism because I found her and taught her and set the baptismal date...) 

This is my investigator!! I just wasn't there to see her get baptized! 
My last week in Alcalde Diaz we were on the bus on pday and I met this guy from Africa that only spoke English. He had asked if we had an English speaking church. Well then we went on our way. Well a half hour later we were outside the chapel and he walked passed... he lives in the area of the zone leaders and so I told him that this is the chapel he would come to and that Ulloa could translate for him. Yeah well that same guy is getting baptized on Saturday... You're welcome Elder Ulloa... your last baptism of your whole mission happened because I sat next to the guy on the bus  J ... haha yeah

We had divisions this week and it was a lot of fun! I learned a lot. We also had interviews with president this week and both the z ellas and I told president about the health issues my comp has. We will see what happens. I know she has to go to a doctor, I just don’t know where.

Hermana Chavez made a copy of Charly for me and sent it and I watched it this morning (: 

We didn’t get to go to the temple this week because of the interviews.

So the lady who's number you gave me lives in the area next to mine and she finally called me back... guess what!! She's moving to Utah!! haha

Someone gave us some really gross meat the other day, some kind of beef but I think it was pure fat. I am officially a missionary in a foreign country...

So we have been eating lots of carbs cause that’s pretty much the only thing that wont rot... my comp was trying to get the ice out of the freezer but was using a knife to do it... anyways it should be fixed this week.

So the investigators family is there visiting and they have like 10 kids. 

The kid going to Mexico is named Rommel. He is going to the Mexico MTC, I have a question what mission is Kaylee going to? It might be the same but I don’t know.

No packages, but changes are next week so we will see what happens.

The pictures are from last pday (bahahaha my district leader Elder Hinckley was trying to hop over that and caught his foot and fell.) 

Elder Hinckley

Okay love you!! Hug my Abby and tell her I love her and I miss her and that I will be home in a little over a year (HOLY CRAP) chao for now!!

Elder Arismendi and Elder Romero

This was today at this event that is going on here. It is a bunch of flowers and then a bunch of people that aren't even from panama selling things that say panama on them (that are really made in Ecuador or Colombia). I found a stitch hat but I didn't buy it because I hate hats...

  Yes, that is a huge Panamá flag made of flowers!!

  The case I made for my hymn book

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