Thursday, January 9, 2014

I can never think of creative titles...

My notes!!

My comp had to peel like 20 oranges the other day for the plethora of little kids that live in the house of our investigators.

Also the fridge broker and now it doesn’t work what so ever, which means we are living off of literally bread and water, and like oreos and stuff that doesn’t have to be in the fridge.

We are working on Personal Progress!

Soooo I’m not entirely sure what is going to happen with that package for you cause now he isn’t my Zone leader.... that’s a story for another day... let’s just say that gossip does damage. Which is stupid because he didn’t do ANYTHING!!!!!! So I am going to try and figure out how to get it to him, I will let you know what is happening. He said he could still do it I just have to figure out how to get it to him.

You should have or are about to read one of my most favorite chapters in the BOM, Mosiah 2. Pay attention to all of it but specifically 9-11, 17, 19-26, 31, 34, 41 (:

D&C 121: 7-9 is one of my most favorite scriptures, I could quote it for you if you would like.

So we are going to the temple. We leave Thursday get home Saturday.

Please tell Kal I love her and I miss her. 

So remember the picture with the kid with the bows, the really tall one? Yeah well he likes to joke around with me, we like to bug each other. Well the other day he was like.. You will never get married.. and then the next day he said it again but that time he said I am going to go on my mission and when I get home I am going to see if you are married and if you aren’t I am going to ask you and if you say no then you really never will get married... I’m not sure if he is joking... like I know he is but I don’t know if he is trying to say more than that... Get my point? Anyways so now I have started playing along and when he teases me I always say "Is that anyway to treat your wife?? You are a terrible husband!" haha yeah

Okay end of my notes, now your letter.

So I decided I liked the question and answer format better like I did on the Christmas day post so I have inserted the questions I asked her and then her reply.

Q. So how did New Years go? I know you said you were going to the Presley's as a zone for New Years. Just wondered what you did and if you had a good time.
A. We didn’t go to the Presley´s but the family we live with had music on until midnight and it was American music and so I was dancing and singing all night (: there were songs from efy and yeah... 

Q. So you used an iron to straighten your hair?  How do you get the top of your hair without getting burned? And didn't you take your straight iron with you?
A. I left my straightener at home, because it is my pride and joy and I didn’t want anyone to touch it. And I put my head on the side of the table. 

Q. I can't wait to hear what happens with the next transfers, to see if you get to train and/or get a new companion. Do you want to stay in Boquete? or would you rather go elsewhere? You haven't really told me about any of your pday's in Boquete other than you went paintballing. 
A. I would love to stay here. Yea anyways the reason why I haven’t told you anything about p-day is because we never do anything yeah. But today we are going with our district so that should be fun. 

Q. I am sorry your baptism's fell through. Do you think they will eventually get baptized?
A. We are still working on getting them baptized, we will see what happens.

Q. Would you rather just get a surprise package in the mail one day? Or do you like knowing it's coming so you can tell me what you want in it?
A. I like knowing its coming. Haha and I like surprises if I don’t have any knowledge whatsoever of it.

Tell me what your days are like.
We wake up at 6:30 then we study from 8-11 then we leave for an hour, come back for lunch and then go back out to work and come home at 8 for dinner.

Q. Are the Nez’s still going to the temple?
A. The Nez’s are still going yes.

Q. You said in your email "I don’t need anything really, other than patience and time to go by quickly.. which doesn’t make any sense" - I understand the patience thing and where that is coming from but the time to go by quickly leads me to ask the question, Are you not enjoying your mission?
A. No no no! I love my mission, it is just hard to having gone from someone who is seriously like my sister to someone that doesn’t even talk to me.

Q. Who is the cute little boy in the middle of you and Hna. Valdez standing by the Christmas tree?
A. That little boy is a little kid in the branch. There is a family that the Presley's have kind of taken in, the older brother of the little kid is the other kid leaving on a mission. 

Q. I am hoping that someone has taught you how to make patacones so that when you come  home that you can make them for us!
A. Yeah I can make patacones easy!! And they are oh so good!!

Q. Are you sick of rice yet?
A. Not sick of rice surprisingly. The thing is I can eat rice, so I prefer that over something weird. 

The pictures, me being cold, the cool rainbow, and Yentry ( just got her mission call to Costa Rica)

I love you I love you I love you!!

Hug my Abby and chao for now!!

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