Friday, February 7, 2014

6 Months and 6 Baptisms

Hi everyone,
This week I would like to start off by mentioning a tie drive. Alyssa has mentioned that there are lots of men and boys in Panamá who don’t have a tie to wear to church. We thought it would be a great idea if anyone has ties their kids have outgrown or ties you no longer wear or would like to donate to those in Alyssa’s mission. You don’t need to buy any as I am certain we all know someone with ties they no longer wear. I have seen my dad’s closet. He still has ties we gave him when we were kids!  We would like to start collecting these asap so we can get them to Panamá by Easter. Yes we have to plan way ahead! It took 7 weeks from the time I sent her Christmas package to the time she actually got it. If anyone has any they would like to donate you can either drop them at my house, my office or call me and I will come get them! Thank you in advance for participating.

My notes!!

Our goal for this change is 6 baptisms, and we will have 4 this month if all goes well and if we pray, fast, and have enough faith.

6 months!! Holy Sabanita!!!

Sooo when I get home I am gonna need a new sonicare toothbrush because mine is getting trashed because of the humidity...

Last night I was trying to finish Hna. Chavez's birthday present and my comp was sleeping so when I went to turn off the light she started freaking out “ahhhh I’m sorry we forgot to pray blhaldhflajdf forgive me we didn’t pray...” So I was kind of freaked out and turned the light back on. She had told me that she talks in her sleep so I was going to wake her up. So I woke her up and then I start laughing and I was like holy crap I thought you were kidding about the whole talking in your sleep thing, and she starts laughing too and then she says your family has very beautiful hair... what?? Yeah well this morning she couldn’t remember any of it.... hahahahhahaha

Who won the superbowl? We had dinner at a gringo's house last night and they were watching it so I know who was ahead after the first half. And I saw Bruno Mars...

My comp is from Monterey, Mexico, she only has one more change than I do. 

Q. Ok can you clear up this confusion. What exactly is Hna. Hoff's last name? Hoff or Hoffmanner? So I guess that means they are in Alcalde Diaz?
A. Hna. Hoffmanner but we use Hoff for short because the Latinos can’t say Hoffmanner... and Hna. Moss is in the best zone in the whole mission!! Wooo Alcalde Diaz!! But she is in Villa Grecia, the other area of sisters. 

Yeah one day I am going to do the Book of Mormon land tour that Aunt Lynda is going to do. It sounds awesome!! 

Oh I need a dentist appointment once I get home cause the cement on my retainer on one tooth came off.

Q. Alyssa did you know that I tried celery? Did you know that I liked it? I'm gonna try a new kind of cereal tomorrow.   Did you know that at Walmart we got 2 cases of my kind of cereal? I love you, I really really really miss you.  and I am gonna be super excited when you come home love Abby
A. Abby I am so glad you tried celery, please stop eating candy and drinking so much soda so you dont have more cavities. I love you more than most and I really really miss you too! I will see you in a year!! 

Q. Your release date is 1 year exactly today! Happy 6 months in the mission this week.
A. Actually my release date is on the 5... 

The bird that says hola and freaked me out!! My love of hammocks, and the view of the main part of Boquete.

I love you I love you I love you!! Hug my Abby and take care of her, give her a hug for me and tell her to stop eating candy for crying out loud!!

Chao for now!!  

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