Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Muñeca de la navidad

Okay so I got 4 packages the other day. 2 from you, one from Grandpa and 1 from Hna. Chavez. Oh and mail. By the way thank you for that and I think I am good on candy, and beef jerky, you don’t need to send it anymore. 

Oh and Hna. Medellin wants you to tell Abby thank you for the present because that is her favorite kind of candy.

So we found a castle... yes a castle. I will send pictures. But really how many people have a castle in their area?? 
Hermana Medellin

Hermana Wandell

So there is this fruit called Guayaba and its good, but the skin tastes like mustard.

Here is a picture I found online. Apparently it is either a guava or closely related to one depending where you get your info from.

Can you send me like 8 or 16 GB memory USB thing?

My comp is pretty good with English. She can communicate but you can tell she is translating it directly into English because the sentence structure is wrong.

Oh the title, the other day we were in a taxi and the driver told me that I looked like a Christmas doll... 

Hahahha I  can picture her not being able to walk, was she okay? Holy crap!!! How many cavities??????? I am never drinking soda again.... 

Ahh man!! I love the olympics!!

That was a short email....... 

Tell Kallie hi for me! And tell Abby that if she can find a place for the hammock then I would be more than happy to let her use it.

Pictures: The panama flag and the Chiriqui flag, a swing, our mustaches and a river in our area where we are going to have a baptism...

Okay well... uhh chao for now... I didn’t have much to reply to so I guess you get a boring letter this week... 
 (guess that means I didn't write enough)

Hug my Abby and tell her I love her more than most!

Flags of Chiriqui and Panamá

Hermana's Medellin and Wandell


 Hermana Wandell and the view of Boquete

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