Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bread What-whats

Okay so I had divisions twice this week. Anyways so we had divisions once and then the second time because my comp had to go to panama for her visa stuff.

So the first time that we were on divisions we were teaching this girl and her little brother started talking to me. This is how the conversation went down.

Boy: Usted habla ingles? (Do you speak English?)
Me: Si (yes)
B: Okay como se dice pan (okay how do you say "pan")
M: ... bread
B: Y como se dice que? (and how do you say "que")
M: ... what...
B: O entonces como se dice pancakes? *pan-que-ques* (so then how do you say pancakes?)
M: bahahahahahahahahahahahaha pancakes.... It’s not bread what whats! Bahahahahahaha

Then we had bread what-whats for breakfast the next day. (:

We aren’t going to have any baptisms this change. L
Our investigator that was the most positive is scared because her family told her that they would disown her if she gets baptized... (She knows it’s true, she just doesn’t want to admit that she knows it) We aren’t going to have any baptisms... we are working hard and fasting and praying and doing everything but obviously the Lord wants us to learn something...

Q. I hope you get to stay there for at least one more transfer. How did you go from 6 baptisms to 0?
A. Because no one is progressing. No one wants to go to church. No one wants to change L If people don’t want to change then we can’t do anything about it. People are prideful and it is just like what Christ told Jose Smith, that the people draw close to them with their words but they are farther than you can imagine in their hearts. It’s easy to say you believe in Christ, it’s another to prove it.

Hna. Swalm had a mini heart attack... but she is perfectly fine, they said it was a stress attack which feels just like a heart attack.

We have new gringos in our branch.

We may or may not be getting bikes in our area because it’s huge!

I watched TANGLED today!!!!!!! My comp was laughing the whole time because I can quote the entire movie like it’s my job....

Q. When are transfers and do you think you will be getting transferred?
A. Transfers are on the 5th, my 7 month mark (HOLY CRAP) and I honestly don’t know. I told President that I don’t want transfers in my email, but time will tell. I will tell you in a week if I have transfers or not. 

Q. How do you get rid of the ants and keep them from coming back?
A. Lots and lots of raid is the trick for ants... we had headaches afterward... that tells you how much we had to use.

Q. I hope that your investigator comes around. Hold old is she? Does she live in Boquete by herself?
A. So our investigator is 19, she is living here for 6 months then going home and then coming back again in September I believe. She is working here at her aunts store. She is from Ecuador. 

Q. So you mentioned that you guys never had a fight. Does that mean you have had fights with your other companions? What about this companion inventory I have heard about. How do those go? Good, bad? Have you learned anything about yourself?
A. I have had arguments with all my comps except Hna. Chavez. That’s what happens when you are with someone 24/7 for 6 weeks straight. I love and hate companionship inventory. Because you have to swallow your pride which is something that no one likes to do.

Tell Stephen and Amy congrats and tell Stephen I said "Thanks for finally pulling your head out of the sand and asking her."

Q. Dear Alyssa I really hope that I told you about my new Easter dress. If I did write back to me so I can tell you if you didn't hear about it. I really miss you when you are gone to Panama. Did you know that I fell asleep on the floor today. How is Panama?  Mom told me everyone has to have have a birthday then you can come home.  Guess what Courtney and aunt sharon had theirs. I really really super duper miss you and I cannot wait until you come home.    To Alyssa love Abby Hedenstrom
A. Dear Abby, I love your new Easter dress, did your dad cut your hair again?? Do you know that you don’t have to put your last name because I know who you are? I miss you to pieces and I will see you in less than a year! One time I fell asleep on a desk... 

Q. What are you doing for Pday today?
A. We are just watching movies today and relaxing.

Sorry I don’t have many pictures this week. I had to go to David twice. So there are only two this week. One to show you how long my hair has gotten and the other of a cute puppy that I thought Abby might like to see.

I love you I love you I love you!! Hug my Abby and tell her I love her more than most. Okay I have to go now but I love you and I miss you! I will see you soon! Less than a year!! And it will go faster than you think!

Chao for now!! 

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