Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Que Sopa!

Hermana's Wandell and Chavez (her "stepmom")
What’s up???

We had a conference with Elder Amado on Friday. The very first thing he said to us was that the Latinos need to improve their Spanish because they use the word como too much (that is the equivalent of like if you say it in the right way) He told them that the gringos use that to think because we are speaking a new language and that now the Latinos are picking it up. He said it doesn’t make sense that the gringos start the mission speaking English and go home speaking English and Spanish and that the Latinos start speaking Spanish and go home speaking worse Spanish than when they started! Haha I loved it! And he also told them that it is a commandment to learn English and that they shouldn’t be teasing the gringos if we say something wrong because we are learning and at least we are trying. Machete Machete Machete!!

Elder Kipp and I sang in the conference. We sang Oh My Father in Spanish but to the tune of Come thou Fount and Kipp played it on the guitar. My comp recorded it so you can see it once I get home, but I can’t send it because the file is too big... sorry!! (I came up with a plan to get it sooner than next February, stay tuned!)

So on Thursday we stayed with the sisters in David and well they don’t have water at that house... and we all needed to shower... so we went over to the church.... and used the baptismal font....................

Did you ever get the package that I sent in the mail? You should get it this week.

Anyways... Yes I love Boquete but I have to leave. It’s all good and I plan on bringing you here one day. No it’s not hot, sometimes it’s cold, obviously not like Utah cold but cold. 

I do and I don’t like divisions. When you get along with your comp it’s like uhhhhhhh why do we have to do divisions but when you don’t get along its like PLEASE WHEN ARE WE GOING TO HAVE DIVISIONSSSSS!

The pancake kid (story from last week’s email) doesn’t speak a word of English. That’s why it’s funny.

One thing I have most definitely learned is that no matter how hard you pray and no matter how much you fast, you can never change someones agency... 

Hermana Swalm is doing better, she is still stressed but she is getting better.

I finally dreamed in Spanish. The thing is I hardly ever remember my dreams. It’s super rare. 

Q. Do the gringos usually talk to you first because you are one?
A. Yes they usually speak to me first because it’s easier. The thing that is funny is when I accidently start talking to them in Spanish. 

Q. Have you had any arguments/fights with any of your companions?
A. No one of them were bad fights. Oh goodness I have a friend that her companion beat her up... trust me, mine were nothing... 

Q. So have you decided what it is that the Lord wants you and your companion to learn?
A. Yes I think I have learned but I don’t know. It’s one of those things that I think you aren’t really sure until a lot later. 

With the service project I think it was more that the boys didn’t want to make us do manual labor or that the people that lived there thought we couldn’t.. I dunno! 

Q. Do you write a letter back to everyone who sends you one?
A. Yeah if they give me an address I always write back.

Q. So do you have any other investigators? You don’t mention people you are working with very often or the experiences you are having with them or how they feel about the church. What kind of spiritual experiences are you having and same with your investigators?
A. The reason why I don’t say much is because there isn’t much to say... our area is super slow, and honestly the most spiritual moment we had all week was a practice lesson with one of our z ellas... There are about 150 in our branch but we usually only have like 40 in church.

I am hoping that my next area is faster pace than this one...

Q. What is your plan for school when you get home?
A. I don’t plan on going back to school until like August but I plan on trying to get back in with Student Life in like April or May. I want to know if you can get a job working for the church humanitarian program or if it is only volunteer stuff... I dunno!! I think I will still do nursing but not a nurse practitioner. I don’t know. I would like to do humanitarian work.

Hermana Gonzales (her "mom") and Alyssa 

Dear Alyssa, I miss you super duper much. Can I sing you a song? Jesus said love everyone, treat them kindly too. When your heart is filled with love, others will love you. Did you know I was really tired for church today? I wish it didn't start until I wake up. What time do you have to go to church? Do they have Dr. Pepper in Panama? Did you know I miss you so so much and I will until you come home from Panama? Then we can play games and puzzles. Mom wants to go to St. George when you come home but I don't and she wants me to and I don't like that. Goodnight Alyssa, I love you so so so much. love,Abby

Dear Abby, I miss you super duper much too!! I love your song!! I am going to sing you one! "Cabeza, cara, hombros, pies, hombros, pies, hombros, pies, cabeza, cara, hombros, pies, y una vuelta entera!" (This must be the Spanish version of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes) Our church starts at 9. No they don’t have Dr. Pepper. I miss you so so so much as well and I will until I get home! I want to go to Disneyland when I get home, do you like that idea or no? I love you so so much too!! I love you more than most! Love Alyssa!!

Q. What are you doing for pday today?
A. I am packing today. Nothing fun... I am sending pictures!! One is of my "brother" another of my "mom" and another of my "step-mom"

I love you!! Hug my Abby! Chao for now!! Woo 7 month mark on Wednesday!! 

Hermana Wandell
Elder Ventura (her "brother") and Hermana Wandell

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