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Hi everyone, I hope you are all having a great week. Alyssa did not send pictures this week so I have posted pictures of “Stick Alyssa”. I apologize if these are duplicates but they are cute :) Scroll down for her letter. Thank you again for all the prayers on her behalf, she and her companion are truly being blessed because of your efforts so Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Abby, Stick Alyssa and Snowflake

Stick Abby, Abby and Stick Alyssa       

Abby and the Book of Mormon Alyssa left for us with a note on each page

Emily, Stick Alyssa, Delores and Lindsay

Abby and Alyssa
The night before she left for the MTC

Abby and Stick Alyssa at Epcot

Brent's Family, Abby and Stick Alyssa
Mainstreet U.S.A.

Sharon and Kenzie


The Hum's (Alyssa's 2nd Family)

I really seriously am so grateful for all the prayers on my behalf! Thank you thank you thank you!!
I learned something new about myself. I dream when I am stressed. I don’t know if I told you that last week. When I am stressed is when I can actually remember my dreams.
My comp calls me a flechona. Flechona means super obedient. 
Dear Alyssa, did you know that I have the Frozen movie. Mom bought it for me and she got you one too. Alyssa did you know I tried an Orange and I liked it? I love the little doll you gave me for Christmas. Alyssa did you know that I wore my missionary tag you gave me to church today? Alyssa did you know that I had a cavity and did you know what kind of shot I got? The dizzy kind and I did not like it. And guess what kind of bandaid I got? A sticky one and I did not like that either. Did you know I got my ring on? (she means the spacer where they pulled her tooth, and yes all was 2 months ago LOL). I love you Alyssa, I really miss you. Did you know that I like Ritz crackers? Did you know I go to Primary?  I love you so so so much and I miss you too, love, Abby
Dear Abby, did you know that I am going to watch frozen... today!!!!!!! IM SO EXCITED!!!! One of the elders has it!! If you like oranges then you would love panama oranges! They are soooo good!! I am glad you like your doll. What did everyone say about your missionary tag?? Yes I know about the cavities. No more candy okay kid? And no more soda!! Kapeesh??? I love you and miss you too!! I am so glad you go to primary, do you like it? I love you more than most! haha bye!!
Q. What is that lucky little guy's name? He is super cute!!!!  Is his family the Camareina's? I love all of your pictures but I certainly have some that are my favorites. This one of you and this cute little boy is probably in my top 3 :)
A. His name is Henry. What is funny is he also proposed to Medellin when she was here but she didn’t get a ring... L No I don’t know his last name but he isn’t a member and neither are his family. (I bet she is working on that J)
Q. There was a picture of you and Pula? Did you go on divisions with her?
A. No Pula is in my zone.
Q. I really liked the picture of you and Astudillo pointing on the map. That was cute and I know that is one you will treasure. Abby says she loves the butterfly, it is the prettiest one she has ever seen.
A. I love that picture with Astudillo!! Seriously. That kid is my brother now. I am not afraid to say that I found two of my best friends from the life before. One is from Guatemala and the other is from Ecuador.   And that butterfly is bigger than my palm... its huge!! In the exhibit at the canal they have bugs there and there are beetles that are longer than my fingers... I would have a panic attack if I ran into one of those somewhere!! I used to see those in Alcalde Diaz but I could never get a picture.
Q. Carmen S. wants to be your friend is that ok?
A. Yes Mama Carmen can be my friend! She is amazing! She is a member here who pretty much adopts us as her children because she doesn’t have kids.
Q. So how do you like your area? The actual area, the branch, the people, etc.?
A.I like my area and the people are so nice. A family bought us KFC on Friday for dinner!! We have lunch and dinner every single day because I am in the part of the country where the church is the strongest. There are about 30 returned missionaries in my branch.
Q. So do you have any pictures of your new zone I could put on the blog? What about you and Hna. Curtis?
A. I will take a picture of me and Curtis this week and I will try to get one with the zone but I can promise that one.
Q. What about investigators? Do you have any of those? 
A. The thing that is hard with our area is progression. Our most positive investigator is this guy who isn’t married but they are in the process of it. 
I don’t have pictures this week sorry...
We are hanging out at the stake center and watching Frozen today!!!!

I love you I love you I love you!! Thank you for everything! Hug my Abby for me! I will see you in 10 and a half months!!  Chao for now!!

Hermana Wandell

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