Tuesday, April 1, 2014

El Nispero

Mama Carmen and Hermana Wandell

Hermana Wandell and Daniela

I decided that I want a cool panama t-shirt for my birthday, maybe Kathy could make one??(aren't all the cool Panama shirts in Panama?)
How am I possibly going to travel to Germany, Guatemala, Ecuador and Mexico with a job and school??
We didn’t get to watch frozen..... it didn’t work....
Please tell Elder Quimiz, AHHHHHHHH QUIMIZZZ MI PAPA FAVORITO!!! Como estas?? Q Xopa?? Espero que todo esta bien y que estas disfrustando tu casa! Gracias por todo tu apoyo y por ser un buenisimo ejemplo por mi! Te quiero mucho!! Chao!!
So funny Abby story this week. She has watched Frozen at least 20 times, she rewinds it to the part where Elsa sings “Let it go” over and over and over again. She watches it on Youtube time and time again. It is #5 on the CD so everytime she gets in the car she wants to listen to#5. You know how she is, right now it’s all about Frozen. So at work I keep hearing Jeff sing “Let it Go”. So I went home one night and told Abby guess what song Jeff was singing at work today? She said give me a hint. So I said it is your favorite song. And she replied,,,,Called to Serve? hahahaha
Bahaha I have the cutest little sister ever!! Tell her I can’t wait to learn let it go so we can sing it together!!
Shout out to Elder Sargent´s mom!! He told me today that she blog stalks me!! Haha I love it!
Q. How many times have you had to speak or sing in church?
A. In church only 3 times.
Dear Alyssa, I am really really glad that you get along with all your companions. Did you know I have a cough and I don't feel very good so I'm sorry I can’t tell you more because I don't feel very good. I can't go to school tomorrow because I am sick and it's my turn to be the special helper. But mom called Mrs. King to see if I can be the special helper a different day. I do like primary, I like to sing songs. Guess what I am going to be for Halloween? It is the same as what my birthday will be. Elsa. Did you like Frozen? Alyssa, did you know that I haven’t been watching Mickey Mouse for a long time but now I begin to watch Mickey Mouse more. I miss you. I love you more than most. Love, Abby your sister
Dear Abby, I am sorry you have a cough, please feel better!! I didn’t get to watch frozen... I have to wait until it gets here in the package you sent me. I love you and I can’t wait to sing Let it go with you! I miss you too!! Love Alyssa!!
Q, Do you mostly walk, take a taxi or ride the bus?
A.We walk a lot. 
How much does it cost to go to Mexico with them?? (on a humanitarian project to build schools)
We got to go to the temple this week.
 Here are pictures from the zoo we went to today. (: it was soo cool!!! OH MY GOSH A MONKEY SHOOK MY HAND!!!!!! AND I PETTED A JAGUAR!! How many people can say that they have petted a jaguar?? Not many....

Hermana Wandell at the zoo

feeding a monkey

Elder ?? petting a jaguar 

 An elder took a picture of me petting the jaguar but he is going to send it to me  so you have to wait for that picture

 Alyssa's selfie with a sloth
 Hermana Merlo (Z ella) and the raccoons

 Anyways thanks for all your love and support! Keep those prayers coming please!! I love you and miss you!! Chao for now!!
Hug my Abby please!!

I love you I love you I love you!! Please help my Abby feel better and tell her how much I love her!! In a week from now I will be at my 8 month mark!! Wow times flies!
I love you both more than most!! Haha bye!!


Hno. Gonzalez 

Hermana's Caniz and Wandell

Hermana's Torres and Wandell

Elder Mejia

Hermana's Wandell and Curtis - our not very good rice that we tried to make

Hermana Torres and Elder Vaca, DL

P.S. Carlee's comps parents are in my mission!!... they are the other senior couple….wow small world! (Carlee is Alyssa's cousin) 

Now and Then!
Hermana Alyssa Wandell serving in the Panamá, Panamá City Mission  
Sister Carlee Panlilio serving in the San Fernando California Mission (ASL)

Cute little frog

Poison Dart Frog

cute little monkey looking thing



Pretty Flowers

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