Thursday, April 24, 2014

No water for 4 days....

Yeah there is no water in the whole province of Chorrera...... it just barely came back yesterday  (Sunday) and there are rumors that it is going away again today... I am so grateful to be from somewhere this doesn't happen!!!!!!!!!!!! We had to guard huge things of water.
I asked who her new companion was, if Pula and Astudillo were still in her zone, about Mother’s Day, about the packages I sent and about hair flowers.
My new companion is Hna. Bonilla, she is Bianka's old companion
Yes Pula and Astudillo are both still here. Palmer (I am friends with her mom) is here now too (:
Carmen told us we could use her computer to skype so don’t worry about that.
Yes I got two of them but I didn’t get the one with the ties yet. (remember the ties we collected? Yes they were mailed back in March) Thank you for all of that!
You can send the flowers if you want.
Dear Alyssa, did you know that I got a green and purple dinosaur for Easter? Mommy is sending you a picture. Alyssa did you know that I got new Easter eggs from the bunny. Did you know that we saw a flashing light out the window last night, and it was like flash, flash, flash, flash and we thought it was the Easter Bunny so we had to hurry and jump in bed so he wouldn't skip our house. Alyssa did you know that the bad guys took Jesus and hanged him on a pole and he died and those people are not nice for doing that. And then an angel moved the stone. Alyssa I love you so much and I miss you so much! Do I get to talk to you on Mother's day? Because that will make me so super happy!! I hope you like your new companion. What is her name? Do you remember when I got to be your companion? I love you more than most, Love Abby
Dear Abby, I always wish you could be my companion again (:  You are my favorite companion I have ever had.  You are a lot of fun and I really really miss you. I am so happy you got a green and purple dinosaur. I am glad that the Easter bunny didn’t skip your house, he skipped mine. Yes I did know that they hanged Jesus on the cross, and you are right, that wasn’t very nice at all. I really miss you baby sister, I can’t wait to talk to you on Mother´s day. I love you so much! Love Alyssa
You have been out nearly 9 months, what kind of life lessons have you learned?
I have learned a lot of patience and how to forget about myself and just try to love the people, my companions, other missionaries, etc. I have learned what kind of husband I will never have.
I don’t have pictures this week... sorry... (I am really grateful for Sister Carmack's blog! I look forward to it every Sunday night and this week there is a picture of Alyssa!!, So Thank you Sis. Carmack for the only picture of Alyssa this week :) )
The guy without limbs went to church yesterday! He is really positive, the only problem is his job. He works on Sundays. No I was telling him that it wasn’t the true church (not ours, a different one) and he agreed that it’s not. (I think I misunderstood what she said in her email last week)
That just scares me, I hate earthquakes.
I love you

 Q. Are Torres and Caniz still in the same house with you?

A. Torres, yes she is one of my favorite people. I have to go. I love you with all my heart!! Hug my Abby!!

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