Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"The Bridge"

Hermana Wandell and Hermana Curtis

Okay I saw this video this week, it's amazing!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JSXqVb8Kc4 but warning, you will probably cry. I watched it and it is indeed amazing. I strongly encourage you all to watch it. It is really worth the 6 minutes! Oh and grab a tissue :)
We did divisions with the other sisters this week and we are doing it again tomorrow. I definitely love it here and I still don't really think of home. So no worries, I don't get trunky.. like ever.
Missions have a way of giving new meaning to scriptures which is so cool! Check out John 14:18 it has a new meaning for me. "I will not leave you acomfortless: I will bcome to you."
There is an area in Panama where they haven't had missionaries for over 30 years cause it is super dangerous... well one of my friends, Elder Romero is going to be one of the first 2 elders to go there in I don't know how long. They are opening an area in Darien!! The work is hastening!
Q. According to my calculations May 6th is your half way mark. I sent you a package, don't open until that day please!
A. Okay yes my half way point is the 6th of May. Also I will be coming home on the 5th of February, so you can change that on the blog if you want. I still have not received any packages, starting to worry.
Q. What is the last envelope I sent you? May 31, June 1 or your Bday and do you have any favorites?
A. The last envelope I have is June 1st. There are lots that I love. There is one that really cracked me up the other day. It is this guy in Walmart and he is on the beer/soda aisle and it says choose the right when a choice is placed before you. haha

Q. Carlee's comps parent's are in your mission???? Are they like the Presley's and don't transfer? Speaking of which how are the Presley's? Are they all better?
A. Yes the Flake's are the missionaries here that are Carlee's comps parents, They are super nice. They will have one area their whole mission just like the Presley's, and as far as I know yes they are better.
Q. What kind of cool Panama shirt? Give me an idea.
A. I don't know, just surprise me. Maybe like a Panama jersey or something. but if you do that I want 27 as the jersey number. Speaking of cool Panama clothes a member made us sweat shirts that say our names, the mission and years we are serving and the flag. I will show you when I get home. I love it!!
Dear Alyssa, you know the popcorn trees? Do they have those in Panama? If they do what colors do they have? In Utah they have popcorn trees and they are pink and white and yellow. My ear hurts so I have to go lay down but I love you so so so much. Love, Abby
Dear Abby, We don't have popcorn trees here, at least not any that I have seen... I really miss you a whole super lot! Feel better little girl!! I love you more than most!!
Q. Did you watch conference in English or Spanish?
A. We watched conference in English (:
I love you I love you I love you! Hug my Abby and take care of her for me!! Give her a mommy kiss, those make everything better. Tell her I love her and feel better!!
Chao for now!!
Hermana Wandell
 The gringos at conference and some of the elders in my zone. 

Conference with the gringos, Cabral is in the back, then Ogles, then me then Curtis, 
then Bond and then Peterson and then Snyder. 

Hermana's Curtis and Wandell, Elder's Mejia, Vaca, 
Escobar, Santizo, Astudillo and Ishmael

Elder's Escobar, Mejia, Hermana Wandell, Elder's Vaca
Santizo, Astudillo and Ishmael

Elder Astudillo and Hermana Wandell

Hermana's Curtis and Wandell, Elder's Mejia, Escobar
Vaca, Astudillo, Santizo and Ishmael

The really tall kid is my ZL (Elder Escobar, he is awesome!!)

 Elder Astudillo, Hermana Wandell and Elder Escobar

Hermana's Bond and Wandell

  Hna. Walstrom (Peru, she was in Alcalde Diaz with me as well), 

Pictures from Last Week:
Monkey Handshake

Petting a jaguar

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