Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A terrible cough and a trip to the temple

Sorry there are no pictures this week. I didn't know what to add for pictures so instead you are getting the video of Alyssa singing her solo from Madrigals in high school. It was in March of 2012. Sorry the video is bad but the sound is great! Oh and she is singing in Italian in case you are wondering why you can't understand what she is singing : ) Just click on the link below:

So the rain finally came back this week after like 4 months. I have had a terrible cough this week, but not as bad as when I had pneumonia. 

I got to go to the temple on Friday and Hna. Medellin was there and the members from Boquete so it was nice to see them all again. 

Can you send me the recipe for ramen noodle salad please? 

I got my hair cut today. She just cut the ends but it was like 3 inches because I wanted her to even it out so that it was straight and not in a v shape. 

Q. Is the water back on? Do you ever get any warning the water is going away? Could you store some? I can tell you are learning to be grateful for a lot of things. Dryers, hot water and now just water in general

A. Yes the water is back, thank goodness!!!! No we never got a warning. I am learning a lot of things. That’s to say the least. I am grateful for the commodities that we have in everyday life at home. 

No that is a different Hna. Bonilla My comp is from Honduras and she is a really good person and an excellent missionary. 

Elder Astudillo is the best person ever. I seriously love that kid. He wants to come for conference one year and I told him that he is always welcome at my house. 

No pictures this week... sorry...  

Q. Still no ties? I am so worried about your birthday package that I paid extra to get it shipped faster. I think the hold up on them is Panama customs because the postal service assures that they are in Panama within a week. Did you save the stuff to open on the 6th or did you open it lol?
A. I opened everything except for the things that say don’t open until May 6th. 

Dear Alyssa, I want to tell you my favorite colors. Blue, green, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, gold, gray, indigo and violet, those are my favorite colors. Alyssa, did you know that I am so excited for my birthday and mom already wrapped some presents and she wrapped one for your birthday too. Alyssa did you know that I am excited to talk to you on Mother's day? That's only in 14 days and I can't wait! Did you know at Primary this little boy in my class hit my minnie and it made me sad. I think I am ready to try a new food like carrots or broccoli and those red peppers mommy likes and tomatoes and red apples, i think that is all. Alyssa do you still have stick Abby? I hope you didn't lost it. Did you know I have to go to Kindergarten and I don't want to. I like Mrs. King so much. Alyssa did you know that I am really excited when you are going to come home and I can't wait to talk to you on Mother's day and Christmas. I will be glad when you come home but I know you can't right now because there are so many people in Panama who you are helping and it makes me happy that you like to help other people because Jesus said helping other people is nice. Alyssa did you know that I really really really really do miss you and I know that you can't come back home now but you will in a little bit after I talk to you on Christmas. Did you know how to spell Abby? It's A B B Y. to Alyssa, love Abby I love you so so so much Alyssa

Dear Abby, your birthday isn’t for like 3 months... hahaha. I am excited to talk to you too. I am sorry that the little boy hit your Minnie, that wasn’t very nice. I am so glad you want to try new food. Yes I still have stick Abby, I didn’t lose it. I am so excited for you to go to Kindergarten, you are going to love it. Abby do you know that you are so cute and you make me smile!! Frozen is really cute by the way!! I will talk to you in 2 weeks baby sister. I love you with all my heart and I miss you so so so much!! I will be home before you know it! I love you more than most!! Love Alyssa!

Abby and Alyssa

I want to go to Disneyland when I come home!! 

I had dinner with Robert and Elizabeth on Friday because Robert is leaving for Germany on Tuesday. He will be back in August. He is leaving until august!!!?? Holy crap!! 

 Alyssa and her German brother and sister!

I would rather talk to just you and Abby because I don’t know how much time I am going to get to talk to you. I am not really sure what time though... I will let you know. Our church ends at noon but I don’t know when we are going to talk. 

So last Tuesday there was a knock at the front door and it was the sister's from here in our stake. They both got transferred. The elders are taking over our ward. I was so sad, I just sat and cried. I am sure the elders are great but it isn't the same. 
I am sorry the sisters got transferred...

I am fine. I just miss you guys a lot. Thank you for being the best mom that anyone could ever ask for. Really at the end of the day it is me who is blessed. 

Elder Astudillo says yes he is going to come to Utah someday to meet you and that he is praying for you.

I love you more than you know. Thank you for everything. I can’t believe it’s almost half way over. It makes me sad but more excited than you can imagine. I miss you and can’t wait to talk to you on Mom´s day. I love you I love you I love you! Hug my Abby! Chao for now!

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