Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It's Hump Day!!!!

Since today is “hump” day, 9 months down, 9 months to go, I just wanted to tell everyone how much their love and support has meant to me and to Alyssa. We love each and everyone of you and cannot thank you enough!!
Hermana's Bonilla and Wandell

 okay notes first.
So Delores sent me this book that is awesome and I  saw that they have it in Spanish so I was wondering if you could send me 3 copies of it. It is called El libro de Bolsillo Para Misioneros por Adrian P. Call Jr.  and buy one for you in English cause its awesome!! It’s the pocket reference book for missionaries.
Can you send me a new journal? (Delores, she has no idea it’s probably already in Panamá in her Birthday package!:)
We did divisions this week with Hna. Lopez (one of my favorites) because she was in my area before and my comp was in the area where she is now so they switched so they could say hi to people. Also we did divisions with Hna. Pula and her comp because my comp had to go to the doctor.
So I think I have tonsilitis... because they are always swollen but seriously always.
Election day was yesterday and someone named Juan Carlos Varela won. All the missionaries in the country were under house arrest. They told us we had to be inside at 2 pm because of precautions with the elections. 
So Mother’s day at somewhere between 2 or 3 o'clock here. 
Q. First off how is your cough? You are not getting pneumonia are you? I sure hope not.
(please say there are pictures, please say there are pictures)

        My cough is still coughing.. and yes there are pictures.
Q. Did I tell you about the lady that called me that ran into you at the temple that was from Utah? She said they went to the temple and ran into some missionaries so they had lunch with you and she said you gave her my phone #. I couldn't even begin to tell her how much I appreciated her calling me. 
A. Yeah and did that lady tell you that she gave me 15 bucks too? And I tried to give it back and she refused so I bought treats for all the missionaries!
Q. Did you like Frozen?
A. I loved Frozen but Tangled is still my favorite.
Q. Does your hair feel really short? Everytime I cut a few inches off mine it feels like a foot.
    It really doesn’t feel like I cut my hair until I try to put it in a bun..
So yes on Tuesday you can open those other things. I just wanted you to have something specific to open that day so it isn't just another day in the mission. Let me know what you think of it. 
      Confession time.. I opened it this morning and I love it!! Hahahahaha its cause we will be busy tomorrow and I wanted to be able to say thank you today! haha.
WOOO HOOO HOT DANG CARISSA AND AARON ARENT MOVING!! Not gonna lie, I was pretty sad when you told me that. I am excited about everything you just told me ;)
Alyssa, did you know that my hair turned red but it’s ok now we washed it and it came out.(she slept on that hot pink round pillow of yours and I think the sweat from her head and they dye in the pillow got into her hair) I am really excited for Sunday. I can't wait Alyssa and I can't wait to see you, Love, Abby to Alyssa.
Dear Abby, what was it like to have pink hair for a day? I bet your dad loved that! ... haha anyways I can’t wait to talk to you on Sunday!! I love you!! Love Lyssa!
Ok guess what, guess whose birthday is the same day as yours? Jill Kipp!! Kipp's mom!! pretty cool huh?
I already knew that that was her birthday. Haha. (ok I guess I was the excited one LOL)
Thanks for everything!  Pray that we will find someone who will actually want to progress and get baptized.
                                                                          Hermana Bonilla, Aracely and Alyssa

Alex getting papaya for them

Alyssa and Arlynn

Daniela and Alyssa

the little bridge in their area

I love you I love you I love you! Chao for now and hug my Abby!! talk to you soon!! 


  1. I'm glad somebody likes my book. I'm the author of the book she is requesting, "The Pocket Reference Book for Missionaries"; Spanish & English; and Kindle hyperlinked. -Adrian P. Call, Jr. P.S.: I served in Ecuador 1994-1996; my youngest brother is just finishing his mission in Brazil.

    1. Wow, that is awesome! (sorry I just barely saw your comment) I bought 5 of them. (I wish I could say I have gotten the English one out and read it but the sad truth is I have been to busy but I will I promise) 4 Spanish and 1 English. I will post a picture of your book and help you get a little bit of publicity at least. I can tell all my Missionary Mom friends about it too, there are a ton of them! I hope your brother is loving Brazil as much as Alyssa is loving Panama!!