Thursday, May 29, 2014

Queen of the flowers!

 Hermana Rios (a member she loves) and Hermana Wandell

First my notes

We watched a movie called fireproof with a family and like half of them were crying.

Birthday in a week, not all that excited...

So all the college students ask me to do their English homework for them...

We had a talent night this week. I did magic tricks, sang with my mouth closed and told jokes. My comp whistled. (anyone besides me really surprised she didn't just sing?I keep telling her she needs to share that amazing talent she has)

Surprise I don’t have changes... and neither does my comp... 

The good news is that Astudillo has changes! But he is going to be my zone leader!! (: Thank you Heavenly Father!!  (one of her friends she has made in the mission that she is just certain they will be friends their whole lives) That means we will be in the same zone for both of our birthday´s!

THEY HAVE MAMON CHINO IN UTAH?????????????????? I think I just died and went to heaven!!!! You bite or cut the outside and eat the inside but not the seed. Yes I have tried it all. 

I got the ties and everything was still wrapped. 

Luckiest elders ever... Seriously I miss your food.

Dear Abby, bahahahaha!! A milk dud!!! I like it!! I miss you! I love you! Love Lyssa! 

We have one investigator who is more positive than the rest. Her son is the 2nd counselor to the branch president (I love their family so much, they are awesome!) the only thing is she is catholic. She knows the church is different and she has felt the spirit, she knows it’s true, I think she just is afraid to admit it. Change is not an easy thing.

I have index cards until the end of June. 

Pictures. We walked past and they started saying "vote for me for queen of the flowers" They are members!
Hna. Bonilla and Hna. Wandell


Hermana's Rios and Wandell
I miss you. Please pray for us. 

I love you bye

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