Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Los Altos de San Francisco

Okay I am in the zone called Chorrera and my area is called Los Altos de San Francisco, there sadly is no sign.  This is the old area of Medellin (her companion she just left in Boquete) and Gonzalez (her “mom”, her very first companion).

Anyways there are tons of gringos in my zone and like half of the missionaries here speak English. There are 28 of us, it is the biggest zone in the whole mission.

It’s hot, I miss Boquete.

Hna. Pula (they were in the MTC together) is in my zone and so is Astudillo (he was in her zone in her first area) !!!!!!!! 

I can’t send pictures today sorry :/ this computer is stupid.

I hit my 7 month mark! 

Tell Kaylee I love her and I said good luck and be strong!

Yeah I will try the flash drive, the hard thing is finding a post office. (she will give us a copy of the video of her and Elder Kipp singing)

We only get an hour to study by ourselves (I asked how much personal study time they get)
We have to wash our clothes by hand... 

I am sad that Aaron and Carissa are moving... 

Dear Alyssa, I really really miss you. I like the Book you gave us. Do you know I love to watch Sophia the first. Did you know I had Mom sew my name on my blanket? I want to know if they have Chick-Fil-A at Panama? Do you Alyssa like mermaids? Are you helping your friends in Panama? Do you know when you say a prayer to fold your arms? Did you know Mrs. King used to have a monkey but now she took him back to the zoo and did you know that he likes to stick his tongue out and his name is Mr. Monkey and when Mrs. King went to put him away he bites the door hahahahaha? If mayflowers bring pilgrims then what do pilgrims bring? hahaha more pilgrims :) night night Alyssa I love you so so so much and I hope you love Panama. Can you tell me all the stuff you do? I love you, Love, Abby

Dear Abby, I miss you more than you know. I miss you a lot little girl. I am glad that you like the book, I like your blankie with your name on it. There is no Chick-Fil-A in Panama. Yes I like mermaids, I wanted to be one when I was a little girl. I am trying to help them. Yes I know that we fold our arms when we pray, I also know that we close our eyes and we should kneel as well. I want to meet Mr. Monkey!! I miss your jokes Abbs. I love you soo soo soo much too!! Usually I just teach people all day every day. I love you more than most, Love Alyssa

I love you more than you know and I seriously miss you.

I love you I love you I love you! Hug my Abby. Chao for now.

Here is a little bit of info about Chorrera, thanks to Wikipedia :)
La Chorrera is a city and municipality in central Panama, located about 30 km south-west of Panama City. It is one of the larger cities in the country.
La Chorrera is renowned for its international fair and famous as being the home of Bollo and Chicheme. Approximately 2% of the country's lumber comes from this district.
La Chorrera is fond of the phrase "La Bella, Enamoradora y Querendona, La Gran Chorrera", reportedly as a tribute to its beautiful women, kind people, and happy night life. La Chorrera is the home of San Francisco F.C.Mariano Rivera (Apaga y Vamonos, New York Yankees), Vicente Mosquera (former World Boxing Champion), and José Luis Garcés.
La Chorrera has a warm tropical climate with heavy seasonal rains in the months of May to November, leading to extensive grasslands that favors cattle-raising, and to a lesser extent, pork.
The fertile lands yield good crops of pineapplericecoffeeorangescassavabeans and sugar cane.

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