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Last week there were not many pictures as the 20 pictures she sent were repeats from the week before. Quite a few of the pictures this week are from Alcalde Diaz before she got transferred. They are at the bottom of this post except the one below. For me this picture is what a mission is all about and for me makes her being gone all worth it! Luis was Alyssa's first baptism. And this is his cute family (who were already members). 18 months is a very short time to give so that Familia Rodriguez can spend eternity together!
Familia Rodriguez
Okay so my notes first!!
My package arrived! But I opened them all today!!! haha... yeah. We have to work on Christmas so I figured that p-day was going to be my Christmas. Haha thanks for all the cool stuff!!!
Now the bad news... your package that I sent you like 6 weeks ago also arrived... The assistants thought it was for me. So I am just going to keep all the clothes and what not and send the letter in the mail. sorry!!! (she gave the assistants a package to mail for us and it would seem that they mailed it to her – LOL, I just think that is so funny)
Tell Lindsay and the the Kearns thanks for the presents. I really like them.
"Celestial Kingdom House"
Can you tell which table is mine?(hint, the cute snow man that Hna. Chavez bought me for Christmas.)

Hermana Valdez

and my shoes... yes I have an obsession... yes I know it's a problem... but I just had to do it... 

So on Christmas I will be on Skype somewhere in between 12 and 2 panama time. I need you to send me your Skype information so that I can take care of it on Wednesday. Send it in another email with the title "skype" so that I can get to it easily on Christmas.
Christmas lights

Christmas Tree?

Self portrait LOL 

I love my zone leaders and I have become really good friends with them. One of them told me that when they write recommendations for next change he is going to put that I should train (: so it is possible that Hna. Moss could be my "hija" not likely but possible.
Hermana's Wandell and Curtis (ZL) and Elder Arismendi (ZL)

Zone Leaders McEntire (from Sandy, Utah) and Arismendi

Paintballing - McEntire and Alyssa

President and Sister Carmack and Alyssa

I miss Hna. Chavez like its not even funny! I literally call her every other day or she calls me. She has become more like my sister than a missionary companion.
The day we accidentally were opposites

I bought a scarf and hat... in panama... yeah weird I know.
The people that we share a house with... they sing everynight! (anyone who knows anything about Alyssa knows she loves to sing and she sings like an angel!)
Speaking of singing oh my gosh I love the cd!!!! (: I'm on a cd!! I'm on a cd!! (When she was in Madrigals in High School they got to go into the recording studio with Marshall McDonald and record the back up vocals for a song he was going to put on a future CD. We didn’t know when or what kind of CD it would be on but it came out right before Halloween and guess what kind of CD it was?? A Missionary CD!! I could not have come up with a more perfect gift had I spent 10 years trying to find one!)
Okay now to answer your email.
The Christmas party wasn't a party... it was zone Conference.
That picture is my "family" my "mom" my "sisters" and my "step sisters" and maybe my "nieces" (I asked who these sisters were in the picture with her below)
Yes they have pennies, rainbows and Mexican restaurants... haha (questions from Abby)
Yeah we are going to the Presley's with the whole zone for new years as well!! We have food sometimes...
We use the bus or take a taxi in Boquete because it’s huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is like park city.
It’s weird to think of Kipp as Austin... to me he's Kipp.
Elder Austin Kipp and Alyssa

Hermana's Wandell and Bonilla

 By the way we have two sets of zellas in our zone because there are so many sisters. There are Hna. Curtis and Hna. Elizondo and then our zellas are Hna. Bonilla and Hna. Navas.

Zone in Boquete

The Nez family are getting sealed in January. (the branch mission leader in her new area) He is from Texas and she is from New Orleans and they are amazing! She has a southern accent so she reminds me of Court and when I talk to her I start taking with an accent... kind of weird... Haha but they came to Panama on their honeymoon and loved it so they moved here.
Did everyone complete my assignment!?? Because if not... then shame on all of you!!! 

Just ties are fine, no shoes. Oh and for my birthday can you send me Mulan???? (We are going to be doing a “tie drive”, anyone who has ties to donate, mens or boys we are going to send them to Panama to be given to people who don’t have a tie to wear to church, I am sure everyone knows someone with a closet full of ties that they could part with one J)
Okay Boquete is like a little slice of Utah... the weather is bipolar!! One day it is super cold and you have to use a jacket, then next day you get a sun burn (first sunburn I have had the whole time I have been in panama) and then the next day it’s like perfect where is not to hot and not too cold. At night you need a light jacket.
You could certainly pass that off as Utah
The only fruit rollups in panama city, panama are the ones that y’all send me. Feliz Navidad!!  And no it never snows...not even a little bit. Feliz Navidad!!  Yes they have flippy floppy shoes. Feliz Navidad!!  Abby is my favorite person in the whole wide world, I should say Jesus but he's not in the world... Feliz Navidad!! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to see you Abs!!! Feliz Navidad!! Mortimore mouse?! Random much?? Feliz Navidad!! What a dork!! (Abby asked Alyssa several questions and put Feliz Navidad after every question LOL)
What part of Guatemala is the new sister from? Maybe she knows one of my 3 companions that I have had. (We just got a new sister in our ward who is from Guatemala)
Abby's such a cutie! And a sweetheart! What a good girl!!
I saved two for Christmas.(presents, knowing her I asked if she had already opened them all) the ones that are in the little mail box looking things... haha I will take a picture with the Swalm’s. I haven’t given the presents to Pres. and his wife yet. I am going to have the zl take them when they go to the city for consejos.

I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to talk to you in 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay chao for now!!!

She labeled these pictures 
"members that love me haha"
Familia Aizpurua

Familia Aizpurua with Alyssa and Hna. Chavez

Looks delicious!

Hermana Chavez ("Stepmom"), Elder Quimiz ("Dad") and Alyssa

Alyssa and Familia Rodriguez
What a cutie!

Last Zone Meeting
Elder's Weston, Quimiz, Juarez, Aguare, Astudillo, Willis, Bitter and Ulloa
Hermana's Hoff, Chavez, Wandell and Walstrohm

Hermana Wandell and Hermana Chavez
The day we were accidentally matching not only clothes but Hna. Esther's Christmas tree as well.

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