Thursday, December 12, 2013


Sorry my email I am about to send, it’s a little depressing. But don’t worry, it’s nothing serious, I am just being a baby is all.
These pics are the day that Hna. Chavez and I accidently were matching and we matched the Christmas tree and from the activity the other day. It was an activity that represented all the provinces in panama. 


I have changes L I learned that you don’t realize how much you care for someone until you have to tell them goodbye. I really don’t want to leave Alcalde Diaz. I love my comp, I love the people, we just set a baptismal date for someone that I found, I could go on and on but I don’t want to cause I will just sit and cry some more. (As a missionary mom I almost think this is more heart retching than saying goodbye to her ourselves, at least she is coming home to us eventually.)

My notes.
Panamanian Mormon Standard time, means that everything starts at least an hour late.
There are letters for Carissa and Emily Baker in the Christmas package. (She LOVES letters, so write to her! is the perfect way. She gets an actual letter in hand and you don’t have to pay the postage – Plus she will write you back!)
Don’t send food or medicine of any kind from now on unless someone is delivering it. So just don’t send it in the mail, it will get thrown away. Oh and it is illegal to send money apparently (she means cash through the mail).
I received my package after bugging the Zone leader for long enough, he went and got it for me. Thanks I liked all of it.
My “dad" is dying, he´s is going home on Thursday, kind of sad, he is sad, he is the only member in his family and he loves the mission. (Elder Quimiz)
In 2 weeks I will be a fourth of the way done.
There was this drunk guy the other day and he started following us, so I was freaked out.  Well then he started talking and so I didn’t say a word and I walked on the other side of Hermana Chavez. Well he was like oh don’t be afraid. Then Chavez was asking him questions trying to think of a way to get rid of him, the whole time I was silent (I understood all of it but I didn’t say a word). Then he looks at me and goes you´re pretty. I didn’t say anything or even look at him. Then he asks do you speak English? Again I said nothing and my comp jumps in and says uh nope she doesn’t speak any Spanish, in fact she can’t understand anything you are saying (she knew that I would understand so that was my hint. Then he says well ask her in English to say something in English and she replies oh well I don’t speak any English, we don’t really talk to each other, and he was so wasted that he believed it. Well then he shook my hand and so then I was trying to find the hand sanitizer in my bag after wards and he asks oh do you have a present for me and I said no! And then my comp was like okay chao!! We have to go this way bye!!  And then she was like... Hna. Wandell it is a good thing he was drunk because remember you don’t understand Spanish... haha oops.
We did sealings for the dead at the temple the other day, the first time either of us had ever done them, we acted as the daughters and we each did like 20 names. Just solidified the importance of it to me.
Mother’s day was yesterday. (Sunday, December 8th)
I don’t have any idea about Christmas, I will tell you when I do. We have to hope and pray that someone offers us there computer. (The main thing Abby wants for Christmas is to skype with Alyssa so I am praying that this can happen)
I miss snow, but not shoveling it.
I love her too (Abby), I am glad she tried it even though she doesn’t like it (lettuce, tortillas and carrots). Tell her I will teach her Spanish when I come home. I am excited to talk to her too. It doesn’t feel like December though so it’s kind of weird that it is almost Christmas.
Good thing you are sending the vitamins with her, I was kind of worried. The one good thing about changes is that It is possible that I could train her (Sarah, who is entering the CCM today), not likely but possible. Send her the poem I read at my farewell and tell her to print it out and take it with her.
I gave the nativity things to the people I said goodbye to. next topic. (I can tell she is extremely sad L)
It is fine, I am glad you sent them (2  Disney movies), It’s just I don’t want to lug around the cases everywhere. But I am going to try and find a small case to put all the church videos that I have in. We are going to watch Tarzan today. And yes I got the money.
We haven’t really done anything for p-day, both Chavez and I have been exhausted and so we pretty much have spent our p-days at home sleeping or watching church movies.
One thing that you learn early in the mission is that you can set 15 dates and not one of them will get baptized. But the one that we put yesterday is going to be baptized, I know it with out a doubt. Her whole family loves the church, they want to join too but they can’t because the mom has to get divorced and then remarried. They make me realize how lucky I am. They literally only have 4 walls and a roof, no electricity. No shower they have to use buckets of water to bathe.
I will send pictures of the activity. (see pictures above) We go to an internet cafe.
They speak Chinese and some speak Spanish. (the people who run the Chino's)
I am going to buy the shoes on Wednesday.
Sorry my email is a little dry today. I can’t fake happy. L
Elder Astudillo is doing fine.
Tell Dakota congrats. That’s cool that Pres. Carmack´s son is getting married.
Panama is beautiful, Maia asked me the other day if I liked Utah or Panama better and I told her that it is like comparing an apple to an orange.
There are instructions about Christmas presents in the package that Elder Hawks is going to deliver. He gets home on Thursday so you should get it this week or next.
Please take something to the Peffer’s and tell them hello for me.
Honestly I am fine, I am sad but oh well what can you do. "A donde me mande ire" (where they will send me) I will survive. At least at the end of my mission I get like 4 days to say goodbye to all the people in my areas. I am sad that Chavez and I can’t be together one more change, she really is like my sister. Okay done talking about it.

Sometimes I think in Spanish and sometimes I think in English. No dreams yet though.
Love you guys too. Pray that my next comp will be nice and that we will be good friends because I don’t want to hate Christmas. Okay tell Abby I love her and miss her and hug her for me. Chao for now.

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