Friday, December 20, 2013

My Heavenly Father loves me!

Sorry Alyssa sent 20 pictures this week however only one was a new one, everything else she sent last week. I think she didn't realize she sent them again.
Let’s count some of the ways my Heavenly Father loves me. (my notes) 

I am now in Boquete, which is also known as paradise... wanna know why? Well it is the area that EVERYONE wants. Including me, I said I wanted to go to Boquete or Volcan, why you ask? Because it’s cold (: (is there such a thing as cold in Panamá?)

The green dot is Alcalde Diaz (her old area) and the red is Boquete (her new area)

My house in Alcalde Diaz is outer darkness and my house here is the celestial kingdom. 

There are a ton of gringos because it is a tourist place. We have 10 gringos in our branch.  

I got the package, I love candy. 

I don’t know how it is possible but my zone (David) is the hottest part of the country and I am in the coldest part... haha 

It reminds me soooo much of Park City. Mountains, small town, everything, Google it. (I put pictures on the blog)

Pictures from Google

We have the senior couple in our area, the Presley's, and they offered us their computer for Christmas (: (I hope everyone know what a huge blessing this is. To Skype with Alyssa for Christmas is all Abby has talked about since Alyssa left and it’s pretty much all she wants for Christmas. One more missionary blessing for our family J) 

Our area is huge, like the equivalent of the point of the mountain to Midvale. 

We have to use jackets at night (: and a blanket at night.  I didn’t miss fall afterall. Did I mention that it is summer here, the hottest time of the year, and I will miss the whole thing (: my heavenly father knows me and loves me.

Elder Kipp is in my zone again, congrats Elder Kipp's mom! More pictures!

There are 16 sisters and 10 elders in our zone.   
Picture from Sister Carmack's blog
(I am not sure if any of these sisters are in her new area but the one in Green right next to her is Hermana Gonzales (1st companion) and on the end in the yellow skirt is Hermana Johnson (friend from the CCM)

Our ward mission leader doesn’t speak Spanish, nor does his wife, they have a little girl who loves Minnie Mouse and is named.... ABBY, she is 3 and speaks Spanish... 

There is a couple here from cali and the wife knows aunt Lynda. Her name is Hna. Swalm, her son is in Lynda's ward. She is awesome and I can tell we are going to be really good friends. She doesn’t speak any Spanish. 

Yesterday I had to give a talk in church but I had to give it in Spanish and English.. haha and then Hna. Swalm asked me to translate for her in young womens. 

I met two people from Germany yesterday.

The transfer meeting
picture courtesy of Sister Carmack's blog

Photo courtesy of Bianka and Vivana

And last but not least. The heavens have opened and I have received a plentitude of blessings because I have... wait for it... wait for it..... HOT WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sorry I don’t think you have quite understood what I have said. I have hot water and... and ... a DRYER!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously I am loved... 

Now I have an assignment for every single person reading this email.. Yeah even you random person whom I have never ever met.. 

 As a representitive of Jesus Christ I have the authority to tell you that you all need to get on your knees tonight and thank your loving Heavenly Father for hot water and dryers.. and if you don’t... well shame on you... 

Okay now your email.

Hi Abby, I love you and I miss you!! I will talk to you in about a week okay? Hug mom for me and watch Tangled and Wreck it Ralph too!! 

I haven’t gotten the Christmas package yet but we have a Christmas party with the zones in the interior and Pres. Carmack so hopefully tomorrow. 

We are on the opposite side of the country from where the temple is. I am in the area known as the interior, so no we don’t get to (go to the temple) unless we have permission. Like for example our ward mission leader is getting sealed to his family so we get to go for that and the best part is that it is in English because they don’t speak Spanish!!!! wooo hooo!!!

My comp doesn’t speak any English but it’s all good because I speak Spanish now..  

I found a case, don’t send more movies, I can watch them when I get home.. no big deal. but I love Tarzan! (ofcourse I sent her a couple Disney movies when I read her email that they could watch them)

The ties are a good idea and maybe shoes for little kids, a lot of them don’t have any. I can give them to the Presley's or the Swalms to give to people so they are from them and not us, but please don’t go overboard. (I asked what we could do for her Christmas or Christmas next year since we can’t send food or candy and it is very costly. We were thinking of doing a tie drive or something so they could give those out – so anyone that asked there is the answer. Ties or kids shoes and we will send them to Panama and the mission leader will give them to someone in need.) 

All is well, I love you bunches!! 

Chao for now, I will send pics!!

Alyssa and Maia

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