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Feliz dia de la madre!! (Happy Mother's Day!!)

Hermana's Wandell and V.

Alyssa sent her email this week in Spanish. I left the Spanish for those that can read it but I have translated it best as I can (with help from Google) so at least you will get an idea of what she is saying. Monday was the day they celebrate Mother's Day in Panamá which is the reason for the title of the email.

No quiero hablar en ingles... entonces!
I don't wish to speak English...So!

Q. How has this week been? 
A. Esta semana fue muchisma mejor! Encontramos una familia bien receptiva y bien buena.
This week was much better! We found a good receptive family and very good.

Q. What are you doing for pday today?
A. Hoy solo vamos estar en la casa descansando y limpiando.
Today we will be at home resting and cleaning.

Woooo 16 meces en la mision panama!!
Wooooo 16 months in the Panamá mission!!

Tuvimos la conferencia de la Navidad, yo tuve que dirigir los himnos.
We had a Christmas conference, I conducted the hymns.

Alyssa and Elder A.

Tuve que desperdirme de Astudillo pero estoy tranquila porque se que voy a volver a verle.
I had to say goodbye to Astudillo but I am calm because I know I will see him again.

Elder Astudillo and Alyssa

Voy a enseñar español a la Abby.
I am going to teach Spanish to Abby.

Creo que voy a ir al barrio latino cuando regrese.. 
I think I am going to attend the Latin ward when I return.

Termine mi progreso personal de nuevo!! 
I completed my personal progress again!!

Finished her personal progress for the 3rd time!

Q. So did you look through your package? Did you open anything?
A. Si vi mi paquete, tu sabes que so curiosa! Si abri algunas cosas! Hahahaha... pero no todo! 
 I saw my package, you know how curious I am! I opened some of the things! Hahahaha but not all!

Conoci un Aleman!!! HAHA
I met a German!!! HAHA

WOOOOOO Easton Aaron nacio en mi medio cumpleaños!! Yeah!! 
WOOOOOO Easton Aaron was born on my half birthday!! Yeah!

Dear Alyssa,
I really like you, you are the best sister in the world I love you very much. I love you more than most. Alyssa, what kind of food do they eat in Panama? I know you have those fuzzy fruit. (she means mamon chino). Alyssa since your birthday already past can I sing you a birthday song on Christmas? Guess what I am really super excited to skype with you on Christmas!!!!! Did you know that you are going to be coming home pretty soon and I am super excited. Alyssa guess what, we got some mail and it's a card that tells about Disney on Ice and guess what, it will be when you are home. I want to know if you want to come with me so mom can buy us a ticket if you do. (It is March 4-8, let me know if you want me to get you a ticket too) I love you Alyssa. 
Querida Abby,
Eres la mejor hermana en todo el mundo! Y yo TE AMO!! Te amo mas de lo maximo! En Panama comemos mucho arroz y lentejas y carne o pollo. La comida es super rica!! Si claro que puedes cantar una cancion de cumpleaños, pero mejor si lo cantes para Jesucristo, porque estamos celebrado su cumpleaños este dia! Me encantaria ir a Disney on Ice contigo! Te amo con todo mi corazon hermanita!
 Dear Abby,
You are the best sister in the whole world! And I LOVE YOU!! I love you more than most! In Panamá we eat much rice and beans and meat and chicken. The food is super good! Ofcourse you can sing me a birthday song but it's better if you sing to Jesus Christ because it's the day we celebrate his birthday! I would love to go to Disney on ice with you! I love you with all my heart little sister!

The following is from Hna. Carmack's blog...
Our Christmas zone conferences were this week. We visited two orphanages and put on a Nativity for the kids. We also brought some soccer balls, dolls and doll strollers, bubbles (which were a big hit) and a little package for each child that had stickers, playdough, a candy cane and a lollipop. It was such a neat experience and the kids were so cute. What a great way to get into the Christmas spirit.

Q. I know this week you went to an orphanage. You said all you wanted for Christmas was to feel the true spirit of Christmas. If that didn't do it, I am not sure what will. Did you see the picture of Elder Dastrup and Elder Mejia. It is quite funny seeing them next to each other. 
A. Bueno Mejia es chiquito! yo soy mas alta que el.. haha y si Dastrup es gigante! Bueno el orfanato fue super chevere, me recordo mucho de mexico. Y bueno yo estaba cantando la mayoria del tiempo entonces no hay mucho que decir. pero me gusto mucho!
Well Mejia es short! I am taller than he is...haha and yes Dastrup is a giant! Well the orphanage was super awesome (I think she means that) and it reminded me a lot of Mexico. (before her mission she went on a humanitarian trip to an orphanage in Mexico) Well I was singing most of the time so I don't have much to say but I loved it!

Yeah I'm not writing in Spanish with the accents like I should because I don't know how on a keyboard... so good luck!

Back to Spanish! 

Q. Are we going to be able to Skype with you on Christmas?
A. Si vamos a usar skype el dia de la navidad, no te preocupes.
Yes are going to Skype on Christmas, so no worries.

Les amo! Chao!!!
Much love! Bye!!!

I love you very much! Ten un feliz día de la Madre! Te amo tanto!

We had a service project with the elders this week... haha

Elder F. and Elder V.

Elder's Q. F. and V.

 Elder V.

 Alyssa and her companion

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