Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Hahahaha so yeah I ate crazy bread for the first time in like 16 months.. hehehe

So with some of the missionaries we have started saying "whats soup?" That is because the Panamanians says Que xopa, which is pronounced que sopa and sopa is soup... hahahahahahaha 

Her District

we had interviews this week and while we were sitting there waiting for our turns I was talking to two of the elders and they were saying that they have to gain the confidence of the people in their ward. So I told them to make the bishop a cake. And the one elder looks at me and says.... "dude... we don't make  cakes!!" And then his comp looks at him then looks at me and says "That's a lie! I make cakes!" hahahahaha I thought it was hilarious! I don't know why... hahaha

We went to the temple this week and i saw one of the new videos!! super good!

This week we made a goal of  contacting 10 people a day. It doesn't sound like much but it is when the majority of the people you try to talk to don't even give you the time of day... Anyways so we were contacting and we met this guy named Enrique who was walking his dog and we set an appointment to visit him and his family next week. Well then like 20 minutes later we were still contacting and we met another guy  named Enrique... yeah well it's the first guy's dad... haha I don't think that's a coincidence.

Then we had a "rescate"or as I like to call it a rescue mission in the area of the zone leaders (Elder F.) so we all split up and went contacting. Well we were contacting one side of the street and I saw a house and in my mind I said, we are going to contact them after. Well then I was walking to contact the house later and my comp says no let's go this way.... So I was like okay but in my mind I said but we are still gonna contact that house. So then we are walking back toward the house and my comp says "let's contact the green house!" THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER!! Yeah that's my house I wanted to contact! And... they are less active members and not all of them are members! You're welcome Elder H. y Elder F.! Oh and the one guy gave me the name of his sister who is a member and lives in Salt Lake so that I can add her on Facebook when I get home and beg... I mean ask for Panamanian food! 

PARKER!! I am so proud of you!! You are going to love Spain! Spanish is the best! Start practicing now! Te puedo prometer que va a ayudarte a aprender mas rapido! Nunca olvides de orar para el don de lenguas y en poco tiempo vas estar hablando como un latino! Portate bien!!

Q. So what about Elder F. are you guys still good friends like you were in Alcalde Diaz? How much longer does he have in the mission? What about Elder A.? Also his mom has never found me or our Facebook group. What about your roommates how much time do they have left in the mission? 

A. Elder F. is one of my best friends too, he goes home the day before we do. His birthday is the 14th haha. Elder A. goes in June. Hna. S. goes home in 2 weeks and Hna. M. I can't remember at the moment.

Q. Are you ok? Is your stomach ok?

A. My stomach is fine mom! I'm not gonna die! 

Q. So when we come home from the airport I know you want to go to Cafe Rio but what after that? 

A. Well after Cafe Rio they need to release me.... you should ask grandpa about that one...

Q. So the picture of the district meeting at the Christ Statue, what is that? I have seen lots of pictures with that same statue. Do you have to hike to it? 

A. The Christ statue is just a statue. 

Q. So you learned how to make tortillas, are they good? What are arepas columbianas? I thought that was the tortillas

A. Tortillas and arepas aren't the same thing... Google it. 

Dear Alyssa,

Mom said you didn't know how many days until you come home. Well it's 82 and I am so super excited!! Did you know Lucy and Emma are here and we went to this place yesterday and it was so fun. I loved the balls! Would you let me take you there when you come home? (She means the Children's discovery museum at Gateway). What are we going to do when you come home? Did you know I only have school on Monday and Tuesday? Alyssa do they have Thanksgiving in Panamá? Do they have Mickey Mouse Clubhouse there? Alyssa I want to give you a Christmas present just from me, not from mom, do you know what you want? Alyssa I hope you are finding lots of people in Panamá to help. I love so so so so so much. To Alyssa from Abby

Dear Abby, I love you! When I get home I just want to hang out with my favorite person in the whole world. I don't care what we do. I just want to be with you! No they don't celebrate Thanksgiving here but a gringo family invited the zone over for dinner on Thursday! We are going to have tacos..hahahaha  I know that is a weird Thanksgiving dinner but that's ok.

Q. Have you heard from Chavez since she went home?
A. I email Chavez every Monday! haha 

I have realized that it's nice to have amazing friends.

I love you! See you soon!! 

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