Tuesday, December 16, 2014

So i have pictures!! Lots in fact! But I left the camera cord at home...... Dont kill me!

We went to the temple twice this week, I saw the 3rd new video and then on Saturday we went with J. to the temple for his first time!

Hector´s daughter is in my district!!!

I HAVE A SON!! HAHAHA My District Leader is training and I am the "oldest" (I have the most time) sister in the district so I am his mom. And this district leader is also the dad of Hna. V. so now Elder R. and I have two children together! Hahahahahaha I always wanted a son!!

Hermana Wandell and Elder R. 

Q. Who is the new sister in the house?
A. Hna. C. (they were friends in the MTC) is the new sister in our house because Hna. Salguero is home now. 

Hermana's Wandell and C.

So when we went to the temple on Tuesday I got to see Astudillo for the last time and I was fine (for the 2nd time haha) or so I thought.  But then we had to drop Salguero off at President´s house on Wednesday and he was there and when I saw him I just started crying... he got teary eyed but told me not to worry cause he will come to Utah and I will go to Ecuador and yeah.. that was the 3rd last goodbye...

I bought my comp scriptures cause she needed them and her family doesn't send her money.

So the other day we were walking past a construction sight and the men started whistling and tsstt-ing and I got annoyed and I turned around and yelled, No soy una gallina!!

My friend Aguero left this week too but he left me something for my tronky book and he left me a little pink toy phone that has a water game in it and he wrote a note that said "don't have too much fun with my phone!" Haha I love that kid! 

The V./ S. Family is going to let us use their computer for Christmas! (: So I need you to tell me what time. Or maybe you could write her before Saturday (we have lunch with them) and tell her when we are going to talk so that she can tell me.

Dear Alyssa,

Did you know we get to Skype with you in 11 days? I am excited to excited to skype with you and I am excited for you to come home and I am glad that is pretty soon. I am excited to see you and I am sure you are excited to see me. Did you know my elf is so funny. You should see him everyday because he is so super funny. One day he didn't think there were enough bows on my Christmas tree so he got in my drawer and got all of my hair bows and put them all over my Christmas tree hahahaha. And I liked it so much I made mom leave all the bows on it. And one day he got into my toothpaste and toothbrush and tooth rinse and used them? Guess what we saw Robert the other day. Mom and I took him to the pizza place and guess what he gave me another play toy that I love so much (playmobile). Oh and guess what he gave mom for her birthday? A nutcracker! But guess what we don't have any nuts so guess what I cracked in it? the green things that came with it. (she means packing peanuts and as it is from Germany we won't be cracking nuts in it LOL) I love you Alyssa. You are the best friend I have ever noticed. Alyssa, I was sad when you went on your mission because see I was going to miss you but you know I am happy that you went because you got to help lots of people and that is so nice Alyssa. And guess what else, Hermana Chavez because if you didn't go on a mission then you wouldn't be friends and I know you love her so so much. And I will be happy when she comes to Utah. You are my best friend Alyssa, can I tell you my favorite colors? Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink. Alyssa I wrote Santa a note and I just know Snowflake took it to him because it was gone from where I left it and I asked him to bring me some playdough. If I get some will you play it with me when you get home? And guess what I am writing you a note but I am not going to mail it but I am going to leave it somewhere right where you will find it when you get home. I love you so so so much and thank you for helping the people in Panama and I bet they love you so so so much too. To Alyssa Love, Abby 

Dear Abby, I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE YOU!!!!! I will talk to you on Christmas!! Its right around the corner!! You are my bestest best friend ever!! I love you with all my heart and I think about you every day! I have pictures of you on my desk that I can look at each morning! I would love to play with your play dough! Be good! I will see you real soon!

Ok funny Abby story...So for my birthday she gave me this set of knives I wanted from Costco (actually I got 2 sets because Brent and Michelle gave that to me too but that is ok I took one back and got something else I wanted) well the other day I was using them and she says "Aren't you so glad I gave you those for your birthday? I saw you look at them at Costco and I knew you wanted them so I made dad buy them" So I said hey Abby what does Dad look at when you guys go to costco? What could we get him for Christmas? She thought for a minute and she said "Oh I know what we look at everytime and we could him that" I said ok tell me what it is, and she said "kitty litter" hahahahahahahaha

Kitty litter? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA She never fails to make me laugh!! 

Don't worry I am taking pictures!! 

Umm... when is this game night slumber party?? Cause you are gonna have to wait at least a week for that because I want to sleep and be with my little sister.

 Well I love you! I will see you realllllllllllly soon! Hug my Abby and tell Chavez and Astudillo that I love them and I miss them both and that I say Merry Christmas from their hermanita!

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