Thursday, January 22, 2015

Miracles happen!

Okay first off I got sunburned today! Not too bad, just a little pink. We went and played games at the park with the zone and we had Little Caesars for lunch! That's a miracle! Oh and we found this cool tree thing at the park today.

Hermana's M., V., C., Wandell and Elder R. 

Wandell, R., R., V. and M. 

So funny story! So on Thursday we called to see if we were going to have dinner (which we ended up not having cause they forgot...) and the wife wouldn't answer so we called her husband and he said at 8 o´clock... 8 O´FREAKING CLOCK!! We were like uhhhhhhhhh that's really late and we have hambre.. (I think she means they were hungry) so my comp starts talking in English and she says "UGHHHH KISS ME!!" and so I gave her a weird look like WHA? haha she sees my face and says "Uhh.. No... KILL ME!" Bahahahahahahaha

Same day I was sooooooo bored cause we had nothing to do and no one was home, so we started contacting... not my favorite. but you do what you have to! So we are contacting and this lady looks us right in the eyes and then just walks away.. then later I am like "uhhhh isn't there a less active or SOMEONE that we can visit???" Well there wasn't... so we keep contacting and we contact this house and we start by saying that we are from the church and she says "The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" and so we are like... uhhh YEAH! And in our heads we are like okay she is either a mormon hater or a member... so I started asking questions and I ended up just flat our asking if she is a member.. AND SHE IS! And she is super sweet and her son is ADORABLE!! So we set an appointment to go back and so as we were walking after my comp says "Hey you asked if there were any less actives.." Haha Gracias Padre Celestial! That's a miracle!

Then we visited a less active family on Friday and we invited them to go to church and asked if they would join us. Well the mom said she would if her husband will and the husband said no because he has lots of reasons why not to. Well at this point it was my turn to talk and before I had just been listening and I told him that it doesn't matter how many reasons he has, because there is one reason that is more important than anything else, and that's the Lord. I told him that if we want blessings we have to act not just sit around and wait and invited him to think of his reasons  and then to think of the most important reason  and to ask which is more important. So then I passed it back to my comp and as I was sitting there I thought.. Woah where did that come from? And then I felt the spirit really strongly, solidifying the testimony I already have that we are given the words we need to say in the moment we need to say them if we just listen to the spirit. That's a miracle!

Our investigator R. went to church yesterday!!! AND LOVED IT!! He made lots of friends and he was really excited and whats to go again and wants to get baptized and he´s gonna get baptized before I go home! And that's a MIRACLE! BOOM!

Then during our Sunday school class with B, (he is sooooooo smart! I love his class! I always learn soooo much) he was talking about the pre-earth life and being preordained. he said that we were all preordained to come to the earth right now and he looked at me and said that I had been preordained to serve a mission in Panamá, BOOM WITH THE SPIRIT ONCE AGAIN! Love those moments! Haha But legit it was cool.  I love Panamá! (: That's a miracle!

(the principles of the gospel teacher, he´s legit!) 

My comp taught for the first time in English yesterday because we shared a scripture with the Swalm's (: I was so proud of her! That's a miracle!

Alyssa and Hermana S.

Hermana's Wandell and Vasquez

Dear Alyssa, I really miss you. Did you know I get to go on a field trip on Friday? I am really excited because we are going to the children's museum. I am very excited that I wish tomorrow was Friday haha

Dear Abby, I love you! I hope you have fun on your field trip! Give mommy a big hug for me please! You are my favoritest person in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!!! Love Alyssa

No I didn't get to say goodbye to snacks... but oh well! That's life! I´ll see him in 5 months and I can email him when I get back!

Yeah we could probably do that with the AP's. If not it's a really close walk and we could take them little by little when we go to take the train each day. There are only 3 office elders right now. Okay well 7.. There are 4 assistants and the other 3 office elders. My district leader ("My husband" or "The father of my children" hahahaha) is Elder R. and Our ZL´s are F. and R.

Yes I have plenty of sun screen .. I haven't used sun screen my whole mission so I still have lots left over! Hahaha

My most favorite fruit... would have to be... mamon chino. I also like papaya! and Mango! and marañon! And the water is clean here but if you are that worried yes we can find bottled water.

 I love you! I will see you wayyyyyyy too soon! It freaks me out how fast time flies.. The days feel like seconds and the weeks like minutes... it's awful... but I love you! Chao for now!


  A. (Lunch on Saturday's/my adopted older sister)

 Hna. M. (our lunch on Tuesday's)




(she is the daughter of the family that we shared a house with in Boquete, 
she just moved to Brisas with the Swalms

 The Bishop

 Hno. S. and I,
 (Lunch Saturday/ adopted family)


J. (Our ward mission leader)

K. (lunch Saturday/adopted older sister)

 Elder B.

 Hermana's M. and Wandell

Hermana's Wandell and C.

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