Monday, January 19, 2015

New Years and the beach

Okay first things first, I need you to find my journal that I left at home and bring it because I literally only have enough pages to get me to the 4th of  February. The journal is white and it has turquoise and black designs on the outside. 

Second of all the Swalms from Boquete moved to Brisas del Golf! Hahaha it's awesome!

New years was good. But the whole staying up late thing is not good for me anymore... haha I was exhausted the next day! 

                                                              Hermana's C. and Wandell

Hermana's V. and Wandell 

Hermana's Wandell and M.

Snacks is going to San Blas!! Tomorrow!! Leaving me 4 weeks before I go home.. but whatever I will see him in June. 

I saw hung out with O. today (:

Spanish... This will be my new super power when I get home... I can talk all I want and no one will understand me (: .

 Dear Alyssa, did you know we only get to email you 5 more times until you come home. And no more skype but guess what I get to skype with you and mom when she comes to get you. So could you tell me what time that could be so I will know when to get on the computer everyday. Did you know I have had a fever for a couple days? You are my bestest friend ever. I am so glad you are coming home soon and I am so so so excited. Only 40 more days until you come home. To my bestest bestest Alyssa love Abby
Dear Abby, I love you! Please stop reminding me how many days are left. Love Alyssa

Bring tennis shoes cause you are gonna walk a lot. and bring clothes that aren't too hot

Bye! Love you! 

So you might have to wait a while for pictures... because my camera doesn't want to work anymore.... yeah....

OH WE HAD A SLEEP OVER IN THE CHAPEL SO WE COULD GO TO THE BEACH AT THE BUTT CRACK OF DAWN AND THERE WERE A TONNNNNNN OF BUGS! Never again!!! I am still scratching... nasty little buggers... soooo tiny but soooo evil!!!

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