Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ya soy panameña!

Today we are just relaxing

I want Ben to play!! I don't care what! Something pretty!! 

President gave Hna. L. and I permission to be comps for 3 days (: So I am going to Colòn with her my last Monday and Chorrera on Tuesday and then we will be together on Wednesday woo hoo!! 

I´m really sorry about Tawannee... is everyone okay? Are you okay?

Dear Alyssa, I am really happy that you are my sister. I want to tell you that I want to sing you a song when you come home. Did you know I went on a field trip and it was really fun. My whole class went. It was my favorite field trip of all of them. I am so excited for you to play with me. To Alyssa Love Abby

Dear Abby, I am not letting you out of my sight for the rest of forever! You are sleeping with me when I get home! And we are gonna hang out all day everyday! And I'm gonna teach you Spanish and we will talk about Panamá and Disney movies! I love you! Love Lyssa! 

She doesn't speak much English but she can get her way around. (her companion)

Q. So how did your appointment with the member lady with the adorable little boy go?
So what day is R. getting baptized???

A, It went well but they didn't go to church and neither did R... I don't know whats happening with him... :(

WOOOOOOO I LOVE MERIDIAN TITLE COMPANY!! They´re the best! (: Yes he told me! haha

... yesterday I started to realize that this is the end. In my mind I still have a month left yet but yesterday when I saw the calender I just started crying... I don't wanna leave.. I don't wanna leave my comp., she has become one of my best friends. I am really gonna miss her and Mendez and all my other friends.

See you soon! I love you too! 

Mami te extraño.. pero me da miedo que el tiempo ya esta acabando.. :/
It says momma I miss you but it scares me that the time is running out.. I don't want to go mom...

I have to go now.. I will see you really soon.

Hermana's Wandell, C., M. and V.

Elder's R., R., B, Hermana's V., Wandell, M. and C. 

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