Friday, July 25, 2014

Hello World!

Hermana Wandell

She only answered my questions this week, no news only pictures. 

Q. So who is now companions with Hna. B?
What about Hna. M.?

A. B. is with P. (they closed one of the areas and made it one big one so now there are only 2 missionaries in Los Altos) and I don't know about Hna. M., if you find out let me know!

Q. How is your new area? How long has Hna. C. been there? Are you in a branch or a ward? Do you get to take investigators to the temple ground tours Pres. Carmack does?

A. This week was good. Its hard to find new people here but we are working hard. Hna. C. only has one change here but I think we will be together two changes (I will kill her = I´ll be her last comp)

We are in a ward and the chapel is realllllllly pretty!! Yes the members feed us. We do get to take investigators to the tours if they can go.

Q. What kinds of new things are you learning?
Do you guys have any investigators?

A. Yes we have investigators. Haha. There is one lady who is super awesome. But her family keeps telling her she is crazy for talking to us. But she doesn't  care. She is pregnant and last night she called us to tell us that her water broke and to ask if we could pray for her cause the lady in the room next to her in the hospital, the baby was born without ears and without a foot.

Q. Oh how sad L Oh my heart just hurts for that lady but as a mom you will love your kids no matter what. Did your investigator have her baby ok?

A. we don't know yet. 

Q. Did Elder K. like what I sent him? What about A. and C.? I can't remember what else was in the package. beside index cards did I send anything for you?

A. Yes K. liked what you sent, C. too, and A. hasn't gotten it yet. He wont get it until August. (you know the index cards are only until October right?) 

Q. So had you met Hna. M. before you got transferred? Did you know who she was or did she know who you were?

A. I met moss briefly once before. I´m working on the pictures.

Q. Does anyone live in your house besides you 4 sisters?
 How far is it to your church? What is your favorite thing about Hna. C.? 

A. Yes its far. just us 4, a ward. and that I can be myself and I don't have to worry about if my comp is mad or not because we do not fight whatsoever. We can talk about anything and everything. She´s really more like a sister than a companion.
Hermana's Wandell and C.

Hermana's H., C., S. and Wandell

Dear Alyssa,
I love you very much and I really miss you and I am really glad you love your companion and you got Hermana C. that you like your best friend. It's kind of funny that you got the same companion twice but I am super happy for you. I love you Love Abby to Alyssa

Dear Abby, I love you! Did you know that?? I am super happy that Hna. C. is my companion again! And I hope that we get to be together for two changes! 

Ok this is your last chance to tell me anything you want me to send to you or Hna. C. in this package. I ordered one thing and it should be here Tuesday and then I am putting it in the mail. I want this to get to you while you guys are comps. So if you need or want anything speak now!!

I don't know. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh maybe...... uhhhh.... I dont now! Snow?? I have no idea. I cant think when I´m hungry!  But just remember that not to go over board because the majority of the stuff you send will probably get left in Panama or be given away. (the Christmas package can be something small and we can do Christmas in February.)

Did Elder Hanson get transferred??

All is well here. I am enjoying it, and definitely learning lots of new things. I love you guys!! 

Turtles, puppets ( yeah we do weird things, a sister asked us for help to make puppets - really we made them and she watched - and then we helped her do a puppet show are her kids' school...) and the sisters in my house

C., S., and I   A.K.A. Las chicas super poderosas!! Burbujas, Bellota, y Bon Bon
 (we were at a birthday party for a member)

Hermana's S. and Wandell

Okay I have to go now! I love you! Hug my Abby please!

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