Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Thank you for your support!

 We are really good, yes I had a good week.

Dear world, thank you for all of your support! If I can give anyone advice it would be to live the principles of the gospel to a T! It's hard sometimes but blessings come from exact obedience. Pay tithing! Keep the Sabbath day holy! (that includes wearing Sunday clothes alllllllllll day!) Be generous in your fast offerings and serve in anyway possible!

So our investigator had her baby and she is fine!! 

Q. What was the hardest thing you have done on your mission thus far? 
A. The hardest thing thus far was finding someone, teaching them everything, preparing them to be baptized, leaving the area but confident that all would work out and then later hearing that she had doubts and the day of her baptismal interview she decided she wanted nothing to do with the church. that was the hardest.

Q. Hna. C. is so cute, what is her personality like? 
A. she is a lot like me, if you annoy her, you´ll know, if you love her, she will love you right back. We have never had any problems, one time I asked her how it was possible that we never argue and she told me because in the pre-earth life we promised each other we wouldn't fight.

Q. So do you remember months and months ago that you told me this....Apparently two years ago, Elder Russell M. Nelson came and spoke to everyone and he said that the missionaries that are called to Panama are the most valiant of spirits and that they were the ones at the front of the battle field defending Christ’s side during the war in Heaven… kind of awesome!!! An apostle said that… let’s just let that sink in!…
So I shared that with some of the other Panama moms and someone asked me this..."I would love to know the reference to that! Was it a talk he gave to people there? Was it recorded?" I said I would ask you. 
A. That was in a zone conference, only the missionaries heard it and sadly no it's not recorded.

LEARNED SOMETHING NEW AND COOL!! So I learned that there is a reason why the people with disabilities like down syndrome or prader willi, etc. why they will go straight to the celestial kingdom. They were the people to defend Christ first! and satan was sooooo mad that they did that, so he somehow cursed their bodies (but obviously not their spirits) because he wanted them to suffer, he knows he can't do anything to their spirits but to their bodies yes.

Dear Alyssa,

I really love you and I want to spend a lot of time with you because I love you very much so smile for me Alyssa. Alyssa I am going to stay 5 for 4 more days and then I am going to turn 6. I cannot wait for my birthday party!! Dear Alyssa I really want you come to my birthday party next year that will be after you come home so can you come? Please I want you to come and so I won't have it until you come home. Alyssa did you know my birthday is on Thursday but Lucy's birthday is on Friday but she is going to be 9. Isn't that so weird that my birthday is first but I will be 6 not 9. Alyssa, what did the farmer say when he losed his tractor? - (Where's my tractor?) Alyssa, what did the math book say to the other? (I've got a lot of problems)  I love you very much and I am really excited for you to come home in 6 months and I really love you and I am sorry that Panama will not let us send candy to you. I love you so so so so much Alyssa Love your sister Abby

Dear Abby,

I love you and I miss you! I hope you have a fantabulous birthday and that you send me lots of pictures! I didn't see any pictures of my birthday party that you had for me.... I would love to come to your birthday party next year!! I like your jokes!! I have one too!!! Okay so one day there is this doughnut and he is on a cruise and he really really really wants to drive the boat! So he goes to the captains deck *knock knock knock* "captain!! Please let me drive the boat!!" and the captain says "No, you are a doughnut..." so all sad the doughnut goes back to his room and the next day he says "I am gonna ask again and maybe just maybe the captain will let me drive the boat!" *knock knock knock* "Captain!! Let me drive the boat!!" and the captain says "NO, you are a stinking doughnut!!" so once again he´s all sad and on the very last day he says I AM GONNA DRIVE THIS BOAT! IF ITS THE LAST THING I DO! so he goes and... *knock knock knock* "Captain, please please please!! Pretty please with cherries on top!! Let me drive the boat!!!!" and do you know what the captain said??? "NOOOOO YOU ARE A DOUGHNUT!!" and then the captain picked him up and threw him in the ocean!!!!!!!

Did you like my joke?? no... okay i got a better one!! 

So one day there is a boy and a girl at a dance at BYU and they talk all night and then the next day he calls her and says "hey uhh do you want to go on a date with me to Hawaii??"" and she´s like uhhhh duh!! yeah lets go!! I will start packing!! so they go to Hawaii and they are on this nice boat having dinner and dancing when suddenly the boy gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him!! and she starts jumping and says yes and is so excited that she accidentally hits his hand and BOOM the ring falls in the water!!! and they both dive in to try and find it! ... But they can't.... so they go back to shore and they are like--- well we are in love and it's just a ring so oh well, lets go to dinner!! so they go to dinner, and she is kind of bummed and they ask the waiter what the special of the day is, and he says fish, so they are like alright that's fine, we want that. and the waiter says ohhh you are in for a treat!! this fish is realllllllllllllly fresh!! so the food comes to the table and she starts cutting into it and *tink* there is something inside her fish!!! and *tink* again!! so they open it up and what do you think was inside this fish!!!??????


Love Alyssa,

All is well here, please tell Abby I love her and that I will see her soon, I am going to send her a birthday pressent this week, so it should get there in like a month... better late that never?? Haha Give her a hug for me Anyways I love you!
I forgot to explain the pictures!! our sexy panamanian pants!! (it's cause for some reason people  think it is okay to leave the house with pants like that...) the brisas sign and salguero and 
Hermana's Wandell and S.

Hermana's Wandell, C. and S.

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