Friday, July 11, 2014

The 4th of July in Panamá

Her zone

So this fourth of July was the weirdest one ever....yeah this fourth was super boring and all I did was sing the national anthem at 7 in the morning and all the other patriotic songs I could think of. haha....
So I am going to run out of index cards soon because I haven't received any packages lately.
If you are gonna send a calendar for the last part of my mission, now would be a good time...
I still don't know if I have changes.... President hasn't told us anything, we wont know until 2.
did the USB I sent ever get there??
Dear Alyssa

I love you. I am really excited for when you come home. I love you very much. I miss you very much. Did  you know I went in a parade at preschool? I decorated my scooter for the parade. We went to the fireworks and I loved them very very much and I am sorry you didn't get to see them. But next time on the 4th of July do you know you will be home and go with us to the kablamo fireworks? It will be so so so so much fun. Did you know we went swimming, Me, Mommy, Delores and Lindsay? It was at a pool I really like because it's not too deep and Lindsay has these rings you throw and pick up. It was so so so fun and we will take you there when you come home and Lindsay went off the plank even the high one. I love you Alyssa, I hope you like Panama and find lots of people to help. To Alyssa from Abby
Alyssa, did you know that I am really excited for you to come and we have a surprise for you and I can't tell you because it has to be a surprise and just so you know we might go to Disneyland. Love Abby to Alyssa
Dear Abby,
I love you too, I miss you very much as well, that's cool that you were in a parade!! what does kablamo mean?? Are you going to start swimming lessons soon?? I love Panama! I don't like surprises unless I don't know that they exist.
Things are good, it was a good week.
Q. Alyssa you never cease to amaze me. I have not heard of any other missionaries doing their personal progress again. Is that something lots of sisters are doing or did you do it to help the young women?
A. a lot of the sisters do it. I started with Hna. Valdez.
No I didn't delete anything but i know the video is there. or it should be. ... (The video of her and Elder Kipp singing from quite awhile back)
My comp is funny sometimes, she's making fun of me right now... hahahaha. 
Q. I am glad you had a good week.  Do know if you are getting transferred? 
A. I wont know until 2 o´clock. ... so you probably wont know until next week.
I love you I love you I love you! I dont have pictures, sorry. Hug my Abby
I only have 3 more minutes. I love you and I miss you! I will talk to you next week. Maybe Hna. Ruiz can tell you if I have changes or not. I will ask her. Hug my Abby please. Chao for now!

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